I am mad for you (Episode 9)

Hlo guys ty to all of u so this time I m posting fast
Recap:shaira jealous
Sumo and shfavan were talking and laughing.they both were enjoying .shaira was seeing it she was very angry
Shaira:ab toh sumo ka kam tammam krna hi hoga
She goes to them
Shaira:guys come let’s go on terrace
Sumo :terrace why
Shaira:for enjoyment

Sumo shaira and shravan goes to terrace
Shravo wow
Shaira take sumo to the corner
Shaira:such a beautiful place .
Sumo turns her back and shaira pushes her that too in a second that no one could see
Shravo turns and shout sumo
Sumo holds something and was hanging
Shravo:sumo give me ur hand
Sumo was loosing her grip

Shravo:sumo hath de
Sumo:mental kaise doo
Shravo was worried and without thinking he also goes and hangs near to sumo
Sjmo:tu mere peeche kyun aa gy
Shravo:then what should I do
Sumo:ab dono marege
Shravo:keep quiet
Shravo hold sumo from wrist
Song play ki mai hoon hero tera in the BG
Shravo lift himself and ask shaira to pull him
Shaira do what shravo says as she don’t want to loose him
Shravo and sumo comes to the top

Shravan hugs sumo very very tightly
Sumo:bs kr ab mai theek hoon
Shravo:sumo mad mental agar tujhe much ho jata toh
Sumo :shravo ty If u r with me nothing will happened to me
A tear fall from shravo eyes
Sumo:don’t be emotional my sportsman
Shrvo:how did u fall
(Guys here sumo knows that shaira has push her )
Sumo:actually I loose my balance
Shaira:thank god sumo didn’t got to know the truth
Shravo:balance yaha meri zindagi ka balance kharab ho gya
Sumo:sorry now let’s go
Shravo hubs her again
They all go

Shrvo his in his room
Shravo:sumo ka balance kharab that can’t be possible after all she i s champion in gymnastics then balance kharab kaise ho gya that can’t bd possible I have to know the truth
Sumo in her room
Sumo:why shaira pushed me I have to know the reason

Precap :shravo to know that shaira pushed sumo

Guys sorry as u all know its raksha bandhan so have to go to cousins home to tie him rakhi
So writing a short epi
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  1. Anamika

    Wow yr pretty mat epi tha wish thoda lmba hota bt its ok afterall rakhi it is…. Happy rakhi n post next part asap

  2. Nandini aka Nandu

    Aww. Pretty di u posted really soon. Happy Rakhi dear. Glad Ki shiara Ki asliyat saamne aajayegi😉 lots of love. Keep writing.

  3. Marie


    |Registered Member

    Ehem ehem….!! Meri preeto the ep was just like u pretty pretty…..!! Loved it yr…..but i want u to post nxt 1 asap cause ut was short so post warna i will beat u…!!! 😀 😀 (dont mind na)
    Hahahhaha take care my dear…!!
    Love u most….!!

  4. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    Lemme help u. Next time they go to the terrace inform me, I’ll join them nd push Shaira off. How dare she tried killing Sumo? Uhhh kill her. But then SHravan the superhero is there. Loved the epi…post the next part really soon or i’ll kill Shaira. :p
    Love u

    • pretty preeti

      Aru I will definitely inform u dear
      I m with u
      Shaira ko mar dhalo dhekungi
      Sorry for replying late
      Lots of love

  5. Nikita


    |Registered Member

    It was great..
    yaar.. Kill this Shaira…
    interesting precap..
    Post soon meri pretty preeetii…
    loads and loads of love,

    • pretty preeti

      Ty Nikki
      Kill that shaira let me think
      Tu aru both wanna kill shaira plus me let make plan but it depend on me
      So let me think
      Lots of love
      Will post soon Nikki
      Love u
      Take care

  6. Neeti


    |Registered Member

    sry to u too Preeti di, reason is data got over…
    Shaira or Kaira jo bhi he use Shravan mar dale I hate her too…
    bt Shravan so cute, he jumed fr his Sumo wow
    mw im going
    by by tata – Neeti

    • pretty preeti

      Sorry for replying late nets
      Love u firstly
      Ty for commenting
      No problem
      Yes our shravo is really sweet
      Ty yaar for supporting
      Love u
      Take care

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