Maaneet and Swasan FF -Marriage at First Sight (Part 4)

Hi guys , this is my 4th part and thank for ur comments.
A scene shift to Delhi
Place: Mansion, Delhi.
A sunrays fall on his mansion. The mansion has elegant,beautiful, structure like royal palace .A man Standing in gym do his work out .His strong biceps and his eight packs body and his workout sweating omg he look like greek god. every person drooling him. All ladies dreamy look to him and all gents jealous look to him.
At dinning table:
A old age woman sitting in dinning table and waiting for her grand child. A handsome man has came downstairs.
Nakul: maaji maan baba hai chuke ha .( man none other our hero Maan Singh Khurana)
Maan: Good Morning Dadi ma (in straight face) and sit in his chair and eats blend pasta
Dadi: Good morning beta

Maan: where is pari and Vicky .
Dadi: maan , in early morning both went to college.
Maan: I am finished and get up chair,dadi stop
Dadi: When will u marry beta, my health condition is not good .plz meri vajasa app shadi karlo beta (in dramatic tone)maan chuckled face
Maan: I don’t want marry anyone else. .. (don’t bother about dadi reply he went out the mansion)
At Sharp 9 ‘0 clock . Maan car enter khurana building entrance.

Maan sry sry MSK enter the building. Every staff down her/ his place and everyone know his boss angry. Everyone wish him.he straightly ener into his cabin. Suddenly shouts like lion ADI..
Adi has running to his cabin and enter in his cabin no no den in stammering tone: ye..s ..sir
MSK: Who hell brought this flowers. u know very well Adi, I hate flowers.
Adi: Sry.. Sir in slow voice I clear it sir
MSK:hmmm. ( Adi get the flowers and went immediately to save his life). After 4 hours Continous meeting scheduled and there is no rest in his life.and always working.
Maan call to someone: Hello msk speaking

Man: Yes sir
Maan : It almost two months u don’t know single information about her ( in angry voice)
Man scared said to shivering tone: Give me one week time sir plz .
Maan : This ur last chance , u know very well msk na ..u miss the change and u face to hell.
Man :ok , Thank u sir
MSK: Update all information at tonight said cut the phone call.
Adi enter the cabin
Adi : Sir , plz sign this document and said Sasha went to London project for one month. we need junior architect sir so I informed Chennai branch to transfer architect in Delhi branch.
MSK: Why Chennai branch architect

Adi: Architect design amazing sir.(show architect design to maan and msk really impressed that design)
MSK: Said good and not read, not even once time glances, signed the document)
Adi look to maan said u allow shows angry to hide ur pain .I know maan inside u r pure heart person ( guys Adi in mind voice ).
Place: Maheswari mansion
A middle aged woman working in kitchen .a suddenly foot step sound came from entrance of the door.a woman came to see the entrance. (a man standing in entrance of the door and he is very handsome and perfect body structure)
Woman: Beta u r came and sit I serve ur lunch .
Man: Shout Ramesh go get file in my cupboard.
Woman: Sanskar plz have ur lunch. (yeah man none other our sanskar maheshwari)
Sanskar : Don’t interfere my matter

Woman: I am ur mother
SM shout: Ur not my mother, I already told I stayed in ur mansion, I gave to her promise that reason I stayed in the hell
Maa: Tear rolled in her eyes.( at same time Ramesh brought the files and get the files went out the mansion)
At night place: Khurana mansion time 10pm
Maan enter the mansion went to his time phone from man ( silent talk)
Msk : Ok and cut the call
Maan open cupboard draw and get girl payal look to maa photo and said see maa ur badi bahu payal. Plz help me, ma find ur bahu .maan standing in balcony starring at moon said where r u mishty .
Other side chennai

Geet wake up the sleep and said someone say my name. Geet hold her mangalsutra said where r u .and tears rolled her eyes.
Maan hold her payal and other side geet hold her mangulsutra .both are slept thinking each other
Part end (below cs there plz read)

Precap: Twist

Character sketch:
geetanjalai: she is 24 years old .completed architect in srm college at Chennai now work in mnc company .she is bubbly, prankstar ,beautiful , kindhearted , lovable person .everyone like her. she loves family very much .especially choti .and best buddies are choti and shonu .
choti/ Rajeshwari : She is younger sister of Geet .she is 21 year old . She now studying architect in srm college in third year. She is dido her di. she loves di very much because Geet is choti’s angel (secret ) and also both maa and papa .she is crime partner of geet and best buddies are geet and shonu.
Mr raguram: He work at government office and straight forward character. He can do anything for three angel .

Mrs janaki raguram : She is housewife and lovely lady. she loves both princess more than anything .and also love hubby .

Khurana family
Maan Singh khurana: He is 27 years old. He is businessman and md of kkurana construction. he is handsome ,like Greek god. every girls and even aunties also drooling to him. he is eligble bachelor in Delhi but his heart already occupied ( sry girls) . He love his siblings and dadi very much. he is ruthless , angry man in outside and inside very pure hearted person like buddies are adi ,ranjith and sanky opps sry sanky now enemy.
Vikshanthlaksh singh khurana: he is 23 years old. He pursing now MBA final year. He totally opposite of his bro. he is handsome and very funny guy.and always flirting girls. He loves family very much. He never against bro word .His family call Vicky to him. And his friend circle call to him laksh/lucky.

Swaralatha singh Khurana: she is 21 year old .She pursing now doctor in fourth year. She is princess of khurana kandan. Everyone kneel down in front of her even her two brother but she loves brothers so much espically maan because he his over pampered and over caretaker to her. Maan call her to pari and other family member call her to shona
Savithri singh khurana: she is grandma of MSK,VSK and SSK. She is very kindhearted person and love her family so much. And such as dramabazz character .

Pammi singh khurana: she stepmom of man and mom of VSk & SSk. She always roaming parties and clubs. Her considered maan only her ATM machine. She never given mother love to maan and even in her own children. She only married maan’s father for money sake only.
Adithya Sharma: he is 27 Years old .he work in kc .he trustable employee of MSk and buddy of maan. He love pinky (kc receptionist –one side love)

Mageshwari family:
Sanskar Maheswari: He is 26 years old. He is such a handsome and perfect structure guy and he is busineesman and md of karma industries .he is eliglble bachelor of delhi and he loves his sister very much .he can do anything to his sister. He hates other family member. Best buddies are ranjith and maan opps sry now enemy.

Durgaprasad mageshwari: he is father of SM. He is md of maheswari industries.and he blindly belived guruji word (guruji means saint of maheswari family) in one mistake his own child hate him.

Annapurana Maheswari: she is mother of SM.she is lovable lady and housewife .she never against her husband word. in sake her own child hate her.

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