made for each other ep 3


Hey guys ..back with another ep.. and yes don`t worry it will be swasan ut patience needed.. thank you so much for your feedbacks it is really encouraging me .. so here I go..

Swara and laksh broke apart. Kailash intoduces laksh “swara.. this is laksh . laksh malhotra. He is the son of tej malhotra. And he will be working with us for some days”
“but why dad? I mean doesn`t he leave in mumbai ?”
“oh its not that. Tej is one of my old friend and he wants laksh to know about this deals and other stuffs related to business. And he thinks that living with me he can learn some”
“oh ! hello mr. malhotra welcome to singhania mansion .”
“well well you can call me laksh”
Swara gives a grin and goes away from there. Then they have lunch together.. laksh even throws out some jokes to which swara laughs. She looks so preety that laksh looks on.. afterwards swaqra goes to her room. She realizes that she had laughed along after so many days[lilawati was absent in the dining table] she laughs at herself.
At night after they have dinner . swara gets into her room . and as she was feeling very sleepy she pulls the blanket and sleeps of
She feels somebody hugging her . “ragini , I want to sleep alone today , please”
“what! Who is ragini” a voice came from behind
“who the hell are you?”swara responded
She turned back and immediately turned on the lights. Swara shouts and laksh keeps his hand on her mouth. “I am so sory I think I lost the room” swara was about to say something when laksh tells her to stay quiet. Suddenly they are looking into each others eyes.. [ raabata plays ] they broke apart. Laksh removes his hand. “so sorry” “its ok”
“by the way where is my room?” laksh asked
“oh my god!!!!!!!” swara shouted “why don`t you leave me alone. At this time of night you wan`t me to show you your room?”
“well yeah”
“fine!!!! Come with me”
They both walk around and swara shows laksh his room.
“goodnight” laksh said before closing the door.
Yawning swara replied “good night”

The next moment she was in her bed. She heard some footsteps coming towards her room. It was kailash. “papa?”
“its ok beta sleep .. I just came to see you.” he sits beside her “ did you feel bad of leela`s words?”
“no papa. Its ok she is my chhoti ma. After all she has also contributed for my growth isn`t it?”
“it is all because of me. I never should have married again. When you were born to our family I and avni we were both very happy.. suddenly that incident changed our lives”… he continued “I can never forget that day.. it was six days after you were born. We were in the car . you were supposed to be vaccinated .suddenly avni remembered that she forgot your papers at home . she said me to stay in the line with you as it was getting late. I got down the car and got into the hospital avni went back home with the driver. When she was coming back the car`s brakes failed and she met with an accident.. on your dadi`s request I married lila..i was not happy .i thought I was spoiling her life. So I decided to give her divorce. But suddenly she came with her pregnancy news and I could not leave her.” He ended..swara and kailash both had tears in their eyes.. “its ok dad.”
“no its not.after ragini was born she started fighting for small things that included you. Every now and thenshe is creating a scene of you . I din`t know why I married her. You are suffering so much because of my one wrong decision. From your childhood I have been sending you far from me. I didn`t want you to live in hostel that’s why I decided to send abroad..”
“papa, don’t worry its all fine chotima is just insecure. She knows you love me very much and you’ll make me the chaiperson of singhania industries. That’s why she has been forcing ragini for this bussness stuffs but ragini is interested in singing and mosic. I don’t know why she is like this but it’s a mother’s care for her daughter. She is just securing her daughter’s future. And it doesn`t even matter to me. I am happy with diva . I live diva every moment dad. I have already chosen diva my profession and I have promised diva`s other members that diva will live forever. I can’t break their hopes now”
“swara that`s why I know I can share my every problem with you “
With a sweet childish voice ] swara: “I know papa . isn’t that why I am here. Now don’t cry.”
“you and ragini both are my daughters. Just because you understand me I can’t do injustice with you”
“but dad i-‘’
“now par war you listen to me whenever I’ll be giving the property. I’ll divide it equally within you both and I know ragini will understand” kailash said “even if her mother doesn’t” under his breath.

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