Maaneet and Swasan FF -Marriage at First Sight (Part 2)


Hi guys ,firstly thank for ur comments. please reply me, if any mistake, any issues and tell me and I will rectify & correct it also now continue story.

Place: Same building at chennai
A sunrays fall on her girl face.a middle aged woman standing in near sofa shake that girl.
woman: Geeta chellam (chellam means dear ) wake up da its already 7 “0” clock
( yeah a girl none other our Geet heroine).
geet shout : What 7 0″ clock maa, I want go to office early
maa close ears in her Hand : yeah I Know go fresh up and come breakfast quickly .
geet coming downstairs (a man sits in dinning table ,reads newspaper)
geet Look at man: good morning papa
papa: Good morning princess
geet: Maa where is choti, am already late.
( maa eyes gestured to papa to ask geet)
papa: In slow voice chellam how is ur work going ( maa has rolled her eyes. Make angry face look to papa )
geet: Papa plz,any matter said me straightly
papa: Oh .. Ur uncle told about ur marriage alliance ( papa showed boy photo to geet) & said boy family,character blah….
geet: Stop papa I don’t want marriage iam already mar..( a voice came from back) ” angel”.
geet turns look at her choti ( choti gestured nods no)
choti: Angel iam late chello
geet said to parents: please understand me, I need time .
papa: Ok princess ur wish my wish ( maa cleared her throats) sry our wish. geet smiled says thanks.
choti & geet unison: Bye papa , maa. And left the place.
maa said to papa : I don’t know what happened my dear / baby in 2 months something bothering her.
Papa: Her office tension only there is nothing like that u think
maa: I wish so
papa : Oh princess maa , plz concentrate also ur sweet husband. (teasing tone)
maa: Some time u behave ur my third Child and ate breakfast go to ur office ( in fake angry voice) papa pout

outside building
choti: Angel, in correct time, iam not coming u told everything to papa and maa
Geet: Sorry yeah but iam married
choti: Di don’t forget you are married but both person only know in our family u and me. U always hide ur thread in ur dress and mang tika hide in behind ur hair.
Geet in stern voice : this is not thread . choti hold both ears in her hand say sorry with puppy face. ok lets go otherwise devil princi not allow me class
Geet: Dramabazzzz chello

At evening
maa serve coffee to Papa. both Girls enter the house and sit sofa get relaxed a suddenly lady voice from outside
choti& maa: She arrived (shout in choti naughty face &maa irritating face).
papa: Manju only came why you both shout like dinosaur arrived
Choti turns to papa: dinosaur better than her ( geet sit silent Watching her drama)choti stand face front of three and start imitate to Manju she always told this saree my hubby bought from Paris. this necklace unique pieces made in us and even she told sandal when, where make ( imitate in Manju aunty body language) she always wore status tags papa. What we do papa
papa : I am not forget that day ,my both princess what did that Manju .
choti make innocent face :what we do papa
papa : don’t worry, I remind u dear
flash back starts
geet age 14 choti age 11 ,both are prankster .always irritating manju aunty (neighbour) Manju also complaint girls to geet parents
one day geet parents scold our girls for prank to Manju
choti : I hate Manju devil
geet : Ha choti aunty vajasa mom papa scold us , suddenly idea strike in mind ( silent talk) both hi-fi each other and smiles evily.

part end

flash back continues next part guys , if u guys want raglak also.plz reply me . I know this part is boring but I want explain all character fully . dont worry guys, after 5 part full masti ,I will gurante and don,t skip the part . next part I will post on evening ( geet family cs and ..)

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