Maahiya – Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi (Part 4)

Thnx guys for all the comments I got so far.. So here is the next update. Enjoy. ?

Recap: Chakor loves rain, the boys waste time shouting at Suraj and Sharda’s worried

Tanuja: what happened Massi?

Thapki: Is there anything we need to know?

Swara: Did someone say anything?

Meghna: Just say his name and watch what I’ll do to him. I’ll beat him black and blue if he dares to say anything else to my Mumma. ?

Ragini: Calm down di! Look at Massi..Does she look like she has been threatened or does she look sad?

Meghna: Sad……But I can’t see Mumma like this!

Chakor: we know. So can’t we. But we have to calm down to know the truth. Let’s take Massi inside. She’s been standing here for ages.

The girls take the umbrella off Sharda and take her in to sit down and Thapki gets her a glass of water.

Thapki: So Massi! How was ur day today?

Sharda was interrupted by Imli who hands her a letter

Imli: Massi! There’s a mail for you. The courier guy didn’t say who its from

Tanuja: Imlu. Give it to me.

Tanuja reads the letter out loud and stops at the word ‘TRANSFER’. The girls look at Sharda

Sharda: That’s the sad news. I’m sorry my dears. But We have to leave this village.. Forever!…I tried my best to stop the transfer but I couldn’t. We have no choice but to leave.

The girls were really sad hearing this but they didn’t want to show Sharda that .

Ragini: So. We have a lot to do sisters.

Swara: ur right Doll. We need to tidy and pack our things. And. As long as all of us r together, any place will feel like home. So there is no big deal. But by which day do we need to leave?

Tanuja: it says here in the letter by the end of July.

Imli jumps up shocked

Imli: By The End Of July!!!!

Naina: yah didi. What’s wrong? Why r u so shocked?!

Chakor: Aree Maiyya re! Imlu! Is our dance competition at the end of July?

Imli nods her head and notices that Sharda felt bad for what happened.

Imli olv: no! I can’t let Massi feel bad that I can’t go to dance. She’s already going through a lot. I can’t let the problem increase.

Sharda: I’m so sorry girls

Chakor: No Massi. Y r u saying sorry? Its not ur fault.

Imli: it’s just a silly old dance competition. There’s no big deal if we can’t attend. Besides. We can join a dance club in the place we r going

Swara: By the way, where r we going?

Tanuja: some place called Aazadganj


The scene shifts from the girls to the boys

The boys r on the terrace and Teju comes to hang the washing which is mostly the boy’s clothes

Kunal: Thanks Mom ur the best!

Teju looked at the boys with raised eyebrows

Teju: Beta! When will I stop doing these small jobs?

Suraj: What?! Mummy these jobs have always been affecting u and now u tell us? If u told us earlier then I would have immediately done something about it.

Sanskaar: Exactly Mom! Now u leave this and we’ll do it. Give it here.

Teju: So now will u lot do the jobs?

Karan: Of course

Teju: Leave it be. U boys can’t even handle yourselves so how will u manage to take such a big responsibility. Anyways, I’m fine I love doing these jobs. I just want someone to help me. Someone who is trustworthy.

Rishi Olv: Is Mom hinting at what I’m thinking she is?

Lakshya: OK Mom! From now on we will hire another maid to help u. Happy?

Teju wasn’t very pleased with this reply

Teju: Happy? …..Look at my face….Do I look happy?

Vivaan: No and Yes cuz from this angle ur face doesn’t look symmetrical but from the other angle it does so…

The boys couldn’t stand Mr Nerd at this moment so they tried to shut him up

Suraj: Vivaan.Vivaan.Vivaan. Calm down. Mummy doesn’t want any explanation now as her face clearly shows that she isn’t happy with the idea of another maid. Right Mummy?

Teju: Absolutely Suraj. Y would I want another maid. I’ve already got Girja, Bijli and Lali. Maid is not what I want.

Kunal: Mom! What is it that u want then?

Teju: Think about it. It’s what every mother desires from her son

The boys look at one another confused. ?

What does Teju actually want? Do u know?

Precap: KN’s entry and the girls get ready to leave

Thnx guys, hope u enjoyed it and sorry if there is anything that confused u .Plz do comment.

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  1. Interesting update, so the girls will move to Azadganj. Vivaan’s scene was funny. Teju wants the boys to get married but they didn’t get her hint. Looking forward to the next update and KN’s entry.

    1. Good guess Didu. Yah. Teju does want the boys to get married. I’ll try to update soon. ?

  2. Jiya09

    Amazing episode! I think teju wants her son to get married? ( just guessing , don’t know ?). Waiting for the next . Update soon.

    1. Thnx Di. Yes. Teju does want the boys to get married. I’ll try update soon.

  3. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. So girls will move to ajadganj. Tejaswni her sons to get married.Waiting for next part & kn’s entry

    1. Thnx. Will do ?

  4. Resh

    Teju want the boys to get married! Stupid guys.. maid it seems!? Transfer!!! I hope it is next to the boy’z house… I’m waiting to know! post the next one soon, Sunny! Just love it yaar! You are awesome ?❤️️

    1. Thnx. Maybe they will move next to the boys. ?
      I’ll try update soon ?

  5. Shreya.

    Wowww wowwww wowwww both d parts r awesome chutki ???? loved it ??? Mr.Nerd ???? nd yaa even am also thinking d same tat tejaswini ji want d boys to get married soon poor boys they’re cnfsd…. bt wat abt rishi if he understand tejaswini ji’s word ???? eagerly waiting for ur next part chutki ????

    1. Thnx Di. Teju does want her sons to get married and abut Rishi, u will find out in the next part. ?

  6. Shreya.

    Girls r intelligent they understand their massi very well…if meghna is a angry bird??? Nd am Soo happy d girls r shifted into aazadhangunj….hope soon v will c d love story.. bt am cnfsd if Suraj nd Chakor will started loving each other r they’re d last one…I don’t want sukor is d last person to realize their love….looking forward chutki ????

    1. Yes Di. Meghna is an angry bird, she Is short tempered. And u know na, I love nok jhok and Sukor r my fav so maybe they’ll be the first to realise or maybe they won’t. ? Cant say. Sorry Di.

  7. nice one

    1. Thnx ?

  8. Amazing shanu lvd it.

    1. Thnx Anni Di. I’m glad u lved it. ?

  9. Hey sunny its amazing. I know what does teju wants. She wants a bahu for her children.

    1. Thnx. I’m glad u liked it. ?
      Yah! Teju wants a bahu 4 herself

  10. ShanayaKhan

    It was amazing sunny. And sorry for the late comment. Oh so teju is telling them to bring bahu for her. And I think rishi thought the same as Tejaswini.

    1. Thnx. I’m glad u liked it ?
      Teju wants a bahu and maybe Rishi thinks the same ? Sorry can’t say. Wait 4 the next part it will be mentioned I promise

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