The mad girl who made me crazy..Episode 7…Swaragini

Hellooo chunks… Only Meetu said the correct answer of last episode’s question. its jogi mahi of bachna hai haseeno Congrats yaar. Episode 7 He was about to leave from there.But someone holds his hand. Its none other than Ragini. Ragini:Sanskuuu….You took my drawing book… Sanskar:Wohhh…didnt you sleep yet Ragini:Give me my drawing book back. Sanskar:I will give it tomorrow.Now you just sleep. Ragini starts shouting. Sanskar keeps his hand on her mouth. Sanskar:Dont shout…everyone will wake up. They both have an eyelock. Ragini suddenly bites on his hand. Sanskar shouts:Ahhhh Ragini takes her book from his hand and run into the corner of the room. Sanskar:Sweetie…give the book to me.. Ragini:No..i wont. Sanskar starts walking towards her. She runs from there.he runs behind her.They both are running like kids. She runs ouside the room. Sanskar:Sweetie..dont go outside..

everyone will wake up.. She still runs through that way.Swara who was sleeping in her cabin wakes up hearing the sound.She looks through the glass wall and gets angry seeing Sanskar running behind Ragini. She gets teary eyed. Sanskar:Ragini ..stop. He takes a plaster in his hand and holds her.He putos the plaster on her mouth and takes her in his arms. She is trying her best escape from him.But he is too strong,so its not that easy.He looks at her and winks.He beats him on his chest.He smiles seeing her childish acts. They reaches her room.He makes her lie on the bed.She removes her plaster ans shouts. Hearing the sound all the security comes there. Security:What happened sir?why is she shouting? Ragini:He was trying to….(she cries) All security,staffs looks at sanskar. Sanskar:No….

she didnt mean it.woh,actually she meant I took her book..dont misunderstand. Ragini:yes..he was trying to take her book.. She again crying loudly. Sanskar:Take your is it..i dont want this. All of them leaves. Sanskar in his mind:Yeh ladki hoon ya aafat!! He leaves from there and she sleeps. Morning @Swara’s cabin. Sanskar enters. Sanskar:Swara..i need to talk to you.. Swara:You told everything yesterday itself..right?? Sanskar:Its not completed.i just wanted to say you…”move on”..please swara ..for me..please..I consider you as my sister.So for a brother..please move on. Swara:How easily you said that sanskar!if it was Ragini who said to you like this ,then how would you react?

Will you move on??You will also be just like me…. Sanskar said nothing and leaves from there. @Laksh’s cabin Sanskar enters Laksh:Bhai..did you talk to her? Sanskar:no.She is not trying to understand me. Laksh:hmm. Sanskar:Lets leave all that.. Laksh:Yes….bhai..i heard some sounds yesterday night!! Sanskar:What sound.. Laksh:From Ragini’s room. Sanskar:Ohhh..woh…woh..that she saw a lizard got scared and shouted. Laksh:Oohhh…lizard.. Laksh in low voice:looks like nowadays lizards are wearing jeans and shirt. Sanskar:Did you say something?? Laksh:no,.no…nothing.. Laksh:bhai..yesterday I saw someone taking a girl in his arms and he was walking towards Ragini’s room.. I think the girl was Ragini…but that person… Sanskar:did you see that person?? Laksh:I think its the lizard because of which she shouted..

Sanskar:What?? Laksh laughs.. Sanskar :laksh..iam not gonna leave you… Laksh runs and sanskar runs behind her. Swara is walking through the hospital checking some patients.she notices Ragini’s room.She enters there.Ragini is drawing something on the wall. Swara remembers about the moment when sanskar said that he loves her..also about previous day night ,sanskar carrying Ragini in his arms. She gets angry. Swara:Ragini…what are you doing?You are making the walls dirty! Swara snatches the crayons from her. Ragini:Give that crayons..sansku gave it to me. This makes swara more angry.She throws the crayons on the floor. Ragini runs and picks the crayons. Swara is getting very much irritated seeing Ragini.

Swara takes Ragini’s drawing book from her hand. Ragini is crying and is trying to take the book from swara. Swara pushes Ragini in anger.Ragini was about to fall but Laksh comes there and holds her suddenly. Swara turns and gets shocked.She sees Laksh holding Ragini and an angry sanskar in front of her. Swara :Woh sanskar..actually.. Sanskar slaps swara and laksh closes his eyes. Episode ends.

Precap:not decided yet!

Aaankhon Ki hai yeh khwahishein Ki chehre se tere naa hatein

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  1. Rakhi


  2. Follybraverl

    Awesome Ragini loves Randhir???

    1. Abhi142

      Woh toh surprise hai

  3. Kitkat

    soch na sake from airlift

    1. Abhi142

      Yoo…cool answer

  4. swara is bad how can she behave to a patient.she is a doctor. Answer is soch na…from airlift

    1. Abhi142

      Yes..but she wil realize it soon..Again right and

    2. Abhi142

      Yes..but she wil realize it soon..Again right ans

  5. Superb is kabhi soch na sake from airlift movie

    1. Abhi142

      Thankewww..good answer

  6. Asra

    awesome abhi dear….sanlak scenes r supper dear…ragsan scenes r super….loved it alot dear…omg Sanky slap swara…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. Abhi142

      Thankyou so so much di..will post soon

  7. Shrilatha

    I loved it ..awesome…iSanskar and lizard ..I love Sanskar and I hate lizard …how can u compare both…

    1. Abhi142

      Iam also scared of lizard..haha…For Sanskar, there is no comparison at all.He is the best..hehe…Thankeww di

      1. Shrilatha

        Abhi try some new game…this song game ..I am poor at Bollywood songs…

      2. Abhi142

        Ok done…next episode onwards new game..

  8. Asw

    Amazing yaar keep going

    1. Abhi142

      Thankeww so much

  9. Sindhura

    Swara was out of mind

    1. Abhi142 made her blind

  10. Inu

    Superb epi.

  11. Sreevijayan

    We cn understand swaras she is a doctor which she shud nt frget… awesome update dear….

    1. Abhi142

      Yes..she got blind in love..thankeww

  12. Lahari


  13. Amazing

  14. Amazing

  15. Dharani

    awesome but am angry on swara how can she behave like that with ragu

  16. awesome ragsan scenes are amazing dr

  17. oh my god its lovely
    after a long time am coming to read fan fiction its too good

  18. Superb dear

  19. A.xx

    Amazing xx

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