I am mad for you (Episode 15)


Hi sweetos I m back .As I had already thought the ff and u all requested so I thought to write it.Hope u all r happy .But I will not able to write any other before 30.
?☺☺☺☺?So let’s begin

Recap:preekar meeting and talks

Now here is today’s epi
It was morning .Sumo wakes up and was upset
Preeti comes
P:di uth gyi tu
P:ok now go and bath than come Down for breakfast
Sumo goes in bathroom
Preeti :(thinks)di don’t worry aaj aap aur shravan bhai will talk once more movie aap dono ki udasi door karde gi not to worry
Preeti goes down.
Sumo takes bath and also go down
Raj:sumo beta Naha lia
Sumo:yes papa
Priya:ok do breakfast and then run to ur college
Sumo:ok mama
Raj and priya:sumo abhi bhi sad hoh
Sumo don’t say anything and starts doing breakfast
Raj and priya looks at each other
Preeti who was seeing this says
P:mama papa kl di phirse vaisi hi ho jayegi my and push plan will work definitely

Shravo’s house
Shravo is having his breakfast sadly
Ram:oh ho my son eating parantha
Nirmala:not only urs mine too
Shravo:haan aap dono ka
Ram and nirmala looks at his sad and was upset
Pushkar also sees and gets upset
Both shravo and sumo leaves for the college
Here rahul was seeing the photo of shraman which he clicked and think
R:ab in photos ki turn hai .
He keeps them in his  bag
Sumo comes to the college .She sees rahul
Rahul also see her and binds hi and starts coming towards her.
A boy ws running in the corridor very fastly .He hits into rahul.His bag falls down and photo of sumo and shraman also ccomes out of the bag and falls

From back shravan also comes.
He sees it.
Sumo and shravan was shocked.
Sumo:Rahul u….. did this whyy
Shraban:rahulllll (angrily)
Sumo comes ahead and slap him hardly
Rahul saw her with angry eyes
R:u slapped me u slapped rahul oberoi
He try to slap her when shravo comes and starts beating him
They were fighting.
Shravan was beating him very badly.

In between principal comes
Principal: boys stop fighting
Shravan didn’t listen and was still beating him
Principal: shravan my boy stop now
Shravan was having no affect and  ws still punching rahul
Sumo:bs kr shravan .
Shravo stops and throw rahul down
Principal: Rahul oberoi may I know the reason behind this
Rahul was quiet
Principal:answer me
Rahul:sumo (he tells the whole story bla bla bla)
Principal: u r restigated from the college.
Rahul:but sir
Principal:no buts just comes in the office nd take ur tc
Principal goes from there and rahul went behind him
(Guys rahul chapter closed)

Shraman looks at each other
Shravo comes to sumo
Shravo:sumo mai tujhse baat krna chahta hoon
Sumo:shravo me tooo
Shravo:ok u first
Sumo:ok tum glti se two diff socks pehni hai
He luks down
Shravo:kaha same hai
Sumo laughs
Shravo lloks her sweetly
Shravo:I saw ur smile after many days I m happy
Sumo:oh qutub minar is happy
Shravo:chipkali khush toh mai bhi khush
They both laughs and ws friends I mean best friends once more

Preekar meets at a place
Push:preeti film tickets
Preeti:le li Maine
Preeti:u call shravan bhaiya I di
They both calls shraman and say them to meet at xyz cinema hall
Shraman goes there .they don’t know that the other is also going
They both goes to the place where preejar call them
They both see each other
Sumo:hey lambho tu jaha
Shravo:ha patlu mai jaha Wht r u doing here
Sumo:came to watch movie with preeti
Shravo:me too but with push
They both were talking to each other laughing and enjoying
Preekar saw them.
Push:bhaiya aur wrestler sath sath

They both go to them
Push:u both talking to each other and laughing also
Shraman laughs
Sumo narrates the story to them
Preeti:oh then what the use of tickets I had brought them so that u both will become friends once more but u toh already now u go home me and push will watch this movie
Push:yup get lost
Shraman:kyun why we u get lost .hm dekhenge movie
Preekar:we will watch
Epi ends on their sweet nok jhok


Guys ok now my epis after 30 not giving precap so that aap ki dilchaspi na badh jaye.
Love u all
I already told u that only only shraman scenes in next episodes
Till then enjoy and be happy
Do comment

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  1. Ahh finally Raul’s gone. ?
    Loved this episode a lot ?
    ShraMan ??
    Take care sweetie ?

    1. pretty preeti

      Thnx zainu api
      Love u
      U tooo take care

  2. Ariana

    Aww my cupcake got another epi so quick!!! Oh yah!!! Nd finally that chipku Rahul is out. I’m glad. ShraMan together. Haaaaaeeeeeeee….U rock girl. Such a cute epi. Nd the precap will kill me. Uhhhh eagerly waiting for the surprise. Pls pls pls post soon
    love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    take care cuppie
    bye bye

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey aru my cupcakes
      Firstly thnxxx
      U happy my sweetu
      Love u so much se bhi zyada
      Congo for ur ff
      Loved it and u

  3. Socks lol

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey smile thnx u made smile on my face dear
      Love u

  4. WeirdSister

    I liked this haan preeti…
    ” Aapki dilchaspi na badh jaayegi”????
    Good that Rahul was exposed..
    Loved it.
    Luv u.
    Take care.
    All d best.

    1. pretty preeti

      Oh tnx weirdy niyoo
      I m glad u liked
      Love u too
      Thnx for wishes
      Love love love
      Take car e

  5. Anushika

    Amazing episode…I loved it to the core

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey Anu thnx
      Love u
      Take care

  6. Marie

    Hyyyy my darling how r u……!?!!!!! 😀
    Yr wow wow wow wat n ep Kya Kamaal dhmaaaalllll bemissalllll ep likha hai yr
    Totally amazing fab fantastic….!!!
    Haye shr ne Rahul manhood ko Mara bht acha Kia hahahahahahha the cheapo deserved this!!!!!
    Aww next ep 30 ke baad chal koi nai study cms frst as always take ur tym n shraman moments I will be waiting !!!
    All the best fr ur exams darling…..!!! Will pray fr u….!!!?
    Love u so so So much !!!!!!
    Take care

    1. pretty preeti

      Maro thnkoo so much
      Happy that rahul out
      thnx for supportisupporting understanding and wishing
      Love uuuuu
      Take care

  7. Nikita

    OH.. Pretty preettii is backk

    Oh preetttyy how I misssed you
    Finally that Jerk is out..
    Hayye ShraMan scene..
    Post soon..
    Love you pretto!
    ,Nikita 🙂

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey Nikko thnx a lot
      Oh happy
      Love u so much
      Will try to post soon
      Take care

  8. That’s..cool…
    Uff..rahul ka chapter khatam hua…
    Abh kya Maya hoga..dekhna padega??????

    1. pretty preeti

      Di thnko thnko a lot
      Di dekhna nhi padhna padega
      Love u sooo much
      Take care

  9. LogaMegan

    Hey preeti loved the episode
    All the best for ur exams
    Pls post the next part soon
    Lots of love from Loga-Megan

    1. pretty preeti

      Thanks LM
      Will try to post soon
      Love both of u

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey preeti !!!
    This ep was ammmmaaazzzzzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggg ???????????????????????
    Thank God sab kch sort out ho gyaa nd that rahul .. huhhhhh .. thank God he got restigate ????
    Great tha yar ..
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. pretty preeti

      Thnko Fatima love u so much
      Glad u liked it
      Will post soon only try
      Take care
      Lots of luv

  11. Angel_pari

    Thank god….rahul got exposed…..

    Awsome epi….

    But movie dekhega kon akhair 😀

    excited for next part….all the best for exams lov u lov….

    Asha but yesterday was our khush bday na like writer of love is blind?????

    1. pretty preeti

      Oh ho pari di thanks a lot
      Yes yesterday ws her bday
      Love u
      Thnx for wishes
      Take care

  12. pri my dear.

    episode was mind blowing..
    .finally that ass is out of their life 🙂
    n hawww kya command h sumo ka shravu p ..when principal said stop shravu he didn’t stop…but when sumo said he stopped at once…
    hayyyy…kya bat h…
    finally shraman together… will sleep peacefully now 🙂 😉
    love u darling…
    take care…update next part when u get time 🙂
    curious for precap …wats the surprise???? 😛

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hey anjo thanks so much
      Oh u liked it I m glad
      Thanks for everything
      Pprs hai isliye not so lambha reply
      Love uu

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