Made for each other Abhi and Pragya episode 5


The episode starts with All the students standing in prayer.. When it comes to Principal’s speech He tells that he is going to select a School captain. He tells the captain name as Abhishek Prem Mehra. Abhi goes and gets his batch.. Then he tells we will announce the vice captain tomorrow.. Abhi tells something to Principal.. And he tells the vice Captain as Pragya.

In class Pragya comes to tell something. Abhi tells no no no. Don’t say thanks alone.. It will kill me.. Pragya asks how did u know I came to thank u?? Abhi tells, I heard ur mind voice. Pragya asks Really? Abhi says Yes. Then Pragya asks to tell what she is thinking in mind now. Abhi tells whatever Pragya thinks. Pragya tells it is wonderful.. Abhi tells thanks.

During a leisure period Abhi asks Pragya what is ur Ambition? Pragya tells I have to become a Professor. Abhi laughs and asks Professor?? Pragya says yes.. Pragya asks what is ur aim? Abhi says proudly I have to become a rockstar. Pragya searches something in her bag and finally takes a pen and paper and gives it to Abhi and tells give me ur signature rock star. Abhi tells really and gives his signature. Pragya tells u will surely become a rock star.. And tells keep this pen in remembrance of me.. I too have this type of pen.. When u become a rock star there will be many members and there will be a great security for you.. So I will not be able to meet u.. So if I show this pen they will allow me to see u..

Abhi thinks even I am not that much strong that I will become a rock star. But she thinks that I will become a rock star. Pragya tells because I have more belief on u than u have.. Abhi gets shocked.. Pragya tells Even I could read ur mind voice.. Abhi gives a confused reaction while Pragya smiles..

After a month Abhi and Pragya become thick friends.. One day Pragya does not come to school. One month completes she does not come to school.. Abhi wonders why she did not come to school.. He asks Purab about this. Purab replies sadly Bulbul also did not come to school..

Precap: Pragya and Abhi meeting in college.

Credit to: Cutiepie Achu

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  1. Good one cutie pie I think the best one

  2. Readn mind voice πŸ˜‰ ,tat was awesome ..
    Even I can read yua mind voice πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow so nice & I felt that again they will meet after by rockstar & professor only but u made them to meet in college life itself interesting..

  4. Ur correct Rasha.. They will meet surely a Rockstar and Professor.

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s so Nice Episode……..

  6. its gng intrstng…

  7. Soooooooo cute episode…

  8. when updating next epi….n

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