Macho… Ennacho ..macho…match aacho raglak os

Scene starts with a music was so pleasing. A person was holding guitar n playing it.Many surrounded him.They were lost in his music.

A chill breeze blew over his face,he’s none other laksh ,laksh Maheshwari. The heartthrob of his college.

He stopped playing n made a rocking end. All clapped for him.Today,Laksh was extremely happy.He was going to meet his father after a long time. He craved for his papas love.

He went to his car n drove off to his village.
He came to village ,his car was punctured.

A girl saw this n did hi-fi.She said yeh mission accomplished.All small boys n girls around her gave her thumbs up.She slowly smiled n looked a man was standing showing his back.Her face is shown,she is our gorgeous ragini.

Laksh was looking at his car. Suddenly someone patted his shoulder.He turned n froze in his place .He was shocked to see an angel crying.He badly wanted to wipe her tears n want to say her pls don’t cry okk.But he restrained from his thoughts n asked her why she was crying??

She said sir pls do me a favour will you??
He asked what you want,she said pls don’t marry me,say to my parents that you don’t like me??

He was confused n asked why should I say like that??its because I love …..He said you love.My….she cried.Laksh asked ur …she said laksh.

Laksh asked who is this laksh.She said my mamu I love him from childhood. We are loving each other.He lives in chennai. He is my soul n everything so u have to refuse to marry me Mr.Raju.

He nodded n asked can I see ur mamus photo.She gave their childhood photo.Laksh smiles seeing it.He asked so what if I refuse to say no.She said nothing will happen in a whispher n said everything is over between me n my mamu.

Laksh gasped n asked what everything. She said everything a husband n wife does.Laksh was too shocked.He saw her with open mouth.

She said u know our ansh is also growing in me.Laksh looked horrified.oh god I have not even spoke with her,but she saying no no.

When a adjacent car came n stopped ,he came to her n asked ms.ragini.She nodded yes n how do you know?? He said I’m raju.

Ragini was shocked,was her acting a waste??she looked at laksh n thought he could said me before na that’s he not that monkey raju.

Laksh smiled n said sorry dear,she’s already taken.She’s my lover.Ragini was now shocked.He pulled her close by waist n said I love her n she loves me so u can go.

Man said mam ur mom already said me that you do some drama.

Before he could complete laksh pulled ragini close n placed his lips on hers.
Ragini was lost in it..

Ooo oooo oo ooooo
O ooo oo ooo

Macho ennacho
Aval touchchitta
Uyir into two aacho.

Raju went away.Laksh pulled ragini n said so I’m ur lover ms.Ragini. He ran away before she could catch him.

Laksh was rubbing his forehead.

Match aacho
Aval speak ittal
Kuyil keecho…

Ragini traced her lips n smiled.She was angry but happy too.laksh n raginil
thinking their kiss

Dream il
Hug- gotten
Lover shower aacho
Bp ponaen
Sogam loose aacho…

Laksh twirled.

Galaa galaa galaa
Nee classy ho
Galoo galoo galoo
New massy ooo

Ragini came home n was shocked to find laksh hugging her uncle.Before she could question.They said that he’s laksh her mamu.Laksh winked at her.Ragini was red durme to her lies.all went to their room.He asled how about making ur lies true…

Ragini said as far as you are okk with it,I’m too she winked n ran away.

Look at you see
Click a classy
Thinking paarthaen
You are my daisy..

Days passed…

Ragini slowly started to fall for Laksh. The day came ,he want to return to his home town.Ragini was very sad.Laksh convinced her parents n took her to chennai for some days. .

Ragini looked him

Icy doll as sanjaa
Kannu whistle uthadi

She thought

En morning flash aa
Shiny pol nee.

They came to chennai.they went to home. Laksh mom hugged her n welcomed her.She asked how ur uncle to ragini.She said he’s well healthy but his heart is always missing, she went. Laksh Mom thought their moments.

Laksh took ragini to shopping..

Caramel azhaga
Tasty paakkuren di

Ragini POV
Nee smiley Poona as
Girly gaali…

Laksh deeply fell for her.He introduced her to his friends. Ragini was smiling looking at Laksh. Laksh too was.

Un heart uu kulla
Love rabbit aayitten
Veli varamal paayum…

Laksh confessed his love for ragini.ragini too was very happy.she happily hugged him n said I love you mamu.Laksh imitated Mr.raju me n my mamu did everything that a husband n wife does.And our ansh is growing in me n started laughing.she hit him n hug him.She pulled him close ..n …

Macho ennacho
Aval touch chitta
Uyir into aacho

Macho match aacho
Aval speak ittal
Kuyil keecho…

Dream il
Hug gitten
Love shower aacho bp ponaen
Sogam loose aacho.

Enna kiss oo
Vennila paayum
Malar malar
Urasiyeoli serkkum….

Raglak marriage .Laksh picked up ragini was taking rounds

Enna smell oo
Koondhalin poovo
Narumanam izhuthathum
Thara saayum….

Ragini was lost in him

Nee take kittaa
Sweeta ponen
Paal veedhiyil float aanaen.

Lakah tied mangalasutra around her neck n applied kumkum to her parting.

He took her leg n put metti n showed arunthathi natchathiram(star guys,its a tradition it means that husband will forever love n wife n his wife will be devoted to him like arunthathi).

They broke papad on other cheeks.ragini put all over his head.

They did all rituals.Last picture ragini kissed laksh on his cheeks…

Melody as tweeturen
Beautiful memoryaa treaturen..

….screen freezes

Hope u all like this.This is dedicated to Zoya Dr thanks for reading my stories n ammu di who wanted me to make raglak alive not dead or tragedy n too all my raglak family..

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    Aval touch chitta
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  11. Superb, cuteness overloaded OS dear. Macho song perfectly matched for our RAGLAK. I love this song very much. I was smiling like an idiot throughout the OS. Write more OS like this dear.

    Macho ennacho
    Ava touch chitta
    Uyir into two aacho ……………………………………………..

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