Made for each other Abhi and Pragya episode 9 and 10 (Valentine Day Special)

The episode starts with Abhi remembering that day after tomorrow is Valentine ‘s day. He tells Purab that day after tomorrow is Valentine’s day.   Purab tells what r u going to do on that day? U are single right? Then what? Abhi tells I am not single. Purab asks then who is ur gf? Abhi tells it is a surprise and u will come to know that on Feb 14. Purab asks R u going to propose to some one? Abhi tells yes. Purab tells u r my sweet bro right? Pls tell me who is that.. Abhi tells that is a secret and secrets should not be revealed.

Next day in college Abhi calls Pragya and tells I need ur help. Pragya tells what help I need to do? He tells I will tell and calls and goes her to a big dress shop. Pragya asks why did he come to dress shop. Abhi tells that I will tell u later and goes inside along with Pragya. In the shop everyone greet him. Pragya asks why all are greeting u? He tells that the shop was their shop and he calls Pragya and asks her to select a dress. Pragya asks why? Abhi tells u will have lot of confusion.. I will answer for ur questions at last. She tells OK and selects a beautiful dress. Then they go to cosmetics shop. They buy everything matching to that. At last Abhi drops Pragya in home. Pragya asks tell me now why did u buy all these. He tells that he is going to purpose a girl tomorrow.. She gets sad. He asks will u not ask me who is that girl? And he tells even if u ask I will not tell becoz that’s a surprise. Pragya control s herself and goes inside. Abhi tells bye. She does not respond and goes inside with tears Ib her eyes.

In the morning she wakes up and remembers what Abhi said yesterday. Bulbul tells Didi wear this dress today and wear the chain, bangle whatever I have kept it for u.. She continuously thinks about it and gets sad. She wears everything and goes to take her bag to go to college. Bulbul tells where are u going didi? She tells I am going to college. R u not coming? Bulbul smiles and tells Didi today is Sunday. She tells OK didi come I am going to try a new hairstyle for u today. Bulbul tries a new hairstyle.. After sometime Pragya gets Abhi’s phone.. Abhi tells her to come somewhere. Pragya asks why? He tells u come.. I will tell u..  Pragya goes there. She sees it is like a function. She searches for Abhi. Abhi comes and keeps on staring at her. Pragya sees Abhi. Abhi says Hi to her and tells her to come inside. He tells that u want to meet my dadi and calls dadi. Dadi comes. Pragya gets blessings from her. Abhi tells something and Dadi tells OK. Abhi tells to come Pragya to a place with him. Pragya asks why? He tells I will tell u.. They go to a place which is decorated with beautiful flowers.

Pragya tells this place is very beautiful and asks why we came here? Abhi tells that I am gonna propose to my gf. Don’t u want to see her. Pragya gets sad bit acts as being happy. She tells yes. I want to see her. Abhi gets a call and he attend it. After disconnecting it he tells that she has come here and tells she is waiting there. He tells u wait here I will call u.. After 2 minutes he calls Pragya inside. She comes inside and finds no one there. She asks where is she? He tells she is here and shows the mirror. Pragya looks at it and sees herself. Abhi proposes to Pragya. She gets overwhelmed and tears roll down from her eyes. She tells me too to Abhi and they both hug. She notices in the mirror that she is wearing the costumes and cosmetics what Abhi bought Yesterday. She tells how did I wear this? Bulbul comes and tells it was me didi who kept there and Jija told to give it to u.. Pragya gets very happy.

Precap: Tanu sees Abhi and Pragya together and fumes.

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  1. very nice loved it yaar update regularly pls pls

  2. hey achu the episode was awesome yrrr but I think I have read the same way of proposal in Somiya’s ff also yr… any ways good episode may be I am wrong…

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Just Awesome yaar……..Superb……I loved it….. ……..

  4. awesome i read twins

  5. Superrbbbbb but update it regularly ya….

  6. No.. I don’t know about sowmiya’s ff.. If the story is same I am sorry

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