Made for each other Abhi and Pragya episode 1

Hi guys I am going to right a ff for kkb.. I am not going to continue my old story.. But I am going to write a new story for kkb.. There are new characters in my story… Pls comment below so that I can get some suggestions from u.. Tq u to the readers of my old ff including silent readers..

Abhishek Prem Mehra
Purab Mehra( abhi’s younger brother)
Ravinder Mehra(abhi’s father)
Durga Ravinder Mehra( abhi’s Mother)
Pankaj Mishra( Abhi’s Uncle)
Pushpa Pankaj Mishra.( Abhi’s aunt, Ravinder’s sister)
Aaliya Pankaj Mishra(younger sister)
Tanu Pankaj Mishra(elder sister)

Then rest characters are the same.

The episode starts with Dadi saying this day is the bad day of my life. Abhi and Purab cries. Indu Dadi tells don’t cry sons.. This has happened 3 years ago. Now no use of crying.. If u are crying, they are not going to come here again.. OK.. Its time for school. It is the first..Get ready.. The incident is nothing but the death of Abhi’s and Purab’s parents.. Purab is studying in 10th std now.. And Abhi is in 11th.. Abhi is from a rich family.. And his father is in first place in top 10 business man.. As his father has dead, his uncle and his father’s brother is taking care of their family. They go to school by BMW car.

Back in pragya’s house sarla is saying Bulbul and Purvi get ready soon.. Its time for school.. See ur pragya didi, she has got ready before u got up from ur sleep itself.. It is the first day.. Get ready soon..
They go to school by Auto..

In school Abhi , Pragya enter in 11th std class. Purab, Bulbul and Purvi enter in 10th std class..

Precap: Abhi and Pragya’s meeting..

Sorry guys its a small episode.. I need ur comments to continue my story..Tq u for reading..

Story by,
Cutiepie Achu.


  1. aayuna

    wow nice and awesome story plz continue it I m eagerly waiting for ur next episode.thnxs for writing such an beautiful epi..It made my day plz continue with this..

  2. suraj

    hey guys continue the ffs of
    strangers by bhgi author, who am i, emerald by rubi
    author, teri meri kahaani, it hurts me a
    if any of these above ffs r discontinued
    someone plzzz lemme no….plzzzzzzzz
    someone reply…….plzzzzz……
    someone plzzzzzzzzz replyyyyyyyy

  3. abhigya fan

    ur story line is quite good and welcome back cuteipie achu.I m ur ff silent reader and good to see u back..I m waiting for ur ff next episode..plz continue with this story line..

  4. princess sparkie

    Nice story line u should continue it.. its fabulous ff..I m eagerly waiting for ur next episode.thnxs for writing this ff..

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