I am mad for you (Episode 16)


Why edkv why r u going we All love u .noooooo.guys so bad news
Hlo guys do u all remember me .obviously how could u forget a mad person.Guys I m ur own preeti.I m back.Thnko to all for ur wishes and my ppr were fab
Plz pray for my results please.
Friends do u all remember that in last ff I said that in next epi there will be a surprise and that surprise is is is me that I m back .aapke liye isse badha surprise kya hoga.right..

Just kidding I know nobody will be happy on this news surprise is something else OK .Thanks for giving ur love on my os thnks
Before starting epi I want to talk to u all
Khush:thank god u posted dear now I m khush ..
Maro:how was result .U posted very less BTW
Riyo:thnko for making me editor I m obliged thanks yaar
Aru cupcakes:thank god u r back with damakedar ff dear but plz tell me more bout characters cause I read everything in hurry
Niko:Teri ff ka 3 part I haven’t read I think 4 part I read ur makhija wali os was tooooo gud I was laughing on this word u pick this from on shanti om right
Weirdy niyo:thanks for asking here my ppr over ur second part started tnkhs for clearing confusion and ur os no ts whatever it was fab
Fati:u wrote ff very gud I was so happy seriously gud no it was ts or ff I forgotten tell me oka

Jo:oh ur 5 shots were amazing I was really so glad reading them u write and awesome
Niharika(my elder di)u wrote ff gud start sissy keep it up ur second ff right ur shayaries were awesome as always.why niharika username something special  ?????
Ufi:ur eid gift is too good my dear thnks for gift
Nets:oh my baby u write marvellously my child it was too good ur epis
Anu:oh congoooo u ended very well and started very nicely loved it
Sriyo:ur ss was is good my sweety
Pari di:oh ho I missed u my didi u r too good ur ff is going well love u so much se zyada

Sona di Zainu api anjo ana ruks rucs david bhai nazu sonai beas alina maria di rashi  iru di(ireena di) smile love u all
Still missing lovely di sumo di mino di roshu arbhi anshi dj naina nandu everyone plz come miss u all
OK now sorry if I forgot anybody and yes many new readers writers commenters welcome …
Bs bs

Now my ff pta nhi tu post kregw use ki nhi .
Ok do u remember woh sumo shravo college stds shaira rahul wali ghatiya c ff woh hi hai yeh
Recap:rahul was exposed
Now here the epi begins
Malhotra family was sitting and discussing bout something but shravo was not there
Ram:so 2morrow I have to take this difficult decision
Nimo:ram difficult no he will do it with full responsibility
Vandy:bilkul sahi kaha maa
Varun:sach mei u all na getting mad
Push:yup bhai right hai he is not capable
Other hand sumo was thinking something
Sumo:what to give kuch soch suman soch
It was 12:00 o clock of night
Shravo was doing something on mobile that a message comes
He open it.
The message says that I know I m the first my champo I mean champ (u guys might have known that the message is of our sumo)
Coming to message :so a very very happy bday my qutub minar
(Yes guys surprise is shravo bday)

Shravo replies to her message:oh chipkali itni ameer hokr ek rupiya bacha rhi hai ik phone nhi kr skti message kr ke paise bacha rhi hai kansoos BTW thanks
He sends the message
Sumo reads the message .she laughs and again wish him
Shravan is sitting when malhoyra family comes and wish him
Push:sumo wrestler had already wished right
Shravo nods
Varun:5 g speed
Shravo again nods
Ram:my son happy bday
Nimo:u r now 22

Vandy:ab shadi krado mere devar ki
Shravo:bhabhi aap bhi na.aacha where is my gift mum dad and bhabhi iknow bhai and push r toh never going to give me gift
Varun and push:yes of course never
Ram and nimo:ur gift 2morrow now sleep bday boy
Shravo :ok kanjoos
Everyone :shravan!!!!!!!
Everyone leaves and shravo sleeps

Its morning.
Sun is also smiling as its our shravo bday
Shravan is fully ready looking handsome as always
Nirmo:shravo plz baby aaj aisa kaam na krna ki dad se daanth sunni padhe
Shravo:chill mother Teresa aaj Hitler ko mai koyi moka nhi doonga
Nirmo:shravan he is ur dad very bad
Shravo runs from there and starts his bike and go.
Sumo has already reached the college.She was looking beautiful
Shravan comes in the college .He parks the bike and remove his helmet.
The moment he remove his helmet the girls of the college were just mesmerized .He was looking too stunning .
Many girls came to him and wishes him some gave him roses some gave something else.

But the eyes of our hero were finding sumo .he saw her and bid a hi to her.
Shravo comes to her.
Shravo:hey chipkali 2day looking beautiful
Sumo:thanks Mr 6 foot qutub minar.
Shravo:where is my gift
Sumo:in party hey vaise tu aapni party mei invited hai(she laughs)
Shravo:haan hoon BTW r u
Sumo:yes coz I m VIP

Shravo:yup I know very idiot person
She was angry and went away.the bell ranged so shravo went to his class
Shravo was in canteen.he was giving small party to his friends .
Sumo enter there and without even noticing them go and sit on some other bench.
Shravo understand this and goes to sumo .
Shravo:aaj koi hmse naraaj hai,
Aaj hmara bday hai aur koi hmse hi naraaj hai,
Moh phulakr betha hai koyi,
Sad si uski awaaj hai,
Meri aankon mein pani aa RHA hai kon kat RHA peaaj(onion)hai.
Sumo laughs on this
Sumo:shravo never ever try again for syari
Shravo was noticing her smile and was lost
Sumo loudly say out shravoooooo

Shravan comes to senses
Shravo:sumo now we should go home party ke liye teyaar bhi hona hai
Sumo:yup let’s go
Shravo:mera gift mt bulna
Sumo:nhi bulti laachi
They both goes to their respective houses
Epi ends on their faces


Ok guys no more

My thumb is paining
I hope u liked it
Will post soon
Btw I want to say something u guys post ur ff os ts fs ss a lot
Love u alll

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  1. wow…wow..wow just amazing
    loved it
    plz post soon
    humse aur intezaar nahi hoga

    1. pretty preeti

      Thnx can I call u aish thnx a lot.
      Will post soon

  2. Missed u yaar preeti…
    Aaj written update par tumhari..comment Dekhi..subha myney…tabhi..samjli..aaj Teri ff padney ka mauka milega..
    And lo tum aa gayi..
    I’m so happy for it????

    1. pretty preeti

      Oh sona di I missed u too.
      Intelligent han.
      Oh sweeto thnko.

  3. Sry poem is awsm.you wrote it? And coming to the epi it is wonderful

    1. pretty preeti

      Sums can I call u.
      Ya I wrote that bad one.
      Love u a lot.

  4. Ariana

    Cuppy!!!!! Omg I’m sooooooooooooooo happy u r back. Honestly I was very sad after the off-air news but now u came back nd it’s the best thing tht could happen at this moment. Don’t worry u rocked off the paper. As for the epi….idky just a inner guts saying ShraMan started having a excess soft corner for each-other beyond friendship. So I’m all happy happy happy. The epi was amazing!!!!! I’m super excited for Sumo’s gift nd parties always bring something special so can’t wait. Pls dear post soon…..
    love u soooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    take care

    PS- Don’t worry abt my ff coz I didn’t start it yet. Tht was just the intro.

    1. pretty preeti

      Aru cupcakes how r u.
      I missed u like hell
      Thnx a lot.
      Ur new ff awesome.
      Love u soooooooo much

  5. Look who’s back with an amazing episode. ?
    Heyyy. I’m so happy that you are back, finally!!! Missed you a lot. ? Love you ?
    The news that you’re back made me more happier than shravan’s birthday.
    So coming to the episode, it was awesome. Loved it way too much. ?
    Post soon. Take care ?

    1. pretty preeti

      Zainu api oh u r so sweet .
      I love u.
      Thanks for liking the epi.
      Love u api.
      Take care.

  6. Angel_pari


    Preetooooo is back with amazing epi loveddddddd it it was simple awsome ….

    But how r u missed u shoooo much and how were exams???? Went good ???

    Post soon lov u take care

    1. pretty preeti

      Pari do thnko thnko.
      My xams were very gud thanks for wishes.
      I missed u tooooooo
      I love u.
      Thanks for ur love.
      Love u

  7. it was awesome. tooo excited for the next epi. do not vanish away and post soon

    1. pretty preeti

      Deo how r u .
      Now no vanishing
      Thanks a lot.
      Love uuuuuuu.
      Take care

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