Made for each other Abhi and Pragya episode 4


The episode starts with Abhi sitting sadly in the room. Purab comes inside the room and asks R u coming to play cricket? Abhi says no I am not interested.. Purab tells it is ur favorite game na.. Purab asks R u sad.. Abhi nods his head sadly.. Purab asks why are u sad? He says Pragya is not feeling well.. I have a feeling that she is not well because of me. Purab tells Hey are u Mad? How could she be ill becoz of u.. A hi tells about the incident in chemistry lab. Purab laughs and tells Abhi she will not get fever becoz of this incident Abhi.

Purab asks do u want her to get well soon? He tells yes. Then u pray God.. Abhi tells I have not prayed god even once. I will not pray.. Purab tells if Pragya wants to get well soon, u pray to god.. Purab leaves the room. Abhi prays god for Pragya.

In pragya’s house.. Pragya is lying on the bed sadly.. She turns left side and her eyes fall on Abhi’s gift. She opens the gift and sees get well soon statue.. Then she sees another gift inside. She opens that.. In that she sees a sorry statue. In that there she reads Sorry for not listening u in the lab.. Please apologize me.. And she sees another gift inside.. In that see sees a Tq u gift. She reads the note.. In that she reads Tq u for saving my life.. Tq u for apologizing me.. Tq u for reading this.. She smiles.. She reads down.. Tq u for smiling.. She blushes.

After two days Pragya goes to school.. Abhi becomes happy on seeing her. But Pragya does not speak anything to Abhi and sits in her people.. Abhi speaks to her.. But Pragya does not speak to him. Abhi asks R u angry upon me? Pragya says Yes. Abhi asks Did u apologize me? Pragya tells I won’t apologize u.. Abhi gets sad. She tells I will never apologize u for asking me sorry and telling me thanks. Abhi asks then u apologized me.. She tells I can’t apologize u, as I didn’t get angry upon u.. A hi asks Friends?? Pragya tells forever..

In Purab’s class, Bulbul is doing geometry with compass. By mistake, the compass gives a small cut in her hand. Purab gets upset and ties his kerchip in her hand and tells why was u so careless.. Bulbul tells it is just a minor cut.. Purab does not accept with her and brakes the compass.. Bulbul asks what are u doing?? He tells I will not spare anyone who hurts you.. Bulbul tells you are so caring.. Purab smiles.

Precap: Abhi is announced as the School Captain..

Credit to: Cutiepie Achu

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  3. Hey nice bonding betn abhigya .. Being high skol students

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