I am mad for you (Episode 3)


Hey guys preeti here to eat ur heads actually i m hungry so thought to eat ur heads these tu have rejected my ff saying it contains a lot Hindi hate them hope this time they post it nhi to I will write once more and I m feeling bad coz many of ur ff are end but u are such sweethearts that u started new one love u all and this time I have to use a lot of English so let’s start

Recap:sumo angry on shravan because he fighted with rahul
Sumo is going back to home and shravan finding her from whole day and saw her and comes infront of her
Shr:where were u whole day I was finding u and u ignored me whole day
Sumo doesn’t listen to him and push him a little and start moving
Shr:what happened Maine phir se koi galti ki
Sumo doesn’t care and start moving again
Shr:sumo stop yar
But she doesn’t listen and moves faster
Shr also comes behind her and saying suman stop
Shr:wait sumo ruk ja suman hey sumo stop hello bestie ruk ja
But sumo just go moving
Shr:wait chipkali
Sumo turns back in anger
Sumo:how many times I have told u not to call me chiplali u qutub minar
Shr:u stopped on hearing chipkali means u also agree that u r a chipkaaali
(Guys I also stop like this when my friends take my ulte pulte names so I put this line)

Sumo:u r just an idiot
Shr:hey meri sumorita why so angry
Sumo:don’t become srk now
Shr:but u loved srk rite now u love salman or aamir kya
Sumo:shr I hate u a lot
Shr:sumo u can hate me afterwards first tell me my mistake
Sumo:mistake ha u r a liar
Shr:sumo mistake not liar I m going to become lawyer
Sumo:no I mean to say liar lawyer bad me banoge now u r just stupid liar
Shr:hey my chipko itna gussa what happened
Sumo:what happened u really don’t know what happened
Shr:are u talking about morning fight
Sumo:ya u promised me that u will not fight but u fighted and broke my heart
Shr:okay baba sorry I m sorry
Sumo:just simple sorry just a sorry
Shr:(he is not really saying these all words by heart but just to make sumo feel that he is sorry)I m really feeling guilty now how can anybody forget his best friend promise best friend promise really I m r very bad and sumo sorry
Sumo:I know everything u r thinking promises are only to break na u r so bad
Sumo:hey sorry aur I m not breaking your promise first time I have broke ur thousand promises so why so angry
Sumo:why so angry really shr those were different promises but this
Shr:but this

Sumo:shr if u were restigated from college then u ever thought that what would had happen to u ur father have thrown u out of house pehle hi u disturb uncle a lot and now this and what about aunty she loves u so much and her trust on u might been broken
Shr:sach me itne sab much toh nhi hota
Suman:oh really then what about me if u have gotten restigated then
Sumo:then whom would I tease
Shr:oh really I always tease u not u
Sumo:please ha don’t lie lier don’t forget from first day of college I was teasing u
Shr:hey u know it was better that u were angry and I don’t have to listen ur bak bak
Sumo:really now who teased whom (starts laughing)
Shr:now u r talking to me
Shr:then why were u replying me from such long time I know chipko u can’t stay angry on me for long time as we two r bestie

Sumo now leave ur anger
Sumo:OK but don’t broke my promise and never say me chipkali OK lambo
Shr:okay I will not call u chipkali and I m sorry I called u chipkali I know u don’t like when I say u chipkali so no more chipkali in future
Sumo:don’t be smart Maine singham dekhi hai
Shr:aacha so chipkali have seen singham
Sumo:stop saying me chipkali u qutub minar
Shr:OK u dont call me qutub minar I don’t call u chipkali chipkali
Sumo:no u r a qutub minar and I will call u qutub minar but I m not a chipkali so don’t call me chipkali
Shr:oh really u will say and I will agree I m not ur servant
Sumo:u r my servant because chipkali walk on qutub minar not qutub minar on chipkali
Shr:now why r u saying that u r a chipkali
Sumo:u only say me chipkali so I just replied u in ur way
Shr:omg u fight all time how can u
Sumo:OK fine now no fighting
and they both shake hand in their style
Shr:aacha now going to home bye call u at night chipkali
Sumo:OK bye qutub minar
And they both goes to diff directions and leave from their
Sumo and shravan both thinking now as I have fighted with my chipkali/qutub minar now I can have a sweet sleep

Precap:a new entry and a lot of new twists

Guys please do comments and tell how the ff was chahe aache chahe bure everything is allowed and ya silent readers please u also comment

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  1. Nice epi

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Ohhh God itni fight ?? .. Btw ep was classy???? … keep updating???

    1. Prettypreeti

      Actually Fatima in tu walo me mera dimaag krab kr dia subah se mete comment ko post kr the hai kabhie nhi Maine Sara gussa yaha PR nikaal diya by fighting so and thanks

      1. Fatimagulesarfraz

        Haha haha ??? … Ahan !!!!!! Now I understand??

    2. Prettypreeti

      Aacha now u got it very good

  3. WeirdSister

    Oh god preeti…it was complete madness??? chipkali walks on qutub minar not qutub minar on chipkali!!!????????????????

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u WS itni kathinaiyon me bad Maine yeh post kia and whole day was worst but by ur comments I am so happy ty

  4. Marie

    Hahahahahah fun fight 😀 loved it to d core yr…….!! 😀 ye tu wale hamesha aise hi karte hain mere saath bhi ho chuka hai aaisa……
    Btw hats of to ur courage… yr banda ek baar likh kar thak jata hai tune dobara likhaaaa thank u soo much fr dat alsooo n yeah plzzz post nxt 1 asap mujhe us sico rahul ko bi sico hote hoe dekhna hai 😀
    love u dear….!!

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u maro and tera rahul wala dream poora ho ga jaldi and thank u for understanding my feeling and mai roh rahi ho just joking I m laughing and thanks a lot for ur comment my sweet dear

  5. fully fighting episode….it was vry entertaining… i loved it…??

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thanks anko for. Commenting on my ff and ya it will be more interesting in next epi I will try my best darling and thanks again for commenting on my ff

  6. Nice episode..funny fights..lolll..??

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hey sona is bar I hope I did less spelling mistake thing so and sona thank u for commenting and I feel that now reading all of ur comments I feel relax and thank u sona

  7. Khushi

    Uff m dead after reading this Preeto…in fact yeh comment bhi meri aatma hi likh rhi hai??
    The fight was just amazing yr itna ache dialogues tumhare dimaag mein aate kahan se hai??…u r super duper talented dear.. Keep it up

    And yes I saw ur comment on edkv 8th July update… By saying that u didn’t commented there I meant was u were a lil inactive today ….subah koi comment nhi kiya….I didn’t mean to hurt u dear …
    M sorry agar tujhe bura lga toh…

    Loved ur ff post the next part soon

    Han yr yeh TU wale dimaag ka dahi kar dete hai…u don’t yr mujhe meri ff ka episode eight 4 baar post karna pda tha…even then they didn’t post it so I mailed them.. Tab jaake unhone post kiya. Bahut tang karte hai yeh log…???

    1. Khushi

      P.S this is from sumo di also….from me and sumo di

      1. Prettypreeti

        Ya ty sumo di fr commenting koi prob to nhi khush Maine sumo di ka naam liya Teri bajaye and yaar thanks from sumo do for commenting from her side too u r very sweet and kind hearted khush and ty to sumo di and khush for commenting

      2. Khushi

        Haha Preeto main kyu gussa hongi….sumo di meri JAAN hai…tune unko bola ya mujhe ek hi baat hai…right sumo di….I hope u will read this sumo di….
        And main kind hearted Hun ya nhi yeh nhi pta but I do anything for the people I love ….and u all r the people I love very very much

    2. Prettypreeti

      Hey yaar khush Maine an kiya hai comment on edkv update PR comment kiya hai pta nhi post krte hai ya nhi and mujhe bilkul bura nhi LGA aur subha light nhi thi so no WiFi comment nhi kr payi and phir mai school chalegi and ty for ur concern and yaar thanks for commenting feel good and will post soon

      1. Khushi

        Han yr mere bhi comment nhi ho the hai…..uncle ji phir so gaye lagta hai???
        P.S thanks for saying me cute and kind hearted…. Which I don’t think I m???
        Love u Preeto??

  8. Loved the chipkali and qutub minar fight.

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u nandu dear for commenting pls do comment on next parts too and thank u for loving qutub minar and chipkali luv u keep commenting on edkv written also

      1. Yes i surely will. Lots of love preeti

  9. Angel_pari

    Hahahahahaha omg preeti yeh tha kya yar

    itna acha sach mn well ab mn to tu walon ko requset krongi k tmhe or tang kre take tm guse mn ake ese ache ache ff post karo…..

    I loved it so much it make me refresh..,,,,,,

    1. Prettypreeti

      Pari sorry reply tujhe krna tha galti se comment ho gya

  10. Prettypreeti

    OK pari di agar aap change hai ki tu wale mujhe tang kre air mai itni aachi ff likhti hoon then pls tu tak kro mujhe a humble request tang kro mujhe and ty pari for commenting aur mai tujhe aide hi refresh karongi and will post soon

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