Maahiya – Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi (Part 6)

Thnx guys for all the comments I got so far..As it is the summer holidays, I’m posting really quick. Most of u wanted a longer update so I tried to make it as long as I could. Enjoy. ?

Recap: Teju asked 4 a DIL from her sons and KN’s entry

KN: This is what u have done! U have given birth to some useless children who don’t even know how to respect their elders.

Teju: What have they done now?

KN: What have they done? Y don’t u ask what haven’t they done?

Suraj: OK fine then! Tell us! What haven’t we done?!

KN: Chup! Just shut up! Ur tongue is working too fast. Keep it in control!

Suraj: (muttering) As if I want to

KN: What did u say! Speak again!

Suraj: I said as if I want to!

KN got really angry and slapped Suraj across the face once and as Suraj was glaring at him, he was heading 4 another one

Bihaan: Papa leave it! U know Suraj. He is like this and he never will change. He loves Maa a lot. U know what he can do 4 her and ur still wasting ur time on him. Gajab!

Rishi: Bihaan is right. What’s wrong with u Papa? U haven’t forgotten what Suraj did last time have u?

KN starts rubbing his neck with his hands nervously

Kunal: Exactly papa. I knew u haven’t forgotten. How could u? It wasn’t a minor situation. And as 4 us, I have decided that from now on, I’ll work in the Rajvanshi industry and I won’t give u a chance to complain.

KN stood there staring at the boys. He then turns to Kunal

KN: 2morrow half nine at office. Be there! All of u!

Karan: but papa..

KN: I said All of u! I want all my sons there!

The boys were irked as KN orders them and storms upstairs.


The girls were drinking their tea

Swara: Are wah Doll! This tea is amazing! I’ve never tasted anything like it!

Ragini: But Sanu, I always make tea like this.

Swara: u do?

Ragini nods and Swara replies with an OK, smiles and quietly starts drinking her tea. This makes everyone confused as Swara isn’t normally like this. Chakor notices this.

Chakor olv: Oh no! Di messed up! C’mon Chakor now its ur turn.

Chakor: By the way Tanu di! What will we do after drinking our tea?

Tanuja: Umm. We can start by removing things from bedrooms.

Chakor: That’s a good idea! Who’s room will we start with?

Tanuja: Umm. Massi’s?

Meghna and Naina jump up shocked and shout “Mumma’s” at the same time

Thapki: Haan. Massi’s but y did u 2 jump up?

Naina: Wo…cuz…cuz

Naina hesitates and Meghna starts to speak

Meghna: Cuz, I think Mishtu ( their cat) brushed past us. Right Chiku?

Naina: Haan. Haan.

Tanuja raises her eyebrows

Tanuja: Mishtu?

Meghna: Haan Di.

Ragini: How could that be possible? Mishtu is asleep in her basket

Golmaal hain Bhai Sab golmaal hain plays……

Naina: Accha? Then maybe it was a rat or a cockroach or even a spider or …. Or a..

Thapki olv: something is fishy. All 4 of them r behaving very weirdly. I need to speak to them.

Ragini: calm down Chiku! It could have been anything. C’mon let’s all go upstairs to Massi’s room.

Swara: Doll. Y r u taking the trouble? Massi’s room is very small it will only need half of us in there.

Ragini: But Sanu..

Swara: Y don’t u, Tanu di and Thapki di start making supper? Massi and imlu will be home in a minute. Then I, Gudiya, Meghu Di and Chiku will do the job in Massi’s room. Teek hain?

The 4 girls start to run but Thapki stops them

Thapki: Tell me the truth! What have u 4 done!?

Swara: Wo Di…

Thapki: And don’t lie 2 me! I’ve been noticing! Swara u were drinking ur tea very strangely

Chakor: Wo Di…

Thapki: Gudiya! U were hesitating and playing with ur dupatta nervously while u were speaking.

Chakor olv: Are maiyya re! I can never control that when I’m nervous!

Thapki looks to Meghna and Naina

Thapki: And I don’t think I need to mention about u 2.

All 4 of them were like ??


The boys are annoyed at Kunal

Bihaan: Gajab! U put urself in trouble and now u put US in the same situation too!

Kunal: Trouble?! How is it trouble? Don’t u guys want a job?

Rishi: well yeah…but not like this

Kunal: But its better now than never right?

Sanskaar: So we all have to go

Suraj: Whatever it is. I’m NOT going!

Bihaan: And what makes u say that!?

Suraj: Shri Kamal Narayan said all his sons should be their and I am clearly NOT his son. He has broken ties with me 2 years ago after that incident. U know that!

After Suraj says this he leaves in anger and the boys get even more irked. And they were like ????


The 4 girls who were behaving weird r sitting on the sofa with their head down in shame as Thapki is glaring at them

Thapki : So! Tell me! What happened?

Naina: WO di….

Thapki interrupted

Thapki: not u Chiku! Meghna! U tell me.

Meghna: Main! Why me?

Thapki: cuz u r the oldest!

Meghna: its not necessary that the oldest always tells the truth

Thapki: what r u trying to say?

Meghna: I mean I won’t say cuz it wasn’t my fault!

Thapki: Fine then! B that way! Chiku! U tell me!

Naina: All I want to say is that there is no point in asking me as it wasn’t my ball

Chakor looks at Naina shocked and in anger

Chakor olv: Chiku ka bacchi! I won’t spare u!

Thapki: ball? Gudiya is the only one who had a ball

Thapki looked at Chakor

Thapki: Do u have anything to say?

Chakor: Di. We accidently broke Massi’s vase. Her fav vase. We didn’t mean to but it happened. Plz don’t shout at me. Pakka wala promise. Next time I have my ball, I’ll play outside.

Thapki raised her eyebrows

Thapki: Gudiya. U go and get the vase. And u 3! Get up! Now!

Swara, meghna and naina get up

Thapki: Hold ur ears!

Swara: but di…

Thapki: I said hold ur ears!

The 3 girls do as they r told

Thapki: Murga bano!

The 3 girls squat down

Thapki: Good Girls! Now next time remember to not ever lie or hide something. It will become a problem only 4 u. Gudiya told the truth so we r doing something about it. If she didn’t then the punishment would have been worse.

Thapki winked at the rest

Thapki: Did u know that when u do something like that, then u start seeing and hearing things?

The 3 girls shake their head

Thapki: Well now u do right?

The 3 girls nod

Thapki: Good! Now u can get up.

Naina gets up

Thapki: what r u doing!

Naina: U said we can get up right?

Thapki looks at Tanu and Tanu smiles

Thapki: Tanu! Did I?

Tanuja: I don’t think so Thapki.

Tanuja looks at Naina

Tanuja: Chiku! R u hearing things?

Naina olv: What’s happening 2 me? Is it cuz I lied?

Naina: Di I’m sorry! I’m very sorry.

Naina runs near the mandir and and starts crying while Thapki, Tanuja and Ragini try to keep their laughter in

Naina: Baghwan Ji plz! Plz forgive me! I won’t ever lie again. Pakka wala promise. Plz baghwan Ji. Plz!

Meghna and swara get annoyed with this prank so they get up and go to Naina

Swara: Chiku. Get up.

Naina: No di! I’m a sinner. I won’t get up unless Baghwan Ji forgives me.

Meghna: Fine! Make a fool of urself!

Thapki, Tanuja and Ragini get into a burst of laughter ?????

Naina: what do u mean by that and y r they laughing?

Swara: Ur not hearing things! Di did say 2 get up!

Naina: she did?

Meghna wipes Naina’s tears

Meghna: yes! Now stop with this crying as it was a prank! And don’t worry, ur Meghu di is with u.

Swara: Sanu di 2! We’re both with u.

The trio hug. Chakor comes down with the vase and notices the girls laughing and the trio hugging.

Chakor olv: what just happened?

Chakor: Di!

All of them look at Chakor

Chakor: Did I miss out on anything?

The girls start laughing again and Chakor was like ???

Chakor: I’ll take that as a yes then.

Precap: every boy except Suraj come office and Tanuja and Thapki r finding it hard to forgiven by the trio.

Thnx guys, hope u enjoyed it and I’ve added more bihaan parts 4 the thahaan fans..Plz do comment.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. What happened two years back between kn & suraj. Loved the prank played by girls. Poor naina.

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    Waaw thanks sis i ❤
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  3. lovely thanks for adding bihaan and girl scenes was funny and cute and I was imagining girls murgia bni hogi lol loved it update soON excited to know what happen b/w Kn and suraj

  4. Resh

    Firstly, this was another wonderful episode!! I’m waiting for the day when all of them will meet up! I also want to know what that incident is all about! What is that incident?? What is the problem between Suraj and KN?? Want to know soon! Naina was soo cute.. the scene was really cute but felt sad for Naina and felt a little angry on her sister’s for teasing her like that!?❤️️ Totally enjoyed you episode!! I’m also happy to find it pretty long! Please post the next one really soon! ?❤️️ Love you loads for your wonderful work!

  5. Awesome update! So only Suraj is resisting KN! loved the girls scenes, when they naughty four were hiding that vase incident and Thapki’s prank. Looking forward to the next update.

  6. Jiya09

    Amazing episode!!! Just loved it. Felt sad for Naina but the prank was sweet.
    Really want to know what’s the incident between suraj and kn!. Love ur ff .. Update soon!?

  7. Really very very very very much enjoyable part. N long too. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeese post soon m egrly waiting OK my lvly sis n SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sory for late coment.

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