The mad girl who made me crazy….Epilogue..swaragini

Hello everyone.
Its Abhi again.
A deep sorry for such an end..But guys iam writing ff for u guys n if u guys r not happy then whats the use.So here is its epilogue.

After two years.
Ragini:Sangini…stop there…where are you running.please stop there baba.
Sanskar:my princess came to her sweet.

Ragini:Ooh.. now you only want sangini na.
Ragini leaves to kitchen angrily.
Sanskar:Omg.You mom is too angry.Now i will have to do something.wait..lets go.
Sansgini comes to kitchen.
Sanskar back hugs ragini.
Ragini:Leave ..dont touch me.

Sanskar tightens his grip.
Sanskar:How can i leave you.Thats impossible.
Ragini:leave me sanskar.
Sanskar:Now,say that you are not angry with me.
Ragini:Why should i…iam angry with you.
Sanskar kisses her neck.Ragini mourns.
Ragini:Sanskar please.Sangini is watching.
Sanskar:She wont understand babe!
He turns her and kisses her cheecks.

Sanskar:Still angry??
Ragini: Yes.
Sanskar kisses her eyes.
He then was about to kiss her lips.

Ragini:Ok…no more angry.
She pushes him and takes sangini.
He smiles.
Sanskar:You are my queen and she is our princess.
A voice:Then who am i?

Ragini hugs him.
Ragini:where were you yaar.
Randhir:I had a buisness trip to america.
He takes sangini.
Randhir:Hey sangini…look who is here..your uncle.

Ragini:so whats your plan now.
Sanskar:Got any gf from america?
Randhir:omg.How can you read me so…correctly.
Ragini:what??are you serious.
Randhir:But dont worry..she is an indian.

Sanskar: thank god.
Randhir:She will come here next month.
Sanskar looks at ragsan’s marriage photo along with randhir.
Sanskar: Life is changing so quickly na?
Randhir:Yes..2 years before what happened is so unexpected.
Ragini looks at randhir.
Randhir:Maybe we werent made for each other.But ha,i got two soulmates. soulmates in friendship.

Sanskar comes to attend ragdhir marriage.
Randhir:sanskar,I thought no one can love her like i do.But i was wrong..
Sanskar:what are you saying?
Randhir:I love her sanskar.All i want is her happiness.
Sanskar:why are you saying all these now.
Randhir:laksh told us everything.Also angel had some flashes of the times you both spend.
Sanskar:but randhir..i love her so much..still..u..

Randhir:Love is something which is unconditional.I didnt expect anything in return.I love her.So i want her happiness.No one can love her more than you.Thats why you sent her with me without uttering a word.The pain you had at that moment is the depth of your love.
Sanskar cries happily:where is ragini?
Ragini:iam here.sanskar.]
Sanskar hugs ragini.

Ragini:The way you took care of me…The way you managed my stubborn nature..The way you protected me…You have everything that i wanted in my life partner.N idiot…You will always be my bf na.
Randhir:i was n i will be.
Sanskar smiles.

Randhir:oops..i forgot my 3rd soulmate.
Ragini:who!?your American gf.
Randhir:no angel…its my sangini sweetheart.
Sanskar:sweety..your bf is going to stay here for a month. it true..ran?
Randhir:yes angel.After one month,s he will come here to meet you guys.
Ragini:we are gonna rock.
They takes a group selfie.

The end.

I hope you guys like this epilogue..please …gussa mat ho!! Please..Please maaf karo na..please…
N i have one special surprise for you guys..wait n u loads

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