Mad and cool love! OS

Abhi and Pragya meeting each other…

A: Yo!
P: Hey!
A: Fine?
P: Fantastic!
A: Cool!
P: U?
A: Cool as usual!
Someone who was watching them wondered why they always never call out each other using their names?
P: Baby! Order for me lemonade and aglio olio for pasta!
A: Sure babe! Its a cool choice! Where are u going now?
P: Washroom! Order before I arrive!
The person followed Pragya to the washroom, she want to get answer for her doubt….

In the washroom…
Pragya saw the person when she was washing her hands.
With hesitation she asked Pragya, ” Hi! I have been here for somtime and saw both of u all together. Can I ask you something?”
P: Sure but sorry I have never really noticed you!
The person: It’s ok! I just want to ask why you two never really call each other using your names?
P: Oh u wanted to ask about that ah?
The person: Yes!
P: We find it cool to call each other with nicknames!
The person: But so many nicknames! Fuggy,Cutie, Baby, Ladoo, Lady Mogambo! etc…
P: U have been noticing all this ah? Haha
The person: Sorry but really wondering y u two are obessed with nicknames!
P: We are madly in love with each other. This madness have caused us to come with all kinds of nicknames! U know something sometimes we forget our real names too!
The person bursted in laughter hearing that and said ” You two are very cool too! I would say both your love is made too!”
P: U mean mad and cool love? Ok I got to go now if not baby will be mad at me!!
The person smiled in response and both left from there.
A: What take u so long fuggy?
P: Had an interview session in washroom!
A: What? U have interview over there too? Tats y u are lady mogambo!
P: Yes Ladoo! Ok let’s attack the food now!

The person thought, I also wish for this kind of mad and cool love!

Don’t get mad on me if this is not nice!

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  1. Hahaha wow very cool n interestn

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  6. arrey yaar IB its again uuuu I knw tht ur the nly craziest person to write dizzz nd dizz is nly possible fr uuuu but tht was soooo sweeet nd really cool os njoyed a lottttttt keep rockinggggggggggggg madly coolly crazily lol hw many ly’s nw I am mad

    1. I guess I can’t escape from you!! Welcome to the mad club too!

      1. Haha I have revealed my name too!

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