Maaneet and Swasan FF -Marriage at First Sight (Part 5)


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Place: Chennai.

Evening time:
Geet enter the house and ragja (raguram and janaki short form) sit in sofa., geet come sit next to janaki.
Janaki: what happened beta ur face very dull said with carring geet ‘s hair.
Geet: mom ,papa oh bad news in sad voice.
Papa: tell me princess what bad news
Geet: my boss, transfer me to delhi branch office.
Janaki: why sudden decision
Geet: oh chudail (SASHA) vajasa oh delhi office chief architect went to London projects for one months. I need to go handle important project so transferred me to head office for 6 Months.
Papa: hmmm. That the matter my princess sad .when will u join ?.
Geet: After three days.
Janaki: after three days that mean ur going this week .u r not going anywhere. U will resign the job.
Geet: how can I resign the job I already signed bond paper in my company.
Janaki: how can u go away from us .even think about choti. 2 months back u went to ur friend marriage function at time ,she make our life to hell, each minute ask me and ur papa that angel ,when will u come .u know her very well na .she cannot away from u.

Choti enter the house: maa why complaint me to angel
Janaki: ask ur angel
Geet: oh choti I will go to delhi.
Choti starring to her said : how many days
Geet: not for days and …. For 6 months.( said close with her eyes)
Choti shouts like building roof fallen down:KYA (shocked expression) and said no u go anywhere .if u will go, I will come with u and that is final decision .and went into her room.
Ragja: Helpless look to Geet .said that go to convince ur sherni Geet: Hmm
Geet went to choti’s room
Choti sit corner of her bed look at geet and her hug photo and tear rolled in her eyes.
Geet look at choti feel bad for her and come sit with next with choti & choti even not look at her face.
Geet touch her shoulder: said choti hears me plz ( choti snap her hand and said don’t touch me)
Geet cup her face and wipe choti tears with her hand.

Suddenly choti hugs Geet tightly and cries so much.
Geet rubbing her back and said my crying baby now stop crying.
Choti removes hugs and said I am not crying baby with wipes her tears like child did.
Geet: Hmm .Plz da understand ur my darling,chellam , .
Choti: Buzz don’t put ice in my head.(means pampering) And Geet pout
Choti: u can go to delhi but I also come with u.(with sad face)
Geet: choti ur exam coming in two months na and after exam I will arrange ur intership in my company.and u always stay with me .and am already speak about ur internship in my head officer.
choti: In two months how can stay without crying face.
Geet: iam also going to Delhi.and maa/ papa stay alone plz da in after two months we shift to Delhi with mom & papa
choti: How can u stay that place alone.
Geet : U forget I am not alone that place.and bhai there na
Choti hears word bhai : In slow voice bhai and tears rolled in her face
(Geet hit her own forehead and selfthought Said u remember her past .Geet hug her choti )
Choti hug more tightly like bonecrack hug said u are away from me because I am not ur real sis..(not even finishes the sentence and slap sound hears in her room)
Geet slap choti cheeks.and said with her angry voice: how dare u told me like that .ur my choti .ur mine only. Do u understand.
Choti: Iam sry with puppy face and touch her own cheek said it is paining.
Geet: Cares her cheek : U deserve it. don’t repeat again I will die .and choti close geet’s mouth with her palms
Choti with angry face:said don’t say a word once again and u said na I never talk to u.
Ragja stand with door and watch with all scene and said my both princess always stay with like that .Geet and choti slept together in her bed.

Next Day Morning
Choti: angel wake up , u r till sleeping , we need to purchase for ur journey.
Geet wake up with sleep and shout: KYA u allow me go to delhi (shocked expression)
Choti with chuckled face: haa allowed u but one condition.
Geet: condition with confused face
Choti: u talk daily atleast one hour to me and if u don’t attend my call and next day iam in front of u
(Geet in mind voice my salary is going to my phone bill only). Ok promise
Choti: I already informed to shonu ur coming to delhi.
Geet: oh know u informed her that sherni will kill me that iam not informed her.
Choti: I hate ur boss , ur boss khanzoos kya
Geet: why u tod him like that.( with confused face)
Choti: because ur boss appoint new architect in delhi na .in sake him ur away from me. Stupid, rakskshaan , devil , ……etc

At same time Khurana Mansion:
Maan and dadi eat breakfast, maan suddenly cough hardly. Dadi rub his back and gives his water and said to maan somebody scold u beta in teasing tone
Maan: ab bina (ha maan baba choti scold u na that sake u cough hardly.)
A girl enter the khurana mansion shout dadi , bhai
Dadi and maan: shona/ pari why u shout like that in mansion proof fell down ( in teasing tone)
A girl none other swaralatha singh khurana
Swara with exicited face: dadi, bhai di is coming to delhi.
Dadi/maan: with confused face: di, ur only girl child of our family.
Swara : oh dadi u to forget I talk about gudiya di
Dadi: oh that girl
Swara narrates flash back starts
In 2 years back I went to student medical camp in Chennai that day my last day camping I went to purchase for u bhai. I am going to forum mall in Chennai. I select shirt for u, watch for Vicky and ring for dadi. After purchased I came to outside of forum. Two men surrounded me and snatch my back.
One man hit my head and other man snatch my bags. At time two girls come with scooty in mall.and I faints that time
I open her eyes and saw iam in hospital bed that two girl sit next to me. One of the girl ask u wake up and choti go & bring doctor.
Girl introduced I am geetanjali and her rajeshwari my sister and always called choti. don’t worry ur safe. Ur things also there .we saw that ur faints and that time two mens are escaped , we saves only ur things. Iam sry ya
Swara: thank u so much to save me. I am shon. (choti enter her room with doctor).
Doctor: u must rest for three days and no need to long travel now.
Swara: but doctor my train in 3 clock and I want to go
Doctor : u r not go because already 4 clock. And doctor left the place.
Swara : oh shit hit her forehead ( it is paining)
Geet: u stay three days and go ( with caring voice)
Swara: but I don’t know noone here .Where i will stay.
Geet: u stay with my family that It ( with ordering tone)
Choti: Noone against angel word .u should be obey her
Swara: angel
Choti: I always call di to angel
Swara: iam also call angel to her.
choti: said no I am only copyrights to her name.
Swara: ok I will call gudiya di.and laddoo to u. ( with baby face)

Geet & choti confused face: gudiya means baby and laddo.
Swara: look at geet said ur face is baby face ,chubby and bubbly. and ur both are baby heart that y I call to gudiya and I love ladoo and call to rajji.
Geet and choti: as u wish. ( at same time geet informed her parents told all incidents)
I discharged to hospital and went to gudiya house
Ragja standing in entrance of the building .Janaki maa stand with arti plate to welcome me.she did arti to me. And told now onwards bad eyes not touch with u. I look at that family iam in alien much care ,love with unknown person. gudiya help me settled down her bed. Maa came with veg soup and serve with her own hand and swara eyes moist.
Maa: why r u crying, beta soup more spices ya ka( with mother worried voice)
Swara: my mom never feed me like that. She always roaming parties said with crying face and but bhai and dadi take care me so much, aunty
Maa: don’t call aunty & call me maa
Swara: but aunty opps sry maa. I troubled u people so much na.
Maa: don’t say like that, ur also same like geet and choti for me

Swara suddenly hugged her like baby hugs her mother. and janu maa care her head .and shona slept with medicine effects
Flash back ends at present
Swara look at bhai said: At three days I lived in heaven bhai di family treat me part of her family. after came delhi I really missed maa , papa ,gudiya di and ladoo.
Maan:: said till now u don’t told about that incident( in angry voice)
Swara: sry bhai ur in londan that time and am already informed dadi.(now maan glare shift to dadi)
Dadi: shona beta u don,t welcome ur gudiya but till now u stand her .(in dramatic tone)
Swara: ha dadi maan stop
Maan: I asking for u both, u r diverting my mind , don’t repeated again.
Choti: sry with puppy face.
Maan melts look at her face said: ur gudiya di, same like that u for me.
Swara: shout noo bhai ur not considered gudiya di to ur sister ( in mind voice I want gudiya di my bhabi & he told he considered his sister buddhu khurana)
Maan: ok pari I considered her only my friend. ( maan mind voice I don’t know y iam happy hears about gudiya) Let go I drop u college.
Place : Chennai geet house
Geet and choti enter the house with lot of shopping bags in her hand and sit next to papa, papa speaks to someone tell about geet visit.
Geet : papa who are in line
Papa: ur bhai in delhi (papa handover phone to geet) telephone talks
Geet: bhai how r u
Bhai: iam fine u don’t tell me ur coming delhi. I will come pickup with u and in sad voice where is she , she is fine, I want to talk with choti.
Geet gestured choti talk to bhai and choti nod her head
Geet:bhai she went to outside
Bhai: don’t lie geetu, I know choti not talk to me .i deserves it
Geet: bhai ,plz changes the topics and told flights time , talks some friendly matter
Bhai: bye both of u take care and cut the call
Geet starring to choti: why r u doing with bhai , bhai innocent u now very well. But why u don’t talk with him.
Choti: I know angel , he care for me ,but it is good for him
Geet: hmmm.

Part end
Precap: geet in delhi

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