Maahiya – Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi (Part 5)

Thnx guys for all the comments I got so far..As it is the summer holidays, I’m posting really quick. I might not get a chance to submit some of the days as I’m busy with family. So here is the next update. Enjoy. ?
Recap: The girls need to leave the village and Teju hints that she wants the boys to get married but they don’t get it.

Kunal: Maa! What is it that u want then?
Teju: Think about it. It’s what every mother desires from her son
The boys look at one another confused
Rishi: Mom! Plz don’t say u r talking about a Bahu
Teju: That’s exactly what I’m talking about! Especially with u. U r the oldest.
A LOUD noise comes from downstairs and Uttara comes in shaking
Uttara: Mumma! Papa is calling u to come and he seems really angry.
Suraj: What does he want now? ?
Teju: Uttara. U go down. I’m coming

The girls are starting to pack their things
Tanuja: Massi and Imlu have gone out to the bazaar. In the meantime, we can just have a little rest
Chakor is spinning her basketball on her finger
Swara: Gudiya! Pass the ball! Let’s play catch.
Meghna: No pass it to me
Naina: Di. Pass it here
Thapki: If u guys want to play catch, go somewhere else
Chakor: OK. We’ll go upstairs
The 4 girls go upstairs
Ragini: I’m absolutely knackered. I’ll go make tea 4 everyone

In the Rajvanshi Haveli, an angry man is seen kicking chairs and shouting at a servant.
Angry man: What r u looking at? U bl**** goose!
Ranjana: Don’t shout at him! Go shout at the person who is the cause of all this. Tejaswini ji . Where is she?
Teju: I’m right here Ranjana. Tell me what happened. What have I done now?
Angry man: What have u done?! U don’t know what u’ve done!
Teju shakes her head and the man starts cackling evilly
Angry man: Are Wah! Madam doesn’t know what she has done….She has no idea
The man starts laughing again which made Suraj angry
Suraj: Oh! Kamal Narayan
The man sops laughing and looks at suraj. He is revealed to be KN
Suraj: Is there a circus going on here that u r laughing ur head off?!
Rishi: Suraj! Calm down!
Suraj: What Calm down Bhai?! Just cuz he is ur father and the head of this Havel, it doesn’t mean he can always have his way.
KN pulls Teju and points at the boys
KN: This is what u have done Tejaswini! This is what u have done. U have given birth to some useless children who don’t even know how to respect their elders…This is what u have done!
KN laughs again

Precap: The 4 girls who were playing catch, r acting and talking very strangely and Kunal agrees to work 4 KN
Thnx guys, hope u enjoyed it and sorry if there is anything that confused u .Plz do comment.

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  1. Jiya09

    This was just amazing!! But one question , does here also Kamal narayan has two wife like udaan? Waiting to know what kunal has agree for. Update soon with a long one ( if u r ok with it ?)

    1. Thnx Di. Nd No Ranjana isn’t KN’s wife here. She is his SIL and she is like sandhya from Swabhiman but not exactly like her. I’ll try and update a longer one next time. ?

  2. Interesting update! Finally one the boys got what Teju meant. So KN is evil here? Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

    1. Thnx Didu. Nd yah, KN is evil as he suits evil all the time. Nd I’ll try to update soon but as I said I’m a bit busy with family and some hospital appointments too. ?

      1. I’ll be at the hospital 2day overnight so I wont be commenting on udaan page or chupke chupke page. Will miss u. ?

      2. oh Are you ill?

      3. I have a medical condition since I was 2 years old. The doctors don’t know what it is, thus so many appointments. ?

      4. oh ?. I hope you’re feeling better.

      5. I am now thnx Didu. But I didn’t get a good sleep yesterday at the hospital. I had alot of wires attached to me and and this plaster thingy mujigy on my finger and it had a light on it- it was soo annoying. Ps it was soo cold I needed 2 blankets. ?
        1 appointment over, loads more to go. The worst thing is that I need to go to a far hospital I cant go to the local one. ??

      6. Couldn’t they adjust you room’s AC? No wonder you couldn’t sleep. Travelling while unwell is exhausting. Take care of yourself !

      7. There was no AC Didu. There was only a radiator and a window. We shut the window but it was still really cold. My dad got a good sleep though, I didn’t. I think I woke up at 5 in the morning thinking its 9 until my dad came in after praying. It was soo frustrating! I was mostly missing my annoying sister, my mum and u guys. Thnx Didu. I will surely take care of myself. No need to worry. ?

  3. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. So kn is evil. Rishi got what tejaswni want. Waiting for next. Why kunal agree to work with kn

    1. To prove that the boys aren’t useless and to save their mother’s reputation and self respect. ? nd thnx sukor lover (may I know ur name or ur age so I can call u di or something?) ill try and update soon. ?

      1. Sukorlover

        My name is sonali, my age is 25

      2. Ok Sonu Di (do u mind if I call u that? ?) and thnx do keep reading.

      3. Sukorlover

        No problem with it. You can call me whatever you want to

  4. Meghnal

    Interesting dear
    I like’t a lot u r ff

    1. Thnx. I’m glad u liked it. Do keep reading. ?

      1. Meghnal

        I will dear

  5. where is bihaan? I miss him any way its lovely and looking forward to next part wow KN intro was nice all the best update soon

    1. I miss Bihaan too and thnx for the wishes. Don’t worry Moti buddhi and gajab B 4 Bihaan will be in the next part. I promise. Its just that I can only write upto 800 words and I’ve got so many characters so u will just have to bear with it. With the Jodi meeting I’ll mention which couple it is in the title. ?

      1. Sukorian

        u can have atleast 800 words u saw my ff they have 3000 words.

      2. 3000!! Really Afa? Ok then ill post a longer one next time. Not as long as u do though.

  6. Awsm awsm awsm bt mujhe or pdna tha m waiting. N hospital y. R u fine?

    1. Thanku thanku thanku sooo much Anni Di. Iss baar jaldi main Thi isliye thoda short hain agli baar lamba zuroor karungi. AAP k baat main kabhi nehi ignore kar sakti. ? nd Maine Didu ko kehe diya hain k kyun main hospital jaa Thi hoon. AAP bhi Parle na.

  7. Inbisat

    It good but I want only thahaan ff and dear you add different pairs so it irritate me a lot to read sorry if any of my word heart you so sorry I just give you my point of view ?

    1. Its ok i understand. I can write a thahaan ff if u want to. So it will be this story but thahaan POV. Just suggesting plz let me know if u like the idea or not. ?

      1. And I mentioned to someone else that when its the couples meeting, ill write it separately with each couples to show their points. ?

  8. Inbisat

    Yes I really like your idea pls write ff on thahaan because you writting method is excellent

    1. Ok then ill start writing an ff on Thahaan very soon. Do u mind if I have just Chakor as Thapki’s sister and Suraj as Bihaan’s best friend? Thahaan will be the lead though. I just need someone to tease them and i love sukor alot. ? hope u don’t mind

  9. Inbisat

    Ok I don’t mind thanks alot

    1. So behold to start reading my thahaan ff
      Can I fall for a goon?

      1. I meant
        Can I fall 4 a goon like u?
        I’ve posted the character sketch now I’m just waiting for it to upload. Hope u like it ?

  10. nice dear or pls meet tanshi soon

    1. I’ll try my best to ?

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