Made for Each other – Episode 1

Story starts after Om hears hiding that Gauri is going to marry Ajay.
Omkara comes back to the room where he is staying at Gauri’s home.After shutting the door he breaks down and cries his heart out.After this he goes to bathroom and takes shower to calm his burning heart.After bath he stands at window side in his Omkara form and starts to think how he has always hurted Gauri.He has misunderstood her,he has accused her wrongly so many times,he has given her pain beyond limit…..
Om’s pov….

I was thinking to take Gauri from here giving her the respect she deserves…. making her Mrs.Omkara Sing Oberoi.But maybe I am very late in doing this. But it’s not Gauri’s fault also….I have given her so much pain that if she hates me also then its justifying…..its reasonable and fair Omkara… its fair.
(He remembers how she had torn that love letter and throwing that in air had said “Today ….now at this very moment I am releasing you from this knot…from this relation.)
Maybe I have lost her for forever.

Pov ends
Thinking all these again tears come in his eyes.At that moment he hears noises from living room and he realizes everyone has returned.He quickly changes himself to Dilpreet getup.Wiping his tears he comes out of the room and sees his mother-in-law is asking Gauri constantly what is the truth behind Ajay’s words….

“Gauri what is this? And what was Ajay saying?Your in-law family and your husband love you so much right?I have seen that with my own eyes and you also said they love you….What is happening?Why are you doing this?Are you hiding something? Gauri please say something …..I am g….”

She was saying all these in one breath and because of that and because of tension she feels dizzy. She was going to fall but before that Om running reach near her and catch her . He makes her sit properly in sofa while Gauri brings water from kitchen. While making her drink water Gauri says….

“Maa please don’t take tension ….you have just come out of your illness. You will fall sick again….”
“How don’t I take tension?My heart is feeling fear Gauri…please say me what is happening?”

“You trust me right?(Her mother nods)Then don’t worry everything will be ok…”Saying this she hugs her mother.
Though she has said her mother that everything will be ok but she herself don’t know how she will come out of this problem.

She takes her mother to her room to make her rest with the help of Richa.While Om stands there in living room controlling himself to not break down in front of all.

After making her mother sleep Gauri goes to her room.Richa and her mother also leaves toward their room.

After coming to her room Gauri breaks down and starts crying.

Kise poochun?hai aisa kyun?
Bezubaan saa…. ye jahaan hai
To whom to ask? Why is it so?
This world is like mute…

Om leaves to his room and again closing the door and burying his face in the pillow starts to cry.

Khushi ke pal…kahan dhoondun
Be nishan sa, waqt bhi yahan hai
Where to find moments of joy,
Even time is like without a sign…

She cups her mouth tightly so that her sobbing sound doesn’t come out of the room.

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain
There are complaints on so many lips

He buries his face more into the pillow so that no one hears his crying sound.

Zindagi se kayi faasle hain
There are many distances from life..

Paseejte hain sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeer jab chhoote in haathon se
yoon bewajah
Why do the dreams dampen in eyes,

When the line leaves these hands,
for no reason..
Jo bheji thi duaa, woh jaake aasmaan se yoon takra gayi
ke aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa
The wish I had sent,that collided with the sky
such that it has come back…
Saanson ne kahan rukh mod liya
Koi raah nazar mein na aaye
Dhadkan ne kahan dil chhod diya

Kahan chhode in jismon ne saaye
Where have the breaths turned their face,
I don’t see any path..
Where has the heartbeat left the heart,
and where have these bodies left (their) shadows..
Yehi baar-baar sochta hoon
Tanha main yahan

Mere saath-saath chal raha hai
Yaadon ka dhuaan
I, here, think this again and again..

A smoke of memories is walking with me..
Jo bheji thi duaa, woh jaake aasmaan se
yoon takra gayi ke aa gayi
Hai laut ke sadaa
The wish I had sent,that collided with the sky
Such that it has come back…
To the readers who feels irritate with song lyrics between the story—
Sorry for adding song lyrics ….I know many feels irritate to see song lyrics between the story but I was not able to stop myself from adding it ….as it was looking so appropriate with the situation. If possible hear the song while you are reading the last part of this chapter…. maybe it will decrease your irritation a little.

Translation cradit-
I have taken help from goggle for translation so translation cradit goes to the real translator whose name wasn’t mentioned so I don’t know who has translated it.

Reason behind writing this story-

I know I am writing one more story and I am not regular in updating that and here I have started one more story…I am so sorry for that.But after watching today’s episode I wasn’t able to stop myself from writing this.This plot has come in my mind just half an hour ago after I watched today’s episode.
This fanfiction will be a short one….I will not drag it much.

My view about today’s IB episode—
I don’t know who is writing Rikara story….when I have finally started enjoying Rikara scenes they again ruined it all.Yesterday I was missing them so much and today when I was waiting for their scene with beating heart writers of IB again made pappu of me!
It seems they have any personal rivalry with RiKara and RiKara fans….!!!
Seriously how much they are gonna drag this misunderstanding plot? From February to till now we are watching only one thing misunderstanding and misunderstanding and misunderstanding!Now show has again come back to half an hour so what actually they are gonna show now?Today they just ruined my mood.

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  1. Dinu

    Awesome dr.I loved dis.???? n about today epi I completely agree vth u.cvs ruined my mood also???? finally omkara cleared his MU about gauri. Nw they show gauri MU om.??? it’s jst irritable? rikara’s story line filled vth MU.i’m jst fed up.?☹bt still watching it 4 my shrenal??? I loved hw u described rikara’s reaction after dat epi.eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi.n if possible plz post ur other ff too?.bye dr tc?

    1. ParichayHin

      Yeah they always do this….finally when its seems Rikara story is progressing they again bring it to square one….
      But this time also without knowing full truth again Om has come to conclusion…. He should atleast once think that the girl who can feel so much guilty just because she slept unknowingly placing her head in a other man’s(Dilpreet) shoulder can never take a decision of second marriage so quickly….
      And now this Gauri’s misunderstanding track!!! I am also fed up of all these…..
      Thank you so much for your comment….I will try to give next update soon and I will update next part of my other story this Sunday….
      If you have time please do check that story….
      Thank u….
      Stay safe and take care.

      1. Dinu

        Sure dr.I read dat ff since beginning. Bt couldn’t comment as I was busy. Bt love dat ff.will definitely try 2 comment dis time

      2. ParichayHin

        Thank you….thank you so much….I will wait for your feedback …..

  2. Awesome…u nailed it……even i feel same….CV’S always dragging only rikara story …i am fed up with it ….if ib goes on air and the reason is because of cv’s….plz…post soon

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you so much….
      Yes they are ruining whole serial…..
      Sure I will try write next part as soon as possible….
      thank u again… TC

  3. Awesome…u nailed it……even i feel same….CV’S always dragging only rikara story …i am fed up with it ….if ib goes on air and the reason is because of cv’s….plz…post. Fast

  4. Same happened with me… Was so much angry on the writes for showing a misunderstanding???. They were giving more screen space to Shivika even when the show was of 1hr… Now that the show will be of 20 min how will they manage to show all 3 couples.
    I was thinking that they will show something like this…. But they just ruined my mood.

    And, about the song…I love sing lyrics in chapter as it make it look real.

    1. ParichayHin

      Yes now it will be more difficult to show all the scenes….
      Wow….thank you soooo much.

  5. Zaveesha

    Good one…

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you…

    Dear Parichay
    Only CVS Know When OmRi Life Misunderstanding List End.Iam Also Fed Up Their Increase Misunderstanding?
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you thank you soooo much for such good compliments…..
      Yeah they are repeating only one thing again and again just with little change……
      Take Care and Stay Safe.

  8. I loveeddd the ff plz continue i wish gul can read this and get some sense

  9. I loveeddd the ff plz continue i wish gul can read this and get some sense so she can put some story in rikara

    1. ParichayHin

      Aww…..thank you so soooo much….its a very very biiiiiiiiig compliment for me…..

  10. keziaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    nice story ,asap u post it ya

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you……I am posting next part today only….if you have time please do check that…..

  11. Aafiya

    It was awesome sissy. ….i also missed Rikara scenes.. Post soon..

    1. ParichayHin

      Thank you so much……
      I have already submitted second part….once it gets approve by TU it will appear in the page…..
      If you have time pls do check that.

      1. Aafiya

        Definitely I will check that..

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