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Pragya is working as a IT professional in an MNC. She loves her job a lot. Her cubicle and her cubicle mate are the best things happened to her through her job. They used to talk, play as well as they will work a lot. They all used to be in single team. Pragya , Tanu and Aaliya three worked together in a single team and seated in the same cubicle. No one else came to occupy the cubicle.
Months passed……
A new person came to the cubicle and occupied the seat… still they used to continue their nok-joks, silly talks everything…..
They never saw his face properly as he never turned to their side and also never talked to them……

One day our girls decided to get introduced to him….
They called him by his name..yeah , they know his name by sneaking into the calls he made to others….
Pragya is the one who initiated the talk…..
Excuse Me.. Abhi… yes guys it’s our Abhi only..
Abhi turned and said yes ??

Pragya doesn’t know how to start the conversation she started blabbering finally, they had a normal intro..
Days passed.. even after the formal intro they never talked..
One day Pragya moved from her seat and went near Aaliya and called her..
As for Abhi he thought she is calling him and suddenly turned from his seat and asked Pragya what ????
Pragya doesn’t know how to react and what to say, she just gestured nothing…
But you know guys what she did next, instead of calling Aaliya she said Abhi looking into his eyes..Abhi just smiled at Pragya… pragya was about to say something but she became speechless after seeing his smile.. yeah guys you know his smile looked like a million dollar one. Pragya became flat on looking at his smile. Pragya started blabbering as she became speechless and turned towards Aaliya to avoid further embarrassment…. even after turning towards Aaliya she doesn’t know what to talk. But she was still there. Abhi’s smile had so much effect on her…. from that day Abhi became her secret crush…

She started starting at him daily without his knowledge.. she was eagerly waiting to see his smile which has a complete power to make her numb.. the million dollar smile…
Days passed… her friends were shifted to other projects and she was alone in this cubicle as they have shifted their places as well….yes….of course Abhi is also in the same cubicle but she never had a chance to talk to him or see his smile……

At free time she used to go to her friends places and will spent some time there… most of the friends came to know about her crush on Abhii… They used to mock her with him.. even though she shouted at her friends but she likes to be mocked with him… she enjoyed that a lot…
While mocking Pragya, her friends made her embarrassed before him many times… those times and all she will just try to run away to escape…
Pragya put her papers in her company as she decided to shift to another company..
Finally the day came… it’s her last day in the company….. her friends decided to give farewell to her… she also know that…. she requested her friends to send a mail inviting him for the farewell…. They did what she said….

Finally they went to the venue which is in the first floor of a food court in her company.. there are three more food courts in her company…

The arrangements for the farewell is done .. almost all her friends came… They were waiting for few more friends to come..

While waiting they saw from the glass door that Abhi is coming towards the food court where they were…pragya was jumping like anything seeing him coming.. because she never thought he would come… she was in cloud nine… she was continuously starting at him… her friends were teasing her…

But…but he just came in one way of food court and went in other way out as that is one such path for the other food courts in the company…

She was disappointed…. completely disappointed…. but her friends cheered her up…. she didn’t get much hurt as she didn’t expect that he would come… she composed herself and her farewell party started… They were enjoying to the core…

The farewell was over…..Pragya decided to go to her place for the one last time to have a look at everything and collect her things that she kept at her place….

Before going, she saw Abhi was in a client call.. a smile came in her lips… she know after this second the chance of seeing him is very rare…. she know, she can’t have the flame of his million dollar smile…

Pragya was about to leave..Aaliya came to Pragya and said just say good bye to him for the final time.. pragya said no I can’t..aaliya say just talk to him otherwise you may regret and left the place…
Pragya slowly called Abhi… to her surprise he turned towards her by excusing himself from the client call for a moment and started talking to her… he asked about her future company , joining date etc…. finally….finally….

Abhi asked Pragya… you guys left early from the party??? Pragya said no and the party is just now over… why what happened???

Abhi said , no i came to attend your farewell at the food court and didn’t see you guys. So I just went and searched in all the other three food courts but I can’t find you so i came back…..

[ guys Abhi is new to the company , so he searched only in the ground floor. But actually the farewell was held in first floor]

Pragya was overwhelmed with his efforts for attending her farewell… she became speechless… she didn’t even move a bit… she doesn’t know how to react…
She came back to her senses and said I am sorry it was held in first floor… anyway thank you and smiled at him… and also, Abhi smiled at her… his million dollar smile… she waved good bye to him and came back to her friends and jumped like anything…. and shouted omg omg omg….. He made my day…..omg…. my day complete with his smile…..

Her friends doesn’t know what happened and she just explained them and finally said…. my last day at my company was completed by him…. He made my day… she really jumped like crazy while saying all these things…. then she left the company by remembering these sweet moments… she smiled continuously on her way. .

Guys, i just tried my first one shot…. I am not sure whether you like it or not… please read the OS and let me know your comments. Hope I haven’t disappointed you….. Thank you so much guys for your support… Love you all… please let me know even if my OS is bad so that I can correct myself next time…. thanks again for your support friends….

Credit to: Krishnani

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  1. You made MY DAY !! Wonderful And Sweet OS !! Keep Writing !!

  2. itz nice yaar.. i really like it. but if you can pls write 2nd prt of this.. pls pls… i want to see their union..i am really sorry if my words hurt you..i feel incomplete without their unite.pls darling if you have time can you make them lovers pls

  3. VarshaVenkat

    it was rocking…..it doesnt matter to know wether they love each other r not……if it conveys a msg in another form w/o /other than love, thn its really unique……..loved it yr….u made pragya a fangirl of abhi…..wow…its cool…..

  4. Simply awesome?…

  5. It was really awesome

  6. Nice yaar but unite them na???

  7. It was an awesome os dear,keep rocking.

  8. Ya i too want there reunioin

  9. It’s really nice n awesome yaar thn plzzzzz continue with 2nd part n make thm to unite yaar coz I felt tz s somewhat incomplete coz I want thm to b together yaar bt really to say itz really nice yaar… Bt one thg it’s end as such without any conclusion..

  10. super….

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