The mad girl who made me crazy….Epilogue 2 swalak special..swaragini

Guys…again its me..
Here is a second prologue of that ff…N its for swalak fans mainly.
So here we go.

After two years.
Light rays fall on our cute couple..Swalak.
They are sleeping peacefully hugging eachother.
Swara is four month pregnant.

Lucky slowly opens his eyes.
He smiles seeing her .He slowly removes her hair which is disturbing her sleep.
He slowly tries to wake up.
Swara(closed eyes) go yaar .light rays will fall on me..dont go..let me sleep..
Laksh:Its already 8 swaru..

Swara:so what?i need to sleep.Thats it.
Saying this he pulls him closer and sleeps hugging him.
Laksh smiles and sleeps.

After sometime.
Laksh is getting ready for going to hospital.
Swara:laksh,where are you going?
Laksh:hospital.where else?
Swara:i need ice cream.
Laksh: what!ok..i give bring it while coming back.
Swara:no.i need it now.lets go to ice cream parlour.
Laksh:but hospital?
Swara:i said..i need ice cream.
Laksh:ok..let me inform bhai.
Swara:why?he will bring icecream?
A voice:yes ofcourse.
Sanskar and Ragini comes there.
Laksh:bhai..u here?
Ragini:why laksh!?,cant we come here!?.
Laksh:no..its not like that!
Swara:now..give that ice cream to me.
Swara eats it like a kid.

Laksh:she is acting too childish nowadays.
Ragini:In pregnancy time,all ladies are like that only.You people wont understand that.
Sanskar:Thats right.When sweety was pregnant na,she made me make golgappa at 2am.She didnt even allow me to sleep.What all things i did..i cant even remember all that.
All laughs.
Ragini beats sanskar.

Swara:where is sangini.
Sanskar:she is with Randhir.He took her out.
Laksh:ooh..i saw his fb status.he is in a relationship right?
Sanskar:he got a gf from america.
He laughs.

Swara: what..america?
Ragini:ooh..she is of indian origin.
Sanskar:whats todays plan.

Thats a small part.
Thanks for supporting u guys

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    Superb Abhi, your story made my day with the sweet epilogue?

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    superb epilogue.

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    awesome dear…loved it alot…tkcr dear…

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