Made for each other Abhi and Pragya episode 2


The episode starts with bulbul talking to purab in the evening.. She tells purab this was a great day today for u s right.. Purab tells yes it was good but.. Bulbul says ya I could understand u.. Don’t worry.. Cheer up.. U are so worried today than last year at this day.. OK bye.. Purvi and Pragya didi will be waiting for me.. Purab tells bye to her.

Next day morning Abhi and Purab get ready for school and reach their respective classes.. In Abhi’s class teacher is taking attendance.. She calls their names.. When she class Pragya, there is no response. Abhi thinks what a cute name it is. She calls another one time.. Then also no response. When she is calling third time Pragya enters and tells present Mam.. Abhi looks her and stares at her. Teacher asks why was u late.. She tells that she got stuck in traffic. Teacher tells this is the first and last warning and tells her to get inside. She comes and sits in her place.

During class time a girl gets up tells that she is unable to see the board and she have to change her place.. So teacher changes everyone’s place.. Pragya sits near Abhi. Abhi and pragya neither of them talk to each other.. When teacher is writing in her board, Pragya wears her spectacle. Abhi asks, why do u wear spectacles? She tells I have long sight. Abhi tells u are cute with wearing spectacles also and without wearing spectacles also.. She blushes and tells thanks.. Teacher sees them talking and tells them to get up. They both get up.. She asks who started talking? Abhi and Pragya both raise up their hands..

Teacher gets angry and tells them u are not allowed to go to games period for two weeks.. They look each other and sit. During P.E.T period all shout happily and go to ground.. Abhi and Pragya looks at them sadly…. Abhi tells now u can remove ur glasses now na.. She smiles and removes her specs and keeps it in her bag. Abhi asks why did u tell ur name to teacher instead of my name? Because u are my friend. Abhi asks me? She asks whether there is anyone expect u and me in this class? Abhi tells no.. Then its you only na.. Abhi tells pragya that in my eighth grade the same thing happened. But I didn’t start the talk. But my friend Tanu. She was my aunt’s daughter too.. She only started the talk.. But she acused me for the talk.. And she scolded me too.. Pragya tells don’t worry.. They speak  about many things.. In the evening Abhi tells bye to Pragya.. Pragya also tells Bye to Abhi.

Precap: Pragya gets ill. Abhi feelseels sad for Pragya

Credit to: Cutiepie Achu

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  1. hey nice yaar continue…. i love it ,continue achu actually i am also writing bt i love ur ff, keep rocking best of luck

  2. nice epi….. bt its very shrt yaar…

  3. Its very nice

  4. Cute abhigya scenes. Loving it. Pls update next part soon

  5. fabulous episode keep going yr……

  6. Superb episode abhigya conversation s sooooo nice n cute I loved it… Continue ur ff s diff n superb

  7. Reshma Pradeep


  8. Thnxxx fr the awesome story…………hope it will goes on the right track in future???.?

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