Made for each other Abhi and Pragya episode 8

Sorry guyz for my late update… I will try to update the episodes regularly. And my hearty thanks to u guyz for reading my updates and for givivg ur suggestions. I hope u will give ur suggestions and keep reading it regularly. The epidode starts with abhi and Pragya sittingin park.. but they both don’t see each other.. suddenly rain comes.. Pragya runs and stands under a shed in the park. While running, she puts the duppata on her head. Abhi also comes there. Abhi tells hi.. I thought I am only in the park.. May I know what is ur name.. Pragya turns to see. She sees Abhi and shocks. Abhi sees her and catch hold of her and drags her near him and tells. U can’t run anywhere. Abhi asks Pragya why aren’t u speaking to me? She tells that I was afraid that u will be angry with me for leaving the school without telling u.. Abhi tells R u silly? I met u after so many years. Why should I be angry with u? Pragya tells u have changed.. Abhi tells it is because of u.. Pragy blushes. She tells sorry. Abhi does not speak to her. Pragya tells I have asked sorry to u na.. then why aren’t u speaking to me? Abhi tells that u asked sorry na. so I didn’t speak to u.. Pragy asks when I? and remembers what she had said in school.. They talk for a long time.. After rain stops. Pragya tells ok bye.. let’s see tomorrow.. Abhi asks when? Pragya tells in college. Abhi tells tomorrow is Sunday. Pragya then.. in these same park Abhi tells ok and asks how r u going to go home? She tells by walking.. abhi tells that u come with me I will drop u in ur home. Pragya nods her head and Abhi leaves her in her home.

In the morning dadi welcomes four members.. when she sees them she goes and hugs them.. she tells after many years I am seeing my daughter Pushpa. I am so excited. She surprises seeing two girls.. They tell HI Dadi. Dadi sees them shockingly because they are wearing modern dress. Their dress is above the knee.. Puspa( alia’s and Tanu’s mother) sighs them to get aashirvadh from dadi. They fall on dadi’s legs. Dadi blesses them. She tells you all will be tired go and take rest. Pushpa and Pankaj go to one room. Alia and Tanu go to one room. Dadi comes and wakes up Purab and Abhi and tells that ur aunt, uncle and aunt’s daughters have come.. u have to go and meet them na.. get ready.. Dadi goes from there. Abhi tells we got bad news at morning itself. Purab tells not only bad news.. bad time also started.. They unwillingly go and see Pushpa, Pankaj, Alia and Tanu. Alia and Tanu smile at seeing Abhi and Purab.
Abhi and Purab try to go out. Alia and Tanu comes and asks R u going out? Abhi and tell Yes. They both come with them and Tanu sits back of Abhi and Alia sits back of Purab. Abhi and Purab tells u can’t come with us. They ask Why? They tell that they are going to their Professor’s house as they have told that theywill attend extra classes in his house on leave days. Alia and Tanu tell then we are not coming with u and get down. Alia tells wait and asks them where are the books. They tell books.. and asks books? Take books from the bag on bike and shows them. Then they go from there. Abhi and Purab goes to pick up Pragya and Bulbul..
When they come Bulbul asks Purab How much time will you take to reach here? Pragya tells Bulbul there might be any problem.. So they are late.. Abhi says you are right and explains them everything.. Pragya and Bulbul laugh at hearing them. They ask wheter this is a joke. Pragya keeps quiet and asks Bulbul to be quiet.

Precap: Pragya and Abhi meet in a function..

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