A little wooden house is seen…There we can see a man in his mid 20’s trying to calm his lil daughter…The man took the baby in his one arm as she is nearly one month…while with other hand he is poking his hairs…

” abh…aa…ham…ham…kya karun…my…my daughter is crying…baby….see…ham…ham…hmm papa….kya karun…i m also like u na…plzzz….dont cry baby…” said person while the baby cries more loud…

He made the baby lay in the cardle…he gives some that effect the baby slept…He bends near the cardle nd pats the baby…

” baby…..tum…tum…hmm…u sleep…ham…papa is here na..” said the man nd getsup he goes towards the shelf nd arranges the medicines…while poking his hairs inbtw…

after sometime he takes the baby nd left for his work….This is their daily routine….

The same wooden house…the same scenerio but thiz a time a lil diffrence…the man is running while a cute baby girl of four yrs is chasing the man with a stick in her hand…

” papa stop….eat this tablets…than only ur fever will leave u…papa plzzz stop na…” said the girl while running behind the man…but the seems to be not affected…he is running while waving his hands in a no…nd poking his hairs…

” nhi nhi saru…that…that table will be bitter…what if i…i…get dizzy…no…nhi…nhi…ishu…me ye tablets nhi kalunga..nhi kalunga…nhi kalunga…matlab nahi kalunga…” said the man while running…

” papa…kunj is good boy na…!! ” said saru while stopping…to which kunj also stops nd nods…” than come nd eat this medicines..” said saru while putting her hands in her waist..!!

” nhi..nhi…me nahi kalunga…” said kunj nd again starts to run…!! Saru gave a pissed off sigh nd shouts ” ahhh papa..” she fell on the floor…!! Kunj came runningly to her…!! He sits beside her…!! Nd takes her in his lap…!!

” saru…tum…u…what happened to u baby…!! ” says sanskar with a innocent look..!! ” now i caught u..!! ” said saru while holding his hands..!! ” u cheated me..!! ” kunj said while pouting..!!

Saru holds his face..!! ” papa is good boy na ( kunj nods )…plzz take tablets for ur baby..!! ” said saru while holding his chin..!! Saru gives him tablets while kunj made faces..!! Ishu hugs him..!!

“U r the best papa..!! “Said saru..!! ” ham…ham..hmm u r the best.. baby…!! ” said kunj while taking her in his arms and getting up..!!
KUNJ : Father of a baby girl…he dont know his surname,,his parents anything…!! he is mentally unstable…!! his wife Mahi died during delivery…!! now kunj is taking care of his daughter..!!

SARA KUNJ : daughter of Kunj…!! now 4 yrs going to be 5 soon..!! Or we can say the caretaker nd mother of kunj..!!

Kunj takes her in his arms..!! Both gets ready soon they both reaches the school where kunj is working as a violin teacher..!! kunj straightly goes towards the principle room..!!

“Gud gud morning Yuvi bhaiya..!! ” said kunj while entering the princi room with saru in his one arm..!! Nd a tiffin carrier in other hand..!! Yuvi takes saru in his arms..!!

“Gud morning kunj..!! Gud morning princess..!! What did ur papa ate his tablets today..?? ” asked yuvi..!! ” haan uncle u know..!! Today he did a big drama..!! ” said saru while spreading her hands in air..!!

” oh acha..!! Acha kunj u go to 10B today u have to teach them only..!! ” said Yuvi..!! ” bhaiya…phar..wo…!! They are big big childrens na..!! ” said kunj with puppy eyes..!!

“Kunj dont worry..they wont do anything ok..!! Go..!! Nd keep this in ur mind u r their teacher ok..!! U should not afaird of them..!! ” said yuvi in a stern voice..!!

Kunj nods like a obeyed kid nd leaves while again nd again chantting “i m their teacher..!! I should not afaird of them..!! I m their teacher..!! I should not afaird of them..!! ” kunj chatting this continuously while entering 10B…!!

While he entering the class a paper ball came nd hit his head..!! Kunj shivers he turns again nd was about to run..!! Again yuvi’s word rang in his mind..!!

He chant ” i m their teacher..!! I should not afaird of them..!! ” sans said nd steps in..!! All students sees him nd smirks..!! Some starts to laugh at him..!! Some is making fun of him..!!

Kunj walks in with shivering hands nd legs..!! He goes in..!! Nd kept the bag in table nd took out the violin..!! ” chil…childrens…!! Hamm..hamm…!! Plzz take ur violins ” said kunj with shivered voice…!!

” are u going to teach us…!! Guys see this mad is gonna teach us..!! ” said a boy while laughing at kunj..!! ” i m…i m…i m not mad..!! I m ur teacher..!! ” said kunj while looking down..!! Nd griping the violin stick tightly..!!

” oh u r a teacher..!! So we should respect u na..!! ” said the boy..!! ” haan..!! U have to respect me..!! Yuvi bhaiya told me that i m ur teacher..!! ” said kunj still gripping the stick in his palms..!!

” oo acha..!! So guys come lets show our TEACHER,,what is respect..!! 1..2..3 start..!! ” saying so he throws a paper ball on kunj..!! Another boy split ink on kunj..!! Like wise evrey students starts to throws papers nd ink on him..!!

Kunj shivers…!! “Nhi..!! I m ur teacher..!! Yuvi bhaiya told me..!! ” but the students are not effected they are throwing it continuously..!! Kunj crosses his hands..!! Nd sits down while crying..!!

Kunj was sobbing while chantting “I M THEIR TEACHER
..!! I M THEIR TEACHER..!! ” but the students seems not affected..!! Suddenly they stops hearing a voice..!!

” What the hell..!! ” said a lady while standing infront of kunj..!! ” yeh tho nayi teacher hai na..!! ” said a boy..!! ” yeah she is TWINKLE mam..!!” Another boy murmured..!!

” what the hell..!! U all are students is this a way to behave with ur teacher..!! For god sake understand this he is ur teacher..!!

First learn how to behave with ur teacher..!! ” twinkle said sternly nd turns to kunj who is shivering while closing his eyes nd chanting ” I M THEIR TEACHER…!! I M THEIR TEACHER..!! ”

Twinkle bends nd touches his hands..!! Kunj immediately hugs her..!! Nd chants ” I M THEIR TEACHER..!! ” twinkle didnt hug him back..!!

He is shivering like hell..!! Twinkle parted from him nd made him stand..!! All the while kunj is only saying “I M THEIR TEACHER..!! I M THEIR TEACHER..!! ” twinkle takes him to princi room..!!

Yuvi who is chatting with saru getsup seeing Twinj..!! ” twinkle kya hua..!! Kunj what are u doing here dont u go to class..!! ” said yuvi..!! ” actually sir wo..!! He is lil afaird thats it..!! ” said twinkle while making kunj sit in the chair..!!

“Hmm..!! ” yuvi nods..!! “Papa kya hua apko..!! ” asked saru while cupping kunj face..!! “I M THEIR TEACHER na saru..!! But see..!! They..!! They are not..!! Not listening to me..!! They are..!! They are beating me..!! ” said kunj while hugging ishu by her waist who is sitting in the table..!!

Twinkle is seeing kuru ( kunj + saru ) being amazed the way saru taking care of kunj..!! Yuvi came towards twinkle..!! ” i know twinkle u r really confused..!! Come let me xplain u..!! ” said Yuvi while both left the room..!!
TWINKLE TANEJA : A bubbly kind hearted girl..!! Completed her b.ed..!! Now joined the red mount convent as science teacher..!! Her father is the no.bussiness man in india..!!

YUVRAJ LUTHRA : Principle of red mount..!! Knows Kunj from the past 7 yrs as mahi is his sister..!! Loves kunj nd saru..!!
Thats it guys..!! Keep shower ur comments will be waiting..!! Babye..!!

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  1. SidMin23

    It’s going to be a unique story can’t wait to read more do post wondering how will twinkle help kunj to overcome and take care of him nice + unique idea do post soon.

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    Hey hello Maha nice to see you back
    Well the story is amazing
    I think this story is somewhat related to movie nanna casting Vikram and baby Sara if I’m not wrong
    Waiting for story to proceed
    Do continue and post soon

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    Amazing interesting unique story

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    Awesome nd a unique story…
    Just loved it…
    Too good…

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    marvelleous speechless idea…♥
    jst loving it so mch saru is shooooo cute……♥
    unique n beautiful stry…….♥
    lods of love…….♥
    plssss post nxt asap………♥
    kunj is sho cute bechara loving it……♥

  6. I think I know this story but episode was superb

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    Awesome amazing superb
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    Just amazing

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