maaneet and swasan marriage at first sight


Hi guys iam one of the silent reader . this is my first fanfictions . any grammatical errors in this stories iam sorry guys. and also reply me both positive & negative view tell me

Place: building at chennai

A girl sit in sofa near balcony and starring at moon. She wore long white kurta ,free hair and her forehead small white stone bindi. She look like angel but something missing her face .yeah her smile missing ,suddenly one hand touch her shoulder. She turned look at the person.
Girl: choti in sad voice (choti is girl sister)
Choti: please angel forget that incidient (choti call angel to sister)
Girl: how .. can .. I ..forget (stammering and tear rolled in her eyes)
Choti: please don’t cry di. I cannot see your tears and ur my angel.
Girl : my life is unfair why choti. (she kneel down hug choti waist)
Choti: please forget that marriage. No No that is not marriage.
Girl : touch black thread in her neck. Said to choti, this is my mangalsutra. In god sake iam married

Choti: ok you are married where is your husband, atlast tell his name.
Girl: tear rolled in her eyes.
Choti: u don’t know right
Girl: shout yeah I don’t know his name, age ,place anything about him . but he is my husband .now he is my life.We are Indian choti, we worship our culture, tradition . u don’t understand
Choti: I understand ur feeling please I cannot see u like that .i want back my bubbly , prankster di. Please..(choti look at face her face and diverted mind)
Teasing tone said Okk iam not talk about ur hero
Girl: hero (confused expression)

Choti: meri jiju and ur husband
Girl: ha he is my hero.
Choti: like superman ,spiderman
Girl: smiled lightly, no he look like greek god and handsome but my marriage at first sight ( flash back stories) and that day his eyes told me everything
Choti : what told ur hero eyes (teasing tone)
Girl: eyes told me that life long live with u and I am always hold ur hand .we are two body but one soul.
Choti: don’t worry I find ur hero and ur both are together in this life.
Girl: no (choti look at di ) in 7 lives
A voice came from downstairs choti choti..

Choti : di, badi maa call me .iam going and drink that milk go to sleep.
Girl: milk (chuckled face ) and look at choti puppy face
Choti: ha ur drink that milk. bye , good night and sister hug and kiss her cheeks and left ( stand in door step look at di tought in 2 months I last my old angel .my angel always smiling face and her smile everyone attracked her. I missed that angel . I dont know whose that person but I find him and join with u and make ur my old angel that is my promise)
Girl: touch the mangalsutra in sad voice iam always waiting for u starring at moon and slept in that sofa

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  13. Maaneetfavo

    Heartly thank u. For ur comment .l need ur help guys .how to link one page to another page ie prolouge to part 1

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