I am mad for you (Episode 19)

Hi guys.r u all ready to read my second last epi so let’s begin
Recap:shravo realise his love and prom.
Now ,
Sumo reaches home.She bids bye to shravan
Shravan in car
Shravo:Kaise kaho sumo ko
Sumo is in her room smiling and loving that night.
Sumo was not able to sleep .She was remembering her day prom with shravo .
Priya:sumo sleep
Sumo:OK mom

Sumo try to sleep.After sometime in shravo’s thought she sleeps.
Its morning.
Sumo comes out of her house.she found a letter type thing .
She sees it.she was shocked.she starts crying
Sumo:no aisa nhi ho skta.
She wakes from there .
Sumo goes to her room
Sumo :but how she is in shock

She open her laptop and book one plane ticket .
She shut the laptop .
She was really upset.
Shravo one side was thinking how to propose sumo.
He thinks not to meet her 2day and see her reaction 2morrow.
He finalise his plan.
It is one day no one from shraman talk to each other.
Sumo haven’t ate food.
Its night .
Sumo pack her bag and slightly without letting anybody see her gets out of her house.
Sumo is walking and thinking now I will never coke back
Preeti comes to check sumo in her room
She was shock 2 see nobody there.
She check other rooms too.
She tell her parents.

Everyone in the house is worried.
Preeti calls shravo.
Shravo was sleeping.
He gets calls .He take the call.
Shravo:bol prets
Preeti:shravo di is missing.
Shravo(very shocked)what???????
Shravo wakes from bed and run out.
Shravo:sumo kaha gyi .
On other side sumo reaches airport.
She takes her ticket.
Shravo is finding her everywhere.

He goes to sumo house.
Every1 was worried .
Raj:should we go to police.
Shravo:uncle police will not take complain it’s not yet 24 hours.
Oriya:phir kya kre merit bachi
Prets:mom don’t cry.
Shravo:I tried her no and ask every friend but sumo ka koyi khabhar hi nhi.
Tear fall from his eyes.
Shravo:preeti,sumo ke room me kuch

Preeti:I haven’t check
Shravo runs to her room
He sees her laptop
He open it and see airport ticket booking site.
He gets shock.
Raj priiya and preeti were also shocked.
It was 4 o’clock
Shravan reaches airport.
He finds sumo .
Sumo sees him and get shocked.
Shravo comes 2 her and slaps her.
Shravan:sumo very smart but u forgot to close site.
Sumo starts crying.
Shravo:why sumo why that too without telling why ms tiwari have u ever thought what will our conditions.

Sumo:shravo I m sorry I wanted to tell but cant.
Shravo:tell me sumo
Sumo:because because.
Epi ends on because.
Guys how was this do u liked it .

Plz plz comment.
Love u all .


  1. Anushika


    |Registered Member

    Loved the suspense a lot…Waiting for it eagery..Sad to know that it is the second last episode,Do come up with something new on Shraman
    lots of LOve

    • pretty preeti

      Anu thanks for liking it.
      Oh don’t be sad everything has an end.
      I will try to come with new one.
      Love uuu

  2. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    Suspense me mardia!!! Cuppy what is this?U seriously killed me. Suspense……..now when r u posting next?? Pls yaar jaldi post karo. I can’t wait. Don’t take my patience test. And the epi was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gd!!!! Shravu’s idea of proposal nd then his tight slap!!! superb. Loved it.
    Take care

    • pretty preeti

      My aru cuppy sorry lekin suspense toh bnta hai.
      I have postedno patience test OK.
      Oh u liked that slap thnksss.
      Love uuuu.
      My cupcakes

  3. sandra ANTONY

    very interesting
    please continue fast can’t wait………………………………….

  4. Zainab

    This made me more curious now. So much suspense 😱 Episode was awesome. Loved it sooo much 💕
    Post soon pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Take care. Love you 😘

  5. Neeti

    areee epi ws like jan nikal di….. lst wala susprnse ka tarka, fully dhamal….. bt bt nxt 1 will b last…. I will strt crying….anyways pst soonnn…no dont pst soon….no pst soon…. kya kahoo….luv u- Neeti

  6. Ruchi


    |Registered Member

    Hey Preeti my sisso…
    hw r u dear?
    hw was ur xams…??
    suspence m chod diya… Very bad
    epi was amazing… But now m very much curious to know the reason behind sumo’s action…
    post soon…
    take care…
    Love you!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.