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I am mad for you (Episode 2)


So hello guys preeti again.Now I will reveal why suman was angry on let’s start
Sumo reach college and shravan was already there
Shravan:aa gyi tu chipkali I was waiting for u
Sumo:yes qutub minar I m here aacha bata aaj kya special hai
Shravan:special! oh ya main kaise bhool gya
Sumo:koi bat nhi time an jaad as gya na
Shravan:jad Teri vaaja we aaya .tuje sabkuch jaad rehta hai chaal an mai chalta noon
Shravan:practice ke liye
Sumo:tuje ye jaad aaya
Shravan:ya hot bi kuch special that ho haan aaj to mera test hai
Thanku chipkali jaad krvane ke liyeliye(he leaves from there running)
Sumo:isko practice jaad hai test jaad hai lekin mera birthday nhi how selfish!dekh loon gi use

It was recess and sumo went to canteen
Here shravan also reached
Shravo:hey sumo aa gayi Kaiser gyi classes
Sumo:tuje an bhi kuch jaad nhi aaya
Shravan:much special the aaj let me remember
Then suddenly a boy calls out for shravan name and tell him practice shooro ho gyi jaldi aa
And shravan leaves from there
Sumo :mera best friend mera birthday to jaad nhi hai how mean

After some classes sumo go home
And shravan is finding her
Shravo:kaha gyi yeah chipkali aaj special special or rhi thi kuch kaas hai aaj
He also goes home
Malhotra mansion
Shravan and pushkar were playing with ball and shravan was still thinking kuch special Lekin kya
Push:bhai much soch RHA hai
Shravan:ha oh shit!how could I
Push:kya hua bai
Shravan:main sumo ka birthday phir se bhul gya
Push:doosri bar
Shravan runs from there and take something in his hands
He reach to sumo house
Here sumo is eating chocolate pastry when shravan comes there by window and says sorry
Sumo:acha jaad ah gya aur tume kitni baari kah hai khidki she mat aaya kr
Shravan:yaar sorry he comes inside and says happy birthday bestie
Sumo:bestie ha
Shravan:dek sumo mai tere liye gift bhi laya ho air WO bhi Reynolds ki company ka
Shravan take out something from his pocket and shows that to sumo
Sumo:pen ha pen WO bhi bina dhakan ka
Shravan:yaar merit bavanao ko dek pen ko nahi aur Reynolds company ka to hai
Sumo says mere birthday ka invitation le
Shravan:aacha de de
Sumo takes pastry in her hand and applies on shravan’s face
Sumo:bestie ha birthday itna late jaad aaya aur gift ha Reynolds company ka pen so bad u r an ja jaha she aur as jaana party me
Shravan:itna kyo naraaj ho rhi ha chipkali kahi ki aur vase bi mai jaane wala that he goes near window and goes from there

At party
Sumo was wearing pink gown and was looking beautiful
Shravan comes to party
Sumo sees him and says sorry
But sumo says get lost
Then shravan sing song
Sorry sorry sorry
Bache ki lo ge Jaan kya
(Song from abcd)
And then show sumo z beautiful bracelet and a pandentpandent
He says sorry and please accept my gift
Sumo:acha theek hai lekin itna acha pandent tu nhi select kr sakta nirmala aunty helped u right
Shravan :ah ya
Sumo:kya hoga tera and passes a smile
She cuts cake and make everyone eat it
They dance and had a lot of fun
Shravan and auman enjoyed alotalot
But somebody felt bad

Next day in college
Sumo was very happy but as she enter college she finds two boys fighting
Sumo reach near them and was shock to see shravan and rahul
Sumo:tum dono ko aur koi kam nhi I said stop it
And principal reach there and says u two boys come here tum Dino ko kpi kam nhi hai
Shravan:sir iski galti hai
Rahul:sir Maine much nhi kiya
Principal:mujhe nhi zunna kisne kya kiya this is last warning tum dono Apache ghar me laske ho is liye chod raha ho next time restigaterestigate say sorry
Rahul and shravan:mai use sorry nhi Bologna
Principal:say sorry
Shravan:its okay
Principal:shravan say sorry
Sumo felt very bad as shravan promised her last time that he will not fight
Sumo:promise bhi bhol gya
She gets irritated and goes to her class
Shravan chases her but not find her
Whole day went and sumo doesn’t talk to shravo

Precap:shravan and sumo masti

So guys u all guessed wrong.the reason was he fighted with rahul

  1. Yr wat an ep dear……..must say tum toh chupi rustam nikli 😀 itna acha likhti ho yr…..!! Fabbbb 🙂
    Yrr hame kaise pta tha ke shr ne sumo se promise kiya tha….. 😉 😉 😉 wo toh tum hi jaanti thi…..” 😉

    1. Prettypreeti

      Ha is liye to ques poocha tha BTW thanks maria

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thanks fatima

  2. WeirdSister

    It was really good preeti…chipkali!!???
    I loved it…post soon dear!

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u my sis but u have to wait for next epi a little

  3. Yaar…I enjoyed…
    But..yaar..beech mey nahi thodi si..spelling mistakes rahey..hai..pls..agli baar..take care of it won’t happen..actual I’m from south India..isiliye..samjney mey thoda aur time lag jata hai..jab spelling mistakes ho to..OK…
    Pls..don’t mind..if I hurted u..I’m solo..sorry..????☺
    And ur ff rocked yaar

    1. Prettypreeti

      So sorry next time I will keep in mind to not do spelling mistakes so sorry sona dear and thanks for comment and I am not hurted

  4. Nice epi….

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u lily for ur comment and I hope u will like this ff in future also

  5. Nikita

    Really amazing preeti.. Pls post soon..:) amazing episode.. Love the sumo here

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u Nikki and I will post soon

  6. Nice episode

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u meera i liked u commented on my ff thank u again

  7. Angel_pari

    Awwww my pretty preeti hru yar i,m sooooo sorryyyyy i was not able to coment on ur posts but u r gng great and i loved it……

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u pari di and I m fine. Thank u for comment

  8. Khushi

    U naughty kiddo…..u didn’t even gave a hint that there is some rahul….???
    Anyways I loved it yr…it’s amazing u r such a good writer dear…plz post soon yr just loved it and sorry for the late comment❤❤
    I read all the parts and now waiting for the next

    1. Prettypreeti

      Thank u khushi di and will post soon asap and ya I m very naughty

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