I am mad for you (Episode 14)


Hiiiiiiii every1 how u all r for my delay u all know I m busy in studies very tough to post an ff but today I m little free so posting this epi.I think it might be my last epi till pprs I will post after 30 only.I will try to read ur ffs if possible.
Nhi toh after pprs I will read them pakkaa promise now wish me gud luck and read my epi
Recap:shraman not talking to each other coz of problem.Rahul happy

Today’s epi
Preekar meet somewhere .They both say it is not gud
Preeti:di and shravan bhai kitne uddas hai not gud at all
Pushkar:yes preeti .Who the hell did this
Preeti:mujhe kya pta .
Push:preetii I know u don’t know
Preeti:but we should do something for them push
Push:yaaa lekin kya
Preeti:kuch toh soch after all they r besties and besties r meant 2 be together
Push:what 2 do??what 2 do
Preeti:let me think
Push:oh tum sochti bhi hooh
Preeti:yesss any problem
Preeti:push here di and bhaiya r not talking to each other and u r asking me for moviee
Push:preeti tumhara dimaag kya ghas charne gya hai stupid I m saying movie of sumo and bhai
Preeti:oh like that!!!nice idea tumhare dimaag ki bati sahi chali movieee it should be on friendship
Push:yesss lekin konsi
Preeti:aisi konsi movie hai which is on friendship
Preeti:shut up pushkarr idiot
Push:friendship friendship rehen de koyi new movie dikhate hai
Preeti:so baar baar dekho
Push:it’s on u which ever u want to show them choose but till tomorrow only
They both goo

Preeti thinks which moviee should be perfect
Sumo is in her room she is thinking of the incident when shravo saved her
Sumo:shravo tum kuch keh hi dete itne chup chup kyun ho tum talk to mee
Shravan is in his room
Shravo:sumo only thnx itne se kaam khatam aur tum mujhe thnx KB se kehne lgii
I will talk to shaira she is only one behind this
Shravan moves out of his room angrily
He goes to shaira house.He rings the bell
Shaira opens it.
Shravo:shaira itni c bhi sharam hai why r u doing this
Shaira:what r u saying I did nothing shravo:oh really u loved me so this means u will do anything aur baad me manogi bhi nhi
Shaira:shravan mind ur langu
age I don’t have time to do stupid things like this.Pls go away
Shravo:how I believe u r not behind this
Shaira:see u want to u can and not then its ur wish
He goes from there
Shravo:shaira nhi kr skti vrna woh itne aaram se nhi bolti but then who can sumoo yaar baat krni hai tujh se
Sumo and shravo faces r shown
Edkv title song plays in the BG

Precap:rahul to be exposed

?Guys actually I want to post next epi before my pprs cause after that only shraman scenes only and only
Let me see if I got time toh I will definitely  post.
I have thought whole story just post krne ki der haii
Ok so love u all
Hope u liked it
Pls do comment

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  1. Nikita

    Meri prettyy preeti
    It was beautiful..
    Loved it bhot saaaaarraaa
    ShraMan scenes?
    Post ASAP
    Oh how I missed u n this ff!
    Pls post soon..
    Loved it, and love you !

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey Nikki thnx sweety
      Oh I will miss u too
      I will try to post
      Love uu

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Amazing one ???????

    1. pretty preeti

      Thnx fati
      Love u
      How r u

  3. This was too good. ?
    Post the next one if you get time.
    Best of luck for your exams ?
    Loads of love. Take care ?

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey zainu Api thnko will try to post soon
      Thnx for ur wishes
      Love u too

  4. Rukhsar

    Wow lovely i loved it I’m gonna miss u plz come back soon after exams and all the best for the exams

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey ruks thnx yaar
      Thnko for ur wishing
      Love u
      Will try to post soon

  5. Ariana

    Oh my cupcake is back with a sweet epi. Yaar this epi had creams decorated like jalebi. Next time I wanna throw some cream at Rahul. I pity ShraMan!!! Wonderful epi. Shravan should have killed Shaira. Anyways she is a kabab me haddi too. Lol this whole comment is going soo foodie. Let’s get out. So the epi was damn awesome. PreeKar toh all sweet sweet. ShraMan bechara. I really can’t wait for next part. But then u have exams so take ur time and post. No hurries (Can u pls try making it quick?-Just a request)
    Love u
    Take care
    Study hard
    best of luck.

    1. pretty preeti

      Oh ho aru cupcakes tera comment padh ke bukh lg gyi
      Ur foodie comment ws too good I really loved this comment
      Ur ff ws awesome BTW
      Oh aru I will try my best
      Love u soo much
      Take care

  6. WeirdSister

    All d best for ur exams….
    Post very very soon
    Very excited.
    Love you
    Take care

    1. pretty preeti

      Oh ho my weirdy niyo thnkoo for ur blessing
      Will try to post soon
      Love u
      Take care

  7. Marie

    Ooyyyyy hoyyyy meri Preeto ne toh kamal kar dia yrrrrrr tu bht bht bht achi hai darling thank u so much for posting it earlyyyyyyyy love u fr this….!!! N yr part ke bare Mai Kia kehna it was great as usual…!!!!! I was reading n just thinking ke khatam na ho khatam na ho lekin ho Gaya khair u also have to study or tune time nikal kar post Kia that’s so nice of u……!!!!! It was great
    Tym mila to gala part zaroor post karna I worn force u cause study cms frt as always…!!
    N Han best if luk…?? Aray yr I will pray fr u ja Preeti aag laga de examination hall Mai cause I knw u r so talented my love…..!!!!!!!
    Love u so much….!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care

    1. pretty preeti

      Marooo very happy to read ur comment
      Ohh itna sweet comment
      Mai tera naam roshan karongi
      Thnx a lot for wishes
      Love u sooo much
      Aag toh lge gii pakka fire Bridget ko magana padega
      Love u uuuuuu luvv uuuu
      Take care

  8. Angel_pari

    Hey preeto as always

    dhamakedar epi

    hahahaha preeker sences were tooo nyc 🙂

    ahhhh sharman tlk to each other na….

    Wowwww precap so excited,,. Post when u get time 🙂 🙂 🙂

    lots of love

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey pari di ty for commenting and loving it
      Chlo I tell u shraman going to talk to each other in next epi
      I will definitely post it before my xams shayad kl krdoon
      If I got time pakka promise
      Love uuu

  9. Ruchi

    Hey Pretty Preeti my sissi…
    kesi ho??
    hope preekar apne plan m succesful ho…
    Awsum epi…
    post soon…
    all the best for ur xams
    take care…
    Lots of love…
    Ruchi… 🙂

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey rucs thnx yaar
      Keep thinking
      I had post next ff u will know what will happen next very soon
      Thnx for ur blessings
      Love u tooo

  10. It was too gud Pretty preeti dear I loved it
    Try to post soon
    I loved it

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey kritika thnk u
      I had already posted
      Hope u will like it
      Love u

  11. Hiii yaar I hope you remember me ….

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey lily u back how could I forget u sweety pie u r my one piece of heart how r u
      Fine enjoying
      Where were u yaar
      Love u sooooo much

    2. I am fine n what about you??

      1. pretty preeti

        Mee too gud fit and fine

  12. LogaMegan

    Hey preeti it was amazing dr
    Loved it
    All the best for ur exams
    Love u
    Bye Tc

    1. pretty preeti

      Hey LM sweethearts
      Love u both
      Thnx for ur wishes
      U too take care

  13. hey pri …episode was Fab…thanks God preekar are doing something 🙂
    n precap so interesting … excited 🙂
    all the best for ur studies dear… m sad will have to wait till 30 🙁
    but I can 🙂
    love u loattsss dear 🙂

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hey anjo thanks again
      Love ur wonderful comment
      Thks love u

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