Made for each other Abhi and Pragya episode 7

The episode starts with Abhi and Purab getting blessing from Dadi.. Abhi takes car.. But Purab takes bike.. Dadi asks why are u taking bike?? Purab tells that.. Dadi tells tell me Purab.. Purab tells I am going to call my friend along with me so that… Abhi asks friend or girl friend.. Purab tells Abhi keep quiet. Dadi asks why u can call ur friend in car itself na.. Abhi tells if they went in car it will not be romantic na.. Dadi gets confused.. Purab tells Dadi it’s time for college and takes bike.. Dadi tells.. Abhi u also take bike.. It’s just idle for a long time.. So Abhi also takes bike..

In road. Bulbul is standing in the corner along with a girl in yashmak.. When Purab comes she gets happy and sits in the bike.. Bulbul tells something… Abhi comes that way and Purab asks Abhi to call that girl along with him to College.. Abhi does not agree.. Bulbul tells pls.. Abhi asks who is she.. Bulbul comes to tell she is my.. The girl stops her and tells friend.. Bulbul laughs and tells.. Yes yes she is my friend.. Abhi agrees and calls her to college..
In college Abhi tries talking to the girl in yashmak.. She replies.. But does not speak to him more.. Abhi gets fed up and tells to remove her yashmak.. She tells no.. Abhi goes to remove her Yashmak.. She runs.. Abhi runs behind her.. She runs into library

She gets into library… And breaths heavily.. Abhi stands behind her and imitates her.. She walks to the door and sees whether Abhi is coming.. And then sighs and comes back and sits in the chair.. Abhi tells Hi.. She frightens and runs up in the stairs in library and goes to a corner and hides.. She turns and sees Abhi there too.. She tries to run. But Abhi opens her yashmak.. Abhi gets shocked to see her.. She was no other than Pragya.. They share a eyelock.. Allah wariyan plays..

Pragya gets up and goes.. Abhi is frozen there itself.. Then he comes back to his senses and goes back to his class.. The whole day he could not listen the class.. But keeps on thinking why did Pragya hide her from me.. Evening he searches for Pragya.. He sees and calls Pragya.. But she sees him and goes runs from there..

In Abhi’s home Dadi tells Abhi and Purab that their Aunt, Uncle and their Aunt daughters are going to come here.. Abhi swallows.. Purab acts like he is happy.. Dadi tells they are even going to read in your college.. Abhi and purab are shocked.. They both go to room and tell Omg.. Aunt’s daughters.. We are gonna die.. Purab tells I am not gonna tell this to Bulbul then she will.. Abhi tells If u don’t tell then will be the problem.. Purab says what? Abhi tells Juz go and tell now.. Purab goes.. Abhi thinks of Pragya..

In Pragya’s home, Pragya is sitting very sadly in the room.. Bulbul comes and tells Didi… I am so happy.. But Pragya tells I am so sad.. Bulbul tells what? Pragya tells yes and tells the incident which happened in college.. Bulbul tells I think so u have to talk to him.. Then the problem will be solved.. Pragya tells it is a impossible task. Bulbul tells nothing is impossible.. If u want him to be ur friend.. Pragya tells not friend.. More than that. Bulbul smiles.. She gets Purab’s call and goes out.. Pragya goes to Park and sits in the chair under the tree. Abhi sits under the same tree but in the opposite side..

Precap: Pragya tells Sorry to Abhi.. Abhi does not speak to Pragya..

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    Awesome……. But Pragya’s nature is something fishy……..plz update the another one soonnnnnnnnn…………

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  7. Superb episode… Keep going its amazing

  8. Fab yr what I can say else pls update next part soon

  9. Hahaha…pragya runs and runs….
    Nice ff 🙂
    Keep going!

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