Made for each other Abhi and Pragya episode 3


Guys sorry for my previous late update.. And I have to credit my friend Charu too. For giving me some ideas regarding this.. Tq u The episode starts with Abhi telling Purab that I got a friend in school today.. Her name is Pragya. Purab tells great.. Dadi comes and tells, its time u can speak tomorrow. They go their rooms and sleep.

In Pragya’s home Pragya tells to Bulbul I have got a friend in school. His name is Abhishek.. Bulbul asks is his full name Abhishek Prem Mehra?.. Pragya tells yes. How do u know that? She tells he is my Best Friend Purab’s bro. He is such a charming and cool guy.. Do u know?? Pragya smiles and they go to sleep.

Next morning in school the classes go on. In the last period teacher takes the 11th std students to chemistry lab and makes them to stand in pair. Abhi stands with Pragya. Teacher asks them to make a reaction of two acids. Abhi goes to mix two wrong acids which would create a blast. Pragya stops him and tells it will create a blast.

Abhi tells.. Hey I know u are trying to get a good name from teacher.. If I do this it would give a fantastic reaction. So u are trying to ruin me right? No I will do this reaction.. Pragya stops him and takes two drops of each acid and mixes of which gives a small blast. The bell rings Abhi without telling runs from there to home.. In home he tells to Purab about this.He asks did u tell thanks to her? He tells no.. And thinks all the time about telling thanks to Pragya. He waits for next morning to tell thanks to her..

Next morning A hi rushes to class and searches for Pragya.. But she was not present that day.. The days sadly for Abhi. In the evening he tells to Purab about that.. Purab remembers Bulbul telling him that his sister was not feeling well as she had severe fever. Purab tells Abhi that my best friend sis is Pragya.. And he didn’t cone to school as she is having severe fever. Abhi asks Purab to take him to her home. In her home Sarla ma recognizes Purab but she asks who Is he.. Bulbul tells he is Didi’s friend. Abhi sees Pragya lying in bed sadly.He gives her two gifts and tells her to open that after he is gone from there. And tells her to get well soon.

Precap: Pragya opens the gift and sees the get well soon statue and smiles.

Guys tq for reading.. And pls give or suggestions and comments..

Credit to: Cutiepie Achu

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  1. Ohhh abhi not bad ha ha

  2. Cutie pie…if u could change the pic please…there are many more ff and I get confused

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice…..I like it…..

  4. awesome plz update long episode

  5. cuteee story

  6. it is superb. ..

  7. Yes plz . every one pls try to keep diff picss fa diff ffs .. So tat it’ll b easy to recognise

  8. Sooooo cute story… Today’s episode s soooo cute

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  10. Tq u guys.. Sure I will change the pic..

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