Made for each other Abhi and Pragya episode 6

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The episode starts with Dadi telling Abhi and Purab get up.. It is time for college.. A handsome boy wakes up.. He baths and wears t shirt and jeans pant.. He comes down by steps.. Another boy also comes down along with him.. Both are also very handsome.. They get blessings from Dadi.. Dadi blesses them and tells go my boys Abhi and Purab.. Its time for college.. They go out.. There stands a huge and lavish black two Mercedes Bens.. Abhi takes one car and Purab takes one car..

They enter the college named Shasthri’s college of Business management.. It is written They park the car in the parking.. Abhi in in 3rd year and Purab is in 2nd year.. They go to their classes.. In Purab’s class the Professor tells that tomorrow we are going to have a new student.. Purab wonders who could it be.. In Night he Asks whether there is any new admission in your class tomorrow?? He tells No and asks why are u asking? He tells there is one new admission tomorrow.. Abhi asks for that why u are so excited?? Purab tells that I have a feeling that it may be my best friend.. Abhi asks is that member He or she?? Purab tells She. Abhi asks Is she ur best friend or girlfriend?? Purab tells no.. I have only one member in that place that is none other than BulBul.

Dadi calls both for dinner they go and have dinner..

Next morning Abhi and Purab go for college.. In Purab’s class the teacher comes inside and tells here is our new student and tells someone to enter.. Everyone turn to see the member.. A pretty girl enters the class.. She is wearing black colour chudi.. Purab looks a her and gets happy.. She is none other than Bulbul.. Bulbul goes and sits. In the same row where Purab sits.. But among girls.. Purab keeps on staring at Bulbul during the class..
In Abhi’s class a new girl comes inside.. No one could see her as she was wearing Yashmak.. Abhi wonders who could it be..

In the break Purab searches Bulbul.. He sees everyone gathering Bulbul.. He goes from there.. Bulbul walks with some of her friends outside the class.. Someone pulls her from backside.. Its none other than Purab.. Bulbul tries to go.. But Purab pulls her near to him.. Bulbul tells leave me.. Purab tells.. I am not ready to lose u again.. Bulbul tells sorry I am already in love with another one member.. Purab gets sad and leaves her. She tells I have to meet him for sure.. I feel very sad and angry upon myself when I left him and went.. Purab asks May I know his name.. She tells Purab.. Purab gets happy and pulls her again to him.. He tells then u couldn’t identify me?? She asks Who r u? He tells Purab.. Purab tells I found u. But u.. Bulbul hugs him and tells. I found u.. But I was juz playing with u till now.. And she runs from there.. Purab smiles at her.. And follows her..

In break Abhi tries speaking to the girl in Yashmak.. He asks what is ur name?? She tells my name my name.. And thinks.. Abhi asks why are I thinking so much for telling ur name?? The girl tells.. No no .. My name is Sara.. Abhi tells nice name.. He asks why r u wearing yashmak?? Pls remove so that we could see ur face.. The girl tells No no.. I will not remove.. The bell rings and they go to their places.

At home.. Abhi thinks who might be that girl? Why she is not removing her yashmak? Purab comes there and calls Abhi.. Abhi does not respond.. Purab shakes his hand.. And calls Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra.. Abhi turns. Purab asks what Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra?? What r u thinking?? Abhi tells about that Girl in Yashmak.. Purab tells I could not even guess.. And tells he met Bulbul today.. Abhi asks what about ur oneside love?? He tells now its not onside love.. Now we both are in love.. Purab’s phone rings.. Purab sees and tells oh shut I told I will take Bulbul to temple. I forget.. And goes out.. Abhi wonders that his brother have got her number within a day and thinks about the girl in yashmak..

Precap: Tanu and Alia’s entry..

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