The mad girl who made me crazy..Episode 6…Swaragini

Its Abhi..
How are you guys…??
Game is going well…and most of u got the right answer…
the answer is zaroorat song..

Episode 6 Episode starts with sanskar’s shocked face. Swara:Yes sanky…I love you alot.From past 2 years,I was waiting for this moment. Sanskar is completely lost. Swara:Sanky… Sanskar:wohhhh… Swara:Do you love me?? Sanskar:Wohhh…swara…i love you a lot…but its not like that.I love you as a friend.I can never see you like that.Please dont feel bad.We will be friends..but.. Swara’s eyes is filled with tears. Sanskar:swara..please dont cry. He is about to hug her but she pushes him. Swara cries and is about to leave but she stops there. Swara:One more question sanskar.Please say me the truth??Do you love anyone? Sanskar is a bit shocked hearing the question. Sanskar:wohhh..actually.. Swara:Say me sanskar!Do you love ragini? Sanskar gets damn shocked. Swara:Say the truth sanky..

You love her na??That’s y you rejected me na? Sanskar:Haa…i love Ragini… Swara leaves from there.(crying). Sanskar:why did i say like that to her?Do I really love Ragini?? @swara’s cabin Swara is crying hard. Swara:Sanskar….You broke all my dreams…past 2 years we know eachother and you choose that Ragini over me??Why sanskar why??I loved you more than anything..but you.. Lucky enters her cabin. Lucky:swara..what happened??Why are you crying??Did you propose him? Swara hugs laksh tightly and cries. Swara:laksh…he dont love me…he love that Ragini. Laksh:Swara…please dont cry!please. Laksh also cries. Swara:Laksh…what is there in that Ragini which I dont have….. Laksh:What are you saying swara,..there is nothing like that..You are misunderstanding bhai. Laksh in his mind:

Even I wish to ask you the same question…what is there in bhai which I dont have.. Laksh couldnt control anymore…he leaves from there. Swara:Laksh… Swara felt very much hurt seeing her bestfriend leaving from there.It is the first time laksh left swara in her hard time.She felt more pain than when sanskar rejected her but she couldnt realize it. Swara again cries.And slesps there itself. @Sanskar’s cabin Whats happening god?Everything is turning upside down…Swara loves me??really??I never thought that the girl whom I consider as my sister would propose me.I know very well that Laksh loves her.Even I read it in his dairy!Then why are you making it so complicated god?? I love ragini and she…..I dont know whether she loves me or not.And iam in a situation where I cant even propose her.How can I propose her in such a state!I need to find the details about her family somehow!Why she is always saying the name Randhir??

Her parents are dead..maybe he will be her brother or any other relative!I need to find him at any cost!Wait…i think the pictures she draw might help looks like real life people..Maybe they will be her relatives! I need to get it from her.! @Laksh’s cabin Laksh:swara..i love you a lot.I wish I could say you that I love u..But..U…U love him. Sanskar enters his cabin. Laksh suddenly wipes his tears. Sanskar:Laksh dont hide your tears from your bhai..i know that you love her.And she is like a sister for me.I can never see her like that.Laksh,you please dont cry.She will love you too.Iam sure.Because I always notice the pain in her eyes when you get hurt.She is not realizing it because you both are bestfriends,always together…When you go away from her only she will realize your importance in her life.

Laksh hugs sanskar tightly. Sanskar:Do you really think that your bhai will do something which will hurt you!! Lucky cries..ans says:No bhai…no. Sanskar:Enough of this now..tomorrow I will talk to swara… to sort out the things between me and her….You should propose her after everything gets fine. Sanskar was about to leave. Laksh:Thanks bhai. Sanskar smiles and leaves. @Ragini’s room. Ragini is sleeping. Sanskar enters the room. Sanskar sits beside her. Sanskar:I dont know whats happening Sweetie..Iam not understanding anything…I love you..I dont know when I fell for you..but now,I cant think about a day without you.Dont know what black magic you did on me.he smiles.Now,I need to find your family…For that I need your drawings.She showed me some photos ,mayb that will help me. He starts searching her drawing book. And finally he got the book. He smiles.

Episode end.

Precap:Ragsan nok jhok..
“Pyaar maanga tha maine rab se Wo rehata tha yahin pe”

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  1. oooo love triangle.bad for sanky. Answer is jogi maahi from bachnna ae haseeno

    1. Abhi142

      Thankewwww…gud answer…

  2. Awesome

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  4. Sreevijayan

    Very sweet update dear…

    1. Abhi142

      Thankewww so much

  5. Awesome

  6. Venni

    Sanskar considered swara as his sister..ha..awesome dear

    1. Shrilatha

      I loved that line dear

    2. Abhi142


  7. Inu

    Superb epi

  8. Asw

    Nice keep going

    1. Abhi142


    1. Abhi142


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  10. Rakhi


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  11. Dharani


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  12. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot dear….ohh Sanky consider swara as sister….it’s love triangle….am excited to see randhir and ragini faceoff…tkcr dear…

    1. Abhi142


  13. AMkideewani

    Superb I really loved the line, where Sanky says that Swara is like a sister to me

    1. Abhi142

      Hehe,,thankew..even I do

  14. superb.
    all the way i was imagining Ragini place of Swara.

    1. Abhi142

      Thankewww…its ok …its upto u…

  15. are you the same abhi who wrote several ragsan one ff of ragsan sanskar was a kidnapper and he kidnapped ragini.actually i forgot the the name of that ff. please tell me r you the same abhi.and that abhi was a big fan of ek duje ke vaaste.please do answer me…..

    1. Abhi142

      Yes Dhara..Iam that Abhi..glad that u remember me now also

  16. i am so happy to know that you are the same abhi.can you please tell me the name of your previous ff of ragsan.please..

    1. Abhi142

      I didn’t complete that ff Dhara…Its name is Kidnapper:The girl who changed my life is her.Also now i started new ff Antagonist.

  17. Tigeress

    hii, nice epi dear, sorry for late comment , i just read this epi its amazing sear and yes ur song is jogi mahi from…….amm….may be bachna ae haseeno , i don’t remember the movie but yes its ranbir kapoor’s song and i love this song, i don’t watch movies that much na , and post next chappy soon i want to know what happens when sanskar will come to know about randhir

  18. Superb dear

  19. A.xx

    amazing xx

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