Maaneet and Swasan FF -Marriage at First Sight (Part 6)


Part- 6
Hi guys thank u for ur comments.if any grammatical error in this part, iam sorry .
Place : Airport, Chennai
Choti Eyes look down to floor said : Angel, ur flight ticket I put in left side of the bag. Ur important file packed in another bag and Call me daily, Geet stop
Geet : Choti look at me first but choti try to hide her tears but Geet noticed it
Geet lifted her chin with her fingers and wipes her tears said :: I hate ur tears choti, it is my weakness ,i am not go Anywhere.
Choti : No angel. I never been Ur weakness And am always ur strength only ,nowOnwards iam not crying said With lightly Smiled
Ragja came that place said u both emotional drama r finished. With teasing tone
Geet: This is Not dramma( with fake Angry face)

Janumaa: I know my both Princess are so sensitive ya. chello time for flight..
Geet hug choti : Take care maa and Papa and u, dont go alone and don’t eat outside food..said with kiss her forehead..
Choti: I miss u with cry Voice
Geet: I miss u too..(sad voice)
Ragja hug geet one by one .Geet left.
Ragja hugs choti: After 2 month, We shift to Delhi..ok na . Be smile, chello. Lets go home..
Geet flight land in delhi
Place. : Airport, delhi
Geet bhai waiting for Geet in receiver area..and Geet came that place.
Geet : Bhai. Bhai hugs Geet

Bhai.: How is ur journey geetu
Geet: Fine bhai, How about u bhai and aunty ,uncle kaiseya
Bhai: Don’t talk about them ( with angry face)
Geet: Plz forgive them,bhai
Bhai: Plzz geetu, in Long back iam very happy in ur sake only
Geet: Ok sweetu bhai.with naughty tone
Bhai :how many time I tell u. Don’t call me, Sweetu Ya with chuckled face..
Geet: Meri bhai meri haq hai, Sweetu Bhai.
Bhai: I am sanskar maheshwari ,md of karma industries ( told with pride voice)but u Call me, Sweetu.

Geet: Let go. Bhai. I Want to call choti
Sm: She already did It
Geet: how many times Papa Called u
SM: last one hour papa and maa call me 24 times
suddenly SM Phone rings.sanky told See Now 25th times. Gives his phone to geet , Geet put in loudspeaker
Geet :: Hello papa l landed safely …i. Am now with sanky bhai..
Choti:u landed but u did not inform me..
Sanky eyes moist hear her voice & Geet side hug him
Geet: Meri maa sry I landed now only..
Cchoti: Ok take care.after went to ur apartment and call me, bye Angel I miss u
Geet: I miss u too and cut the call
Sanky : Geetu , Why u stay with apartment plz u stay with me na.
Geet: Sry bhai. Iam not stay with u. U know na after 2 months choti stay with me in Delhi
Sanky with excited voice: Sachi , choti will Come to Delhi..
Geet: Ha bhai that only iam not stay with u.
Bhai: U always thinks about her.she is very lucky, Got u.
Geeet: No bhai iam very Lucky,Got her..

Bhai: But am unlucky na geetu
Geet: Don’t say Like that, Bhai. Time will changes Everything
Bhai: ok let go I drop u apartment
Both Settled in car, sanky drive his car and Geet sit in next Drive Sit
Sanky: U r stay alone in apartment?
Geet : I Stay with pinky. Our company receptionist
Sanky: If u ok stay With Her otherwise I arrange ur apartment.
Geet: No bhai I already talk with her.she is very nice girl .
Sanky: Ok if any problem call me, u apartment arrived and I meet U later.
Geet: Bye bhai.and Geet went inside.
Sanky drop to Geet. And drives to sanjaveeni hospital (big hospital in Delhi, in hospital combined medical college and hospital)

(Sanky enter hospital and ask receptionist,to patient detail and room no and went to patient room, Sanky enter the patient room look at man lay on the bed)
Sanky: ramu kaka, how are u feeling now.( ramu kaka is old servant of maheswari mansion , he is one take care of sanskar childhood , sanskar shares everything to ramukaka)
Ramukaka: I am fine beta.( at same time girl enter the room)
Ramukaka: shona, come beta.
Swara: app kaiseya kaka and check his pulse and u need complete rest and after 2 days we discharged to u.
SM: kaka, in hospital there is no experience doctor nahiya ka said with angry face
Swara look sanky with angry look: Mr maheswari mind ur word, I am not complete my doctorine, eventough iam more experience attend patient.and trust me
SM: Miss Khurana, u talk about trust , u know alteast meaning of trust.

Swara: u only broke my trust, now u told me I don’t know meaning of trust. (said with angry voice but same time tears flowing in her eyes)
SM: yeah I am one broke ur trust ,get lost, now leave me alone (shout)
Swara runout of the room and standing in outside of the room

Ramakaka: sanky beta, u love her so much but why u shout her like that na
SM: I know kaka, I love her more than my life but I cann’t say to her. In each time I hatred her to my word that time i have more pain than her like some one stabbed in my heart with knife.
Outside swara overhears conversation between kaka and her sanky)
Swara selfthought: u think iam trust ur words.and go away from u. u r stupid i never go away from u. I know u hide something from me. I will find out mr sanskar maheswari, wait and watch
Swara phone rings and attend the call

swara: gudiya di, u came , iam sry ya I have important patient to attend so I can not come pickup to u. U safely arrived na.
Geet: Yes shonu I arrived safely, don’t worry about me.
Swara: Sry iam not coming to see u today. I have important lecture class today .
( sankar come out room and saw that swara talking someone with excited voice and swara also noticed sanky standing here overhears conversation)

Geet: I have no problem ya, u come tomorrow na I tell u more matters.bye cut the call
Swara act continuing call with speak louder voice: I miss u so much, where r u darling .u know darling this day u away from me na my life become hell.bye kiss over the phone
( sankar hear darling word that word enough him, his blood boiled, how dare she call someone to darling, she said he away from her ,her life become hell. If i find out that person I make him to hell.and also kissed him over phone (sankar selfthought only) and angry look to swara and went out the hospital.
Swara smirked said that who I am great MSK sister hoon one defeat me u to Mr sanskar maheshwari.

Next day morning
Pinky: Geet u come with me to office na
Geet:no pinky u go, i will go to temple and then i come to office.
Pinky : Ok don’t come to late , u come late , this day ur last day of kc.our angry boss throw out of u.
Geet: Our boss khaddoos kya.
Pinky : no ,He is girl’s dd ya
Geet: DD means
Pinky : Dhak Dhak ya. He came to near na, all girls heart beat raised like heart comes out of the body. u also see him .ur heart also Same like that only.
Geet: No one affect my heart else my ( hubby, iam already flated of his brown eyes. in murmur voice)
Pinky : I am going,come quickly geet went to temple.
Geet standing in front of the god idol sing ganapati song: Jai Ganesh jai Ganesh deva ….with close eyes after song prayed to god said plz god always stay with my family,I want to find him plz help me, I don’t know where is him but plz god stay with him, I want to safe, happy life to him only and after prayed , geet sit in temple steps.
A old lady sit next to geet.

Old lady: beta u sing very well.i am not seeing u before in this temple.
Geet: thanks, aunty. Yesterday only I came in delhi. in my office transferred to delhi office.
Old lady: I am savitri devi.what is ur name beta
Geet: iam geetanjali, my first day office plz bless me
Dadi: beta god bless u ,u call me dadi.
Geet: tika dadi, see u later , I want to go office correct time.
Dadi:I will drop u geet
Geet: it is ok dadi , I will go to taxi.bye dadi.
Dadi: bye geet and geet left to temple
Dadi pray to god said, I want my maan wife like geet, I don’t know iam very impressed her. She is very beautiful, simple nature,her voices ,everything impressed me.i want bahu like her only.
Outside of temple geet waiting for taxi, till now there is no taxi in this area.omg today iam gone. in delhi , there is no one help me .
Suddenly car infront of her ,a man stepdown into car.

A man: hey beautiful I drop u whenever u want to go in flirty tone.
Geet: no thank I will go to taxi.with angry face.
A man: today is taxi driver strike ,there is no one drive taxi.u come I will drop u wherever u go ,don’t worry iam good boy.
Geet inself thought:I think he is not bad boy but little bit flirty type.ha geetu u go to office correct timeearly.i miss the change.
Geet: iam coming, u don’t ask any question to me.
Man: but I ask one question where I will u drop?
Geet: KC construction
Man: kya KC construction ,u want to go kc
Geet: yes, u don’t know route of KC.
Man: I know route to KC ,u working in KC .
Geet: yes, don’t ask me question

Man: ok beautiful lets go and geet settled down car. And man drives the car. Man car stop in front KC building .u office arrived beautiful, if u don’t plz tell me ur beautiful name.
Geet: Geetanjali, thanks for droping me.
Man: nice name I am always welcome u. and geet enter the KC building , look at building structure said it is amazing, elegant design but colours boring is white and black. My boss is best in structure design but in bad colour taste.
Geet meet pinky,pinky said u came, go meet adi sir he will help u.and after geet meet to adi , to introduce adi itself.
Adi: welcome to KC geet
Geet: thank u adi sir. Where is my cabin
Adi: first ly I introduce everyone to u and then u will go to ur cabin
Geet: ok adi sir (adi introduces geet to every staff members and then adi drop to geet cabin ,said geet this ur cabin .ne
xt cabin is our boss cabin.u relaxed this is ur first day office in sent later project details and adi left geet cabin.)
Geet settled down the chair said my collegue are nice specially pinky, adi sir very nice to me.and same time geet cabin intercom rings and geet attend the call
GEET:HELLO KC construction, how can I help u
Other side: miss geetanjali, come to ur next cabin immediately.(in bossy tone) and cut the call
Geet: next cabin it means call from boss.he is such a rakshan ,alteast tell his name said that come to next cabin and cut the call in self talk.
Geet enter his cabin and see the person & shocked expression: TUM



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