The mad girl who made me crazy……. Promo 3.. Swaragini

Hello chunks.
Its me Abhi..again.
Iam damn happy seeing your support.Keep supporting.Yeah!Iam gonna reveal the pairs at last.


A girl is behaving childishly.A guy is sitting beside her sadly.
He:”I know I dont even deserve your forgiveness.But Iam sorry.Iam really sorry.It was all my mistake.But i never thought that my mistake will make you in such a situation.You begged me for trusting you,but I didnt.Now daily iam begging you for forgiveness.I never thought that meeting you daily will make me to fall in love with you.Yes..i love you. “The girl is still playing there with her doll.
now someone enters the room..He didnt notice it.
“If bhai get to know that Iam responsible for this situation of yours,then he will surely throw me out from here.”
That moment the person shouts..
“I didnt expect such a move from your side.Leave,before I throw you out”

Thats the third promo.
Guys he is not the boy who is seeking forgivenes in promo 1 and 2.he is different.
So Who is that boy?Whom does he love?who shouted at him?
start guessing.

So now.coming to the pairs.
They are none other than the most fascinating and sweet couple..”RAGSAN”.But wait…U will be able to see swalak scenes too. Also for raglak fans,there will be emotional dialogues from Laksh’s side.

Thats all.
Bye….take care
love u guys..

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  1. Sindhura


    1. Abhi142


  2. Superb dear friend thank u for ragsan dear my friend

  3. waiting for first part

  4. Poonam

    awesome………happy as ragsan are pairs waiting for actual story to start

  5. Follybraverl

    Yeah it is ragsan ????thank you thank you thank you

  6. Honestly i’m very confused while reading this promo.But i’m very much exited to read the ff.Rago will behave like kiddo na??

    1. Abhi142

      Yes..Ragu wil behave like a kid..u will understand everything soon

  7. Dharani


  8. Lahari

    Superb..thank u for ragsan

  9. Akshata

    awesome, update soon

  10. Sweeta

    Awesome. ..
    Plzzz post episode soon???

  11. Asra

    awesome dear….ragsan ff…..thz promo make me curious to read ur ff….waiting for ur update…tkcr dear….

  12. interesting

  13. Venni

    yippie ragsan..I knw it gonna be rock..waiting for first episode

  14. Abhi142

    Thanks everyone..i will post soon..??

  15. The only thing I hate in telly world is ragsan so thank you

    1. Abhi142

      Thats too interesting

  16. Jazzy


  17. Yesss.ragsan r fascinating & sweet adorable couple.anyone can fall in love with ragsan????.tq abhi for is awesome.

  18. A.xx

    nice xx

  19. Shrilatha

    Thanks a lot for ragsan

  20. Abhi142

    I have submitted first episode..will b soon posted!?

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