Maaneet and Swasan FF -Marriage at First Sight (Part 3)


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Flash back continues
Firstly I explain about Manju aunty
Manju aunty is rich person and her husband always around the world because he is businessman and her only daughter .last week only her daughter went to grandma place to enjoy her vacation.
Manju aunty’s house look like small bungalow .the walls decorated by painting, photos such a beautiful house. In night time look like bhooth bungalow.
In dinner time
Both girls stay with manju aunty house tonight because girls parents out of station
Manju and girls (geet and choti) ate the dinner & went sleep to respective room .Manju and girls are used in downstairs room ( for Each room two door are available – one door are attached with both room and other door is separate for each room) same door always locked, only used in separate doors

In rainy day, time: 11.45 pm
Note: plz guys imagine ur in manju place.

Manju slept in bed and her phone ring .and her hand search phone with closed eyes .once get her phone,ring cutoff .places at phone in side table and again turn to sleep .once again phone ring she wake up with irriate face whose the hell call this time .and see the id, shocked that no is Manju landline no.

In self thought Nobody in my house whose call me .in mind strike girls call to me. Go to next room .open the door lightly saw that girls sleeping peacefully & fully covered with blanket .and back to room thinking whose calling to me enter the room suddenly see that bathroom light on .iam not on the switch in lightly shiver voice . In slow footstep go to bathroom & shaky hand to the open door ( guys bathdoor opens firstly see only mirrors) .she saw that mirror read the written word in mirror” I WANT SUCK UR BLOOD” immediately closed eyes ,heart beat raised, In mind flash read words only .after few second lightly open eyes, there is no letter in that mirror. look her room ,room has complete pin drop silent.

It look like horror house . Outside of the house heavy rain falls, window door clashing sound ,Dogs barks sounds and thunder sound hears like that ear jaws are break. now she scared go to bed pick up the phone and mistakely looked caller idea details that there is no missed in phone. in self thought how it is possible .suddenly a crying baby voice came from outside of the hall. she come to Hall .her eyes scanned whole hall. one side of hall tv shows are running, it is horror movies playing. She came near to tv and her shivering hand to switch off tv .suddenly tv volumes increases and I want suck ur blood voice from tv.(movie actor say line)now heart beat raised heavly, her face full of sweating. that sound effects, leg jerked backed and automatically tv switch off .she step in backward direction and mistakely sit in chair in next second hears horns sound, she jumps from chair & close the eyes shout : Haaaaa
suddenly power cut all boldness are gone now ,manju scared shivering voice said that hanuman slogan .

she saw one black shadow step to stairs / steps with oil lamp in its hands. she looked at shadow , say slogan continuosly and she gather all her boldness step to stairs and eyes full of moist and very scared .at same time heavy payal sound heared in downstairs. she turns look back that black shadow in downstairs and loud sound smiledHA HA HAA ……… .(Now manju heart beat raised like any second heart is jumping out of the body and whole body shivering)
She reached upstairs that black shadow appeared in front her face and close her eyes and slowly open eyes shadow gone . in stammering voice ask who.. are …u and what do ….u …want…vessel are falling down in kitchen at downstairs. At same time clock rang 12 ‘0’ clock bell sound . I want suck ur blood that eco sound reflects whole building. She almost faints hears eco sound. Quickly running to pooja room and sit in front of god idol and close eyes shout hanuman slogan and slept that place
Flash back end

At present
All laughs hardly .geet: choti, I never forget her face reaction (holding stomach in her hand laugh loudly)
Choti: ha di that prank one of our best prank in laughing tone.
Maa/papa: after that incident manju stayed in one week hospital. Bechari so much that day she scared.

Back to flash black:
Next day Evening maa & papa returned to the house. Manju aunty servants told that manju admitted hospital. Both reached to hospital and enquire about her
Maa/papa: what happended manju, why ur face look pale.and ur whole body shivering.
Manju narrated yesterday night incident
(maa and papa look at each other ,in mind thought decided this prank done only our both devils) maa said to manju: take care ur health & bye and left the hospital
At Building:
Maa/papa shout in high pitch voice: geeta choti
Geet & choti: maa /papa ur returned
Maa in angry face: just shut up
Papa: I already told don’t prank with manju y both did it her
Choti: hum kuch nahi keya papa ( guilty voice in head down look at floor said)
Papa: look at me,don’t lie choti, iam ur papa( angry voice)
Geet & choti: sry papa both his waist crying vigorously ( papa felt bad for princess because he never shout like that)
Papa : Stay away from her hug and wipes both tears .don’t cry princess in cool voice said.( both are not stop crying)
Maa decided diverted hers mind ask about how to make that prank tell me laughing tone.
Maa: Hold both her hand sit with sofa and cares both hairs .u both don’t tell ur mama.
Girls silent
Mom : Ok tell me mirror writing idea Kiska plan ya .

Choti : Excited voice said di idea ya.
Geet : (in slow voice) We are planned to prank for Manju aunty . After u left the house.nobody her house .so decided for prank tonight.
Geet and choti said yesterday incident : We arrange pillow in sleeping position covered with blanket.

Choti: Di silently enter aunty room in attached door ways and hide into bottom bed. At same time I called Manju aunty phone in her landline no.after aunty check our room na at time di write mirror letter and swith on bathroom light & hide behind curtains of shower.
Geet: After aunty saw that mirror word and close her eyes .and that fraction sec I wipes that mirror nature and god help with us .yesterday every rain , thunder storm and ..papa stop ask :even Windows clashing sound and dogs barks also

Choti: No papa it my plan . U know everyone scared that time so I already tie roop in window and pull rope that make window clashing sound. and we already manage neighbour dogs (ceaser) u know na papa puppy obey di order only . I signaled to ceaser that time ceaser barks.
Geet : We already time setting in dvd player .( imagine only tv setting : Time automatically TV on and decided scene also set and scene finished, automatically switched off).we set vampire movie.
Choti: We arrange horn chair ( bottom of chair attached horn if any one sit sound produced).
Geet : We are fully covered with black dress including faces. we are both decided in iam upstairs and choti in downstairs. In updownstairs show to black shadow face to aunty at time choti hide in behind the chair in downstairs . in same ways I hide in behind the curtains and choti show face to aunty.
Maa: eco sound and crying baby sound
Choti : we already connected to speaker with attached mic in ur dress. We spoked eco reflect in whole building. And crying baby is tape recorder sound .
Papa: but I doubt , ceaser one dog na , manju told dogs barks.
Geet & choti: laugh loudly said oh we corrected ceaser and ceaser corrected juile ( ceaser lover).

Maa/ papa told: both are crazy ya ha don’t do that one again and tomorrow we will go hospital and u both says sorry to aunty .that one condition only we only forget ok
Geet & choti in said voice: ok papa/maa
Flash back end
At present

Choti & geet : laugh loudly remember flash back.
Maa and papa look at both girls with side hugs told any evil eyes touch with my angels. Both girls look at parents .unison told romance in front of ur angels ur very bad in teasing tone. And join the group hugs. Part end

precap: heros entry and cs.

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