I am mad for you (Episode 4)


Hlo guys its preeti back with another part of my ff I know many of us are upset because tu is not opening its site but let’s hope now everything will be fine and tu will not close their site again.I am really very happy to see ur comments and a bada wala thank you to all so let’s begin
Recap:shravan and sumo funny fight and both became friends again
At night
Shravo:(in mind)I have sent so many messages but no reply where is this chipkali
Pushkar comes to shravan’s room and says what happened bhai
Shravo:yaar sumo is not replying
Pushkar:phir kya hoya fighter soh gayi ho gyi and I think that she might be bore playing message message with u from last 2 years.
And suddenly a message comes
Push:aa gaya message read it kya lika I should also read it
Shravo:oh push first I should read
He read the message and it was written hello qutub minar I m sending u a pic just wait
Push:konsi pic
Shravo:go and sleep
Sumo In her room
Sumo sends the pic and it was blank
Shravo:(messaging to sumo)its blank it is white
Sumo:(message)just click it stupid
Shravo clicks on the pic and push laughs loudly
Shravo:yeh ladki
(Guys think for moment about the pic what it will be)
Shravo:push stop laughing
Push:bhai kya pic thi
Shravo:(messaging to sumo)sumo what is this
Sumo:(message)don’t u like the pic
Shravo: (message)no I loved it dil garden garden ho gya
Sumo:really shravan malhotra ji
Shravo:(message)ya do u think anybody send this type of pic
Sumo:(message)how cute this pic is didn’t u saw that monkey how cute
Suddenly preeti comes and see the pic
Preeti also laugh

Preeti:di why did u send this pic to shravan bhai
Sumo:whats in it
Preeti:di dekho kaise bandar jeeb nikal RHA hai aur aapne yeh pic send ki
(Guys the pic was of a monkey Jo jeeb nikale hoye ek tree ki branch pr bedha hai)
Sumo:preeti isn’t it interesting
Preeti:oh di ok leave I just came to give u pillow take it and enjoy ur monkey
Shravo room
Shravan:sumo ki bachi
Push:bhai sumo ki shadi kab hoyi
Shravo:shut up and go from here
Push leave laughing
Shravo:(messaging to sumo)sumo u want us to fight again
Sumo:(messaging)ok sorry chal bye meet u tomorrow in college
Shravo:aaj itni jaldi what happened
Sumo:noting I am felling sleepy
Shravo:ok bye chipkali bad dreams
Sumo:ya bye Mr qutub minar have a bad nightmare
They both went to sleep happily
Next day in the college
Sumo and shravo was looking in each other eyes
Other students were cheering some was saying sumo and some were saying shravo
Suddenly a boy comes and say proffeser is coming
Every student went to their seats except shraman
Proffeser comes in the class he sees shraman
Prof:hm what’s going on
Shravo:abhi time nhi hai batane me liye
Prof:oh really it is very imp
Sumo:ya and today I will win

Prof :aacha what r u playing
Shravo:yaar time khoti mat kr I can’t tell I m trying to win
Prof:so sorry but tell me the game at least
Sumo:ok its really simple we both have to look in each other eyes and have not to blink our eyes who will blink first will lose
Prof gets angry and says both of u just leave my class
Shraman realises that prof have come
Prof:get lost
Shraman:sorry sirrr ji
Prof:get out
Shraman went out of the class and says its all because of u
Shravo:agar har jati then at time we might be in class
Sumo:ya tu mat harna and why I should lose u know I hate
Shravo:pata haai u hate losing an chal canteen
Shraman comes to canteen and start eating sandwich
Shraman:waise pehle tune aak blink ki
Shraman:not me u
Suddenly a girl comes and sees shravo
She comes near him and says shravan
Shravan says shiara
Shiara :ya
And epi ends on their faces

Precap: rahul to find way to come close to suman

Guys comment and tell do u liked it

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  1. Khushi

    Wow Preeto….kya episode tha…I was laughing like mad…..and when shravan said time khoti mat kar.I was like????
    Bang on episode loved it yr….itne ache ideas kahan se aate hai tere pass.. .awesome next one jaldi post karna can’t wait to read
    Kamaal ka episode tha u r just fantastic
    Love u dead??

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u khush I m really obliged by ur comment and itni tareef mat kr diabetes ho jayegi mujhe Marne ka plan toh nhi tera mujhe and ya Teri os bhi bohut kamaal ki thi aur yeh ideas mujhe mere dimaag se aate hai aur tum longon me pyaar se aate hai ty for ur sweet comment khush

  2. Sweet epi

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u lily and I liked that u liked my ff thank u alot for commenting on my ff love from preeti

  3. Great going preeto. Keep writimg

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u nandu for commenting I will love to see ur more comments and I will keep writing very very thanku for commenting

      1. Surely i will definetely do so!

  4. LovelyLady

    i jst love dat game… n miss my frns …. from core of my hrt…..
    n amazing epi…. so funny…
    keep gng….

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hey lovely di ab aap kaise ho and this is one of very lovely comment which I have got I m really very happy that u commented and thank u di and take care love u

    2. Prettypreeti

      Hey lovely di ab aap kaise ho and this is one of very lovely comment which I have got I m really very happy that u commented and thank u di

  5. Angel_pari

    Hahaahah pretty superb yar that monkey wala part awwww soooo cute loved it…..

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u pari and keep laughing I am so happy that u like it and I made u laugh and di I m waiting for ur ff where it is are u busy then take ur time and keep laughing

      1. Angel_pari

        love u preeto but ff mn thora time h today i had send its promo lets see when they will post

        but how r u and school..,. U r in school rite??? How is gng school life

      2. Prettypreeti

        Yup pari I m in school I m bore from my teachers koi Bacha lo they give alot of homework

  6. Super epi yr…. can’t stop laughing ?

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u anamika for commenting and u should laugh like this only and very happy that u commented and I will be more happy to see ur comments in next part also thank u

  7. WeirdSister

    Oh god..that monkey part…hahahaha?????
    Loved it

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u WS and happy u loved monkey wala part and u laughed on it I feel I will have a long life because I am making u all happy as it is said that doosro ko hasane wala hmesha khush rehta hai and agar mai khush rahongi toh long life jeeongi thanku WS for loving it and enjoying it

      1. Waah preeto dear kya dialogue maara hai! Mai.toa fan hogai! Btw in which class are you? Cuz i have a strong guess ki am really younger than you.

      2. Prettypreeti

        Nandu I m in 9 and u

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice ep

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank you Fatima for liking this I am really very glad that u liked it thank u for the comment

  9. Marie

    Preeto darling Wah Wah Kia baat hai teri yr…..!!! Itna mat ep tha Mai toh teri fan hi hogai πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Shraman msg wali fight uff itni funny thi yr I WS laughing so hard πŸ˜€
    N yeah soo sooo excited abt d nxt ep yr Precap is so interesting ye Rahul ka baccha she se pire ga hahahh (I really want to c him getting mad n nxt ep Mai wo hone wala hai yay!! )
    Bs ab I want to c shr becoming hero or mujhe pata hia tum wo Bhi Karne wali hoo..!
    Love u dear !! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Prettypreeti

      Maro tujhe to Sab pata tu toh antarjami hai mai toh tere agle epi se padh kr purani wali me answer kia lekin tune toh kamaal kr dia yaar waise mai tera comment padh rhi thi yo tune mujhe apni ff me bejha utni der me ek aur comment aa gaya and maro thank u for such a lovely comment mai pagal ho gyi thank u sweety and thank u for laughing also

  10. Looks like smthng fishy is cooking up in rahul mind…..oooooooo waiting for tom epi

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u naina for commenting and yes something is fishy thank u for commenting again

  11. Interesting precap?☺☺

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u sonssona di was waiting for ur comment and thank u for saying that precap is interesting

  12. LovelyLady

    thnk u yarr …..
    i wll try to be reg

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