I am mad for you (Episode 8)


Hello everyone how are u all ty ty for commenting sorry sorry for posting late I am ur criminal .so u can punish me .

Let’s begin
Recap:shraman rain dance

So here next epi goes
Sumo and shravan reach their home.
Sumo:shravan bhi na he is so silly but he can dance nicely
Shravan in his room
Shravan:sumo bhi ajeeb hai lekin sweet
They both think about their day spent together and smile .They both go to sleep

It’s morning. Today water was standing so priya sumo’s mom says
Priya:preeti sumo chlo be fast college time.baby today water is standing so go together in one car.no activas
Preeti:mom no I will not go with sumo di
Sumo:really shutup I also don’t wanna go with you
Priya: don’t fight go
Sumo:ok I will drive the car
Preeti: no I u r very bad driver
Sumo :no I m big so I will drive
Preeti:di don’t argue I will
Sumo: I
Preeti: I
Priya: u both r not going to drive our driver will drive. U both just have to go and sit in the car
Sumo: no
Preeti: no
Priya: yes
They both go and sit In the car

Other side shravan and pushkar r fighting
Shravan:push come and drive the car for me
Push: why me u should I am giving u chance to be driver of pushkar malhotra
Shravan: no u become driver of shravan malhotra
Push: no u drive
Nirmala:no one will drive only driver uncle will drive
They both sit in the car
Sumo and preeti goes to the college.
Shravan and push also reaches their college
Preeti: bye di
Sumo: byee
Push: bye bhai
Sumo and shravan reach college and see each other.shravan bids hi to sumo
Sumo:shravan u came
Sumo :ur perfume smell so bad eh
Shravo:same 2 u aur vaise bhi chipkali ko fragrance and smell me antar kya pta.
Sumo:oh really ur perfome is so bad its not my problem . Mr qutub minar
Shravo: go don’t disturb me kisi deewar ko jaakr chipak ja
Sumo:mai deewar PR nhi qutub minar PR chipku GI
Shravo:aacha toh aaja chipak jao I have no objection
Sumo hit shravo on listening this
Shravo hugs her politely
Shaira sees this and feel jealous
Shaira:sumo hate her shravo is just mine
She keeps on disturbing them whole day and keeps them away

Prcap: no idea

Love u
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  1. Missing.....minu di,ireena di,(i know she will come at the end of this week),arbi,Anu,khushi di...rashi(meet u in skol)..sonai...beas...hey this is mee..kittttuuu

    Is this preetypreeti…hey di…superb hope kaisa kuch edkv me hota…qutub minar se chipkungi…superb… Keep it up…

    1. Prettypreeti

      My elder di u here and commented at first no ty ty sweet heart love u
      I will keep it up
      Love ty
      Take care

  2. Sharmansangel

    Jaldi post karna

    1. Prettypreeti

      Ty Riya for commenting I will post fast as I can

  3. Marie

    Hhahaha meri preeto….!!!! Wat n ep…!!
    I was laughing so hard……while reading this….!?
    U told d difference b/w boys n girls…..!! Hahahhaha
    U r toooo good yr…!!
    Plz yr ab jaldi post Karna u take tooo tym koi itna wait karwana hai kya..??
    Acha chal take care…!!
    Love u so much…!

    1. Prettypreeti

      Maro ty yaar itna sweet comment
      Thank god you laughed ty
      I will post soon
      Sorry for making u wait
      Clal take care
      Love u

  4. Haha..
    That’s OK..pretty..
    Aaram sey soch kar likna…
    Sori myney tumey shaayadh…jaldi post karney k liye..remind karney..pareshaan kar di..?
    Time ur own time OK..
    Lovely episode..????

    1. Prettypreeti

      Sona di I am really happy
      No no sorry u r right no sorry
      U always help me
      Love u
      Love u

  5. he Preeti di, itna funny episode likhte samay apko hasi nai ayi, me to has has has has ke itni hadi ki hasi toh pasi mere liye ri8 ho gaya imean my mom scolded me
    hehehehe Shravan was too funny hehehe aja chipak jao hehehehehe even I don’t have objection agar Sumo Shravu se chipak jai hahahaha
    pls di pst soon dis time
    garibo (idhar garib me hu) ki suno
    wo tumhari sune ga
    tum 1 ff doge wo 10 ff dega..
    wo tum 1 ff doge wo das ff dega..
    plss ab is gane ke liye hi jaldi pst kr do (warna aur ek faltu gana gake sar paka dungi me)…
    love you – Neeti

    1. Prettypreeti

      Neeti first of all how r u
      Secondly ty for loving it
      Thirdly itna sweet song ty
      Lekin who said u r gareeb?
      Itna sweet song I think I have to post soon now
      Love u

      1. ye sweet laga apko ye funny song tha yaha real lyrics kuch aisa he:
        tum garibo ki suno
        yo tumhsri sunega
        tum ek paisa doge..
        yo das paisa dega

    2. pretty preeti

      For me it was sweetest sweety

    3. Prettypreeti

      Neeti mere liye it was a sweet song dear

  6. Yeah kya yarr thats not fair eik to ap late ho upar se itna chota epi aur us k upar precap b nahi thats not ma is k liye ap ko punish karon gi aur ap ki punishment yeah ha k ap next epi jaldi post karo gi aur wo b lamba wala qutub minar ki tarah…….arey eik baat to kehna hi bhool gai epi was nice specially that dialogue of sumo k ma to qutub minar pe hi chipku gi hahahahhaha really funny

    1. pretty preeti

      Naina ty for ur lovely punishment
      Ty for loving my ff and supporting me
      Love u
      Love u
      Will accept ur punishment
      Try to post soon

  7. Ariana

    Aww swwetie the epi was sweet as u. Loved it sooooooooo much tht can’t express in words. Post next part soon. I’m waiting….
    love u

    1. pretty preeti

      Ty aru l am really very pleased
      Ty sweetu
      Love u
      Will post asap
      Love u aruu
      Take care

  8. Nikita

    Aww my pretty preeti !!
    Kasii ho??
    Amazing episode !!!
    Love it !!
    Boys and Girls are difference was amzingg…
    Can I give you a idea wid the precap?
    Shw that Shaira, makes a plan… Which does seperate ShraMan but they cannot stay away from each other.. And PreeKar helps them.. Something ??
    Amazing episode..
    Tumhe ye idea use na karna ho to chalega… Its your ff after all!!
    Love you loads !!

    1. pretty preeti

      Ty Niki ty
      Ur idea is interesting I will apply it but not for shaira but surely for rahul
      Will post soon
      Love u
      Take care

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hello prettypreeti !!! Nice ep .. luved it ..
    Post soon

    1. pretty preeti

      Fatima hello how r u
      Ty for loving it
      Love u
      Will post soon

  10. lovely epi preeti . post asap

    1. pretty preeti

      Ty deo how r u sweetheart
      Will post soon
      Love u
      Take care

  11. Sho shweet part just like my shweeto pretty post soon

    1. pretty preeti

      Pari di ty di love u too ty for saying me sweetu sweetu
      Love u
      Take care

    2. Prettypreeti

      Pari di ty ty ty infjnity ty
      Love u
      I will post soon pakka
      Love u
      Take care

  12. Nandini aka Nandu

    Am so sorry preeto am late but I admit that I just love ur q.m. and chipkali. Love u dear. Keeps writing. Post soon. Pls post soon.

    1. Prettypreeti

      Nandu was waiting dear
      Its ok
      No problem nandu
      Ty for loving them
      I love u
      Will post soon

      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        U guys are so sweet u guys were waiting for my comment! Lots of love. Love u more.. Keeps writing.??????? waise I forgot to mention but I liked the idea of sharing the cars

    2. pretty preeti

      Ty nandu for loving that idea and I will always and always wait for my sweet sis comment love u more then u luv me

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