I am mad for you (Episode 20) Final Episode

Hi i m super happy with ur comments on my previous epi i m really glad thnks my last epi r u ready let’s begin.
Sumo:because I m suffering from cancer.
Shravo:what sumo kya keh rhi hai
Sumo:(crying)haan shravo I m speaking truth.I got to know this yesterday.

When sumo gets the letter.It was her report in which it was written that she is suffering from cancer.
Sumo:shrvo I was not having that much strength to tell this to mom dad and preeti.I tried to tell u but I was not having this much strength.
Shravo was left speechless.
He waz on his knees crying badly he was not able to believe sumo words.
Sumo startS TO move .
Shravo get up.
Sumo is moving.
Shravo:sumooo wait.
Sumo stops.
Shravo:sumo I love u soooo much beyond description love u.
Sumo:shrvo r u alright I mean wht r u saying
Shravo:it is truth.
Sumo:sorry shravo but.
shravo:what but I love u suman tiwari will u marry me.
Sumo:shrvo r u fine.u know I m suffering from cancer.
Shravo:I know but it doesn’t matter.
Do u love me.
Sumo:wht r u saying I don’t
she say this looking down
Shravo:sumo look at me and say the same .Sumo do u luv me.Sach bolna tujhe meri kasam.
Sumo was still.
Shravo:ans me.
Sumo cries and nods her head in yes.
Shravo:I know .Bs now nothing to say more.

He take cutter and make a little cut in his finger.
Blood come out .
He take that blood and apply it to sumo’s forhead
Sumo sees this and gets emotional.
She hugs shravo.
Shravan:(emotional)suman malhotra my wife I love u.
Sumo:love u too.
Shravo tell this to everyone. everyone was sad .but shravan wanted to enjoy everyday with sumo.
Pen falls on the floor.

Shravo is shown.He picks up and it is shown that shravo was writing this diary about their journey.
Shravo writes again
I enjoyed the two months with my suman.
Whenever I take her name.
I always remember her smiling cute face .My sumo.
Lekin abhi kahani bakhi hai.
I know she isn’t well but I and sumo will fight and conquer this disease.
My sumo happiness full face will be back again.
I will not let her go anywhere.
Sumo I love u.
One side shravo is shown writing diary and other side sumo is shown vomiting not well dull face.

After 10 days.
Shravo is in hospital.
Push:bhai bhabhi is well .She is cancer free now .
Shravo:(with happiness)I know my sumo will never go away from me.
He smiles .
He goes to sumo.
Sumo was little weak and due to medicines she had lost her hairs but our hero was not worrying this because he loves sumo .
Shravo goes and kiss sumo on cheeks.
Sumo:shravo I love u a lot.
They hug.

All come.
Shravo leave from there for a moment.
He was carrying his diary.
He opened it and wrote-i win her back my sumo did it .
He write”I love u sumo”in big letters.

After 6 years.
Sumo:tum dona mujhe kyun tang kr rhe ho go nd disturb papa go.
(Yes u r thinking right .They r shraman children)
They go.
Sumo:shravo ko ab shandar marriage anversary manani hai aur saaf safai mujhe krni hogi.
She was cleaning house and went near a cupboard.
Sumo:yeh cupboard 6 years se saaf toh hoyi nhi now ur turn miss cupboard.
She opens it and find a diary .
She reads it.
(Yup it was shravo diary)
She finish reading.She is emotional.
Shravo comes and see her with diary.
Sumo:kuch mt kaho I know u love me a lot and u have won me u proved that ur luv is really beyond description .
She goes and hug him.
Shravo kisses her on her beautiful hairs.
Than diary is shown in which picz of their anversary is shown.

The ff ends her.

Everyone thnko a lot for reading my ff love u all.
Thnkz .To each reader whether silent.

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  1. Di u should not end it
    Loved the confession
    I will miss this ff

    1. pretty preeti

      SMI my sis thanks a lot.
      Oh again thnko.
      Love u

  2. So sweet n emotionl prt yr. Tumne apne ff ka name ‘I Mad 4 u’ sh rkha h. Bcoz shravu is mad 4 sumo

    1. pretty preeti

      Sums very true .
      U got it right.
      Thnko for comenting.
      Lots of luv

  3. And our dear
    Pretty preeti…
    And thanks…
    For this lovely ff…??????
    Tell me one thing..our edkvians are thnkng to continue writing and reading ffs here..so will u b back with a new one??
    Pls..do reply in a positive way??????

    1. pretty preeti

      Sona di was missing ur comment.
      How r u.
      I will think .
      Di thanks for commenting at my ff.
      Love u

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG u ended it! ??
    I loved it so much i have no words to say i didn’t read the past few chaps as i was busy i read them all today
    It was so emotional and sweet
    And also cute ending
    Please comeback with a new ff soon

    1. pretty preeti

      Jo oh yaar no problem.
      U commented its a lot for me.
      I will tink.
      Love u

  5. Ariana

    Cuppy!!!!! Congo!!!! U finished this beautiful ff. This part was such an emotional ride. The cancer part mixed with confession nd a final happy resolution. Beautiful….today its perfectly red velvet, chocolate cupcake!!! Sweet, sugary, creamy (add rest of the ingredients for compliment) Now y the hell r my eyes teary? Yah coz u r ending it. :'( I’ll miss this sweet ff. Nd now don’t u dare leave us nd fly away after EDKV ends.Come back with another one. Plssssssss…..I’m greedy so I want more from u. Now make me happy with a dhamakedar entry. I’ll miss u sweetie. Pls don’t go. U r sugar bomb nd without u my diabetics will b under control which isn’t gd. So u must do something soon…..
    Love u cupcake
    pls take care
    come back soon
    I already started missing u
    k I should stop or else I’ll burst out with tears….
    byeee (in hope to get a hi soon)

    1. pretty preeti

      Aru cupcakes u made me emotional reading ur comment I was so melted.
      I will think and will try to post some os definitely.
      About ff I will think .
      Thko for support ing me on every step of my ff.
      Thnkz a lot.
      No bye.
      Only hi.
      Love u alot

  6. Neeti

    Ahhahhhh, mai chikh chikh kar ro rahi hu!!! Apne toh emotional bana diya! Ff se v aur final epi kehke v! Mujhe “ENDING” word se nafrat hai! Upr se itna emotional end! Mummy!!! Is choti si bacchi ka v nai socha apne! ‘Cancer’ ye wrd sun k mujhe almst hrt attack a gaya tha, maine socha k is ff ka sad ending hoga! Bt thank u di, mujhe bacha k rakhne k liye.
    It ws wonderful, amazing, awesome, splendid, super EMOTIONAL, mind blowing, super duper, beautiful, janleva ending!!! Aur kuch yad nahi, bt really sare wrds genuine the.
    Pls cme bck soon di, pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls plsssssssssssssssssssssssss! I want Preeti di bck again with another ff!
    Luv u so so so so so so so much, beyond ur imagination!- Neeti

    1. Neeti

      Aur apne pucha tha na mai kaisi hu, itne emotional epi aur ek fav ff k end k bad insan kaise ho sakta hai, ro rahi hu mai! Upr se Edkv end ho raha hai us bat se aur dukhi hu! Mummy!!!

      1. Ufaaq

        Neeti kese ho dude??? Exams kese ho chain???
        Love u take care

      2. pretty preeti

        Oh netto u r fine I know and u should be.
        Don’t cry meri sweeto

    2. pretty preeti

      Nets yaar not make me emotional I will die oh plz don’t cry my sissoo I m thinking to comeback.
      I m so glad reading ur. Comment.
      Sad on news of ending of edkv.
      U r mindblowing janleva every cite word in the world.
      Love uuuu.

  7. Ufaaq

    Hey preeto kese ho????
    First of all Congo for completing or journey safe and sound
    And ya how were ur exams??? Gud or too GU???
    Ohk ohk sorry for using or comment box awen hi??
    Take care

    1. Neeti

      hehe fine di, ap…..exams nai cls test chal raha hai, is mnth ke middle se dec tak main exams chalega…. so hal tight hai…upr se Edkv is ending…. mar rahi hu….

      1. Ufaaq

        Awwwww dnt cry swetu
        And best of luck for exams
        M thk hiun

      2. pretty preeti

        Nets meri taraf se bhi all d best

    2. pretty preeti

      Ufi first of all stop saying sorry u deserve this comment box.
      Pprs were awesome.
      Take care.
      Lots of luv

  8. LogaMegan

    Hey preeti it was awesome dr we loved it
    Pls come back with another ff
    Sry for not commenting on ur previous chapters
    Love u

    1. pretty preeti

      LM u r back super happy.
      How u both r.
      Thanks Dearie’s.
      Love u both
      It’s OK.
      Take cqre

  9. Beas

    It’s awesome di. Will be missing it very much.

    1. pretty preeti

      Beas thnkoooooo.
      Lots of luv.
      Tape care

  10. wow…u made me cry
    anways I am thankful to u as u did’t kill sumo…..love u for that
    I m already in a trauma n trying to cope up with the news that edkv will end.
    u ff was fab…
    love u….tc

    1. pretty preeti

      Aish hey dont cry.
      Oh thnko.
      Sumo should not die na soo.
      Love u a lot.
      We all williss edkv.

  11. Nikita

    Awwhh meri prettyy preettii
    Sorry for not commenting on last episodes, i’ve been busy
    This turmoil was beautiful..Cancer, Confession= Adorable <3
    And, i'm crying!
    Cause a beautiful ff just ended!
    I'm gonna miss it so much!
    Please come back soon!
    I love you loads meri prettyy preetii!
    Loads of love and wishes,
    Nikita 🙂

    1. pretty preeti

      Oh my Nikko back its alright.
      Thnko for support ing me .
      Oh m so happy that u liked it.
      Thanks a lot.
      I m thinking.
      Lots of luv.
      Meri Nikko.
      Take care

  12. I have just joined this and read all Ur updates in one go Nd it was really amazing…..

    1. pretty preeti

      Anjali really dear thanks it means a lot
      Logz of luv.

  13. This was so sweet yet emotional. I loved it soooooo much. Loved the way you’ve potrayed all the feelings. Your explanations were so on point. ?
    I’m going to miss you a lot so please be back soon with another amazing ff.
    Love you. Take care. ?

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