made for each other ep 4

I hope the previous ep was not very bad. I know it was a bit of drama but don’t worry it will end soon.

The next morning : sun is shining through swara’s room. She throws her blanket. She gets up . she rubs her eyes her charming face keeps every body stunned. She gets out of her bed and gets dressed for jogging. She wears her usual pink jogging dress. She gets down and sees laksh on the bench.”laksh?”
“oh finally yaar I thought you’ll not be going or jogging today”
“you were waiting for me?”
“yup and noe that you have come lets start”
swara nodes and they start jogging. After some time they reach the park laksh stops and sits down on he grass . “ I’m tired I can’t walk now.”

“oh common laksh we have just reahed the park . stand up.” Swara forwards her hand to provide support to laksh. Laksh grabs her hand and he was gona rise up when suddenly their balance goes and they fall on the ground with swara on the top.[ don’t hyper guys its just a story] at this swara “what the-‘’ she rises up “-hell”
Laksh to rises up”ohh I thought you were going to say what the- ‘’ “shut up”swara interfered .. laksh keeps his finger on his lips. Swara glares at him . laksh makes a childish faceand they both laugh.
After some time :
Kailash,laksh swara and ragini were on the dining table… swara and ragini were gigling and talking with each other..laksh looks at swara with a playboy expression. …. Laksh and swara’s eyes meet for a moment. Swara breaks the contact and they are again back normal by a call on swara’s phone. Swara picks up the call ..”hello?” and she goes away from the dining table.

After a while she comes back..
Kailash: who was it ?
“diva se phone tha. They want me to appoint new designers” swara answered “diva?” laksh asked.
“yeah diva the fashion house. And if you have not heard about it the let me give you the details. Diva ek fashion industry he. And it is a home for people jise aapni ability or skills ko dekhane ki jagge nehi milti . it is a fashion house” swara says back with pride in her voice. “ok that means it is a boutique” laksh said. “ no its not” swara shouited being angry. “just now you said it’s a fashion house, designer.. bla blaa” . laksh said .. swara said back “ see you are getting me wrong. Fashion house does not mean just designing clothes. Diva in other words also means DI-design is VA- vast . so it means diva designs are very in this modern world you see so many different beautiful things. Like for—[she takes an envelope out from her purse. ] look at this isn’t it beautiful. Its one of our creation . we designed it and now we are going to launch it . and see how it works.. You see that lamp there it is a diva product. And it has a great demand in the market. We are very creative. Lot like you all sitting on the desk with files all around..”swara and ragini laugh and they hi- fi..

Precap: there is a cute fight between laksh and swara

Sorry for the late updateee

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