Maahiya – Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi (Part 2)

It is raining and a football pitch is shown. There is mud everywhere and
8 men’s faces are shown all sweaty and dirty. …….Sultan song

Boy 1: “pass”

The boy with the ball, who was wearing a green T-shirt, (boy 2) tries to
pass the ball to him but slips.

Boy 2 is revealed to be vivaan. .

Another boy (boy 3) in a navy T-shirt takes the ball and runs all the way
to the other side of the pitch and passes the ball to boy 4, who was
wearing a grey T-shirt.

Boy 3: Come on Lucky. U can do this.

Boy 3 and 4 r revealed to be Sanskaar and Lakshya .

Lakshya takes the ball and passes the ball to boy 5, who is wearing a
yellow T-shirt. Boy 5 kicks the ball and tries to shoot.

Boy 5 is revealed to be Kunal .

The ball goes soaring into the air. Higher and higher. Getting closer to
the net all in slow motion. Everyone’s heartbeat was thumping. Faster and
Faster……thump-thump……thump-thump….thump-thump….Boy 7, who is
wearing an orange T-shirt and is in goal, jumps to get the ball but
unfortunately, trips.

Boy 7 is revealed to be Karan .

Vivaan : Noooo!

The ball was getting even closer now…..Suddenly, boy 1, who is wearing a
black T-shirt, appears and head bumps the ball by jumping up into the air.
His eyes all filled with tension looking over to the ball. He then began to

Boy 1: Bhai! Get the ball!

Boy 1 is revealed to be the one and only Suraj.

Boy 6, who was wearing a red T-shirt, leaped to get the ball and kicked it
in the air. He had done a fly kick.

Boy 6 was revealed to be Rishi .

The ball was again soaring through the air again in slow motion. Boy 8, who
is wearing a white T-shirt and is the goal keeper, shakes his head and
leaps for the ball. All in slow motion.

Boy 8 is revealed to be Bihaan.

Everybody close their eyes at the sight and their hearts start beating even
more faster than before. 2 girls were watching and one of the girls started
screaming and shouting and dancing as the ball had gone through to the net.
She was wearing a purple top and a bright, yellow skirt. She is revealed to
be Uttara. The girl beside her who seemed a bit grumpy as her team had lost
gave a big smile and said:

” Wow! Bhai was fantastic na? ”

This girl is revealed to be Ragini (Udaan). She is wearing a black,
traditional Indian dress.

All the boys get into the middle and give a group hug.

Rishi : well played boys!

Kunal : na man! That wasn’t a fair game.

Sanskaar : What just happened, WAS cheating.

Lakshya : Suraj has cheated.

Bihaan : Our ball would have gone through but it didn’t cuz of that 6 foot

Karan : Bhai ! The team was even. U guys also have a 6 foot person in ur

Vivaan : And by the way. How is it cheating if someone is 6 foot? The
height doesn’t count.

Suraj : Yeah! I can’t just shrink, can I? Whatever I did was technique.

Vivaan : no no. I mean HEIGHT doesn’t count BUT WORK does. So.. U were
about 100km away from the ball…Yep! It has to be 100. And ur force was
about….65N….Yep! I’m sure that’s right.

Vivaan went on blabbering to his self while the boys started talking
amongst themselves.

Lakshya : oh no! Mr Nerd has started.

Sanskaar : and u never know when he’ll be finished.

Kunal : U know what? Let’s just forget about this height problem

Lakshya : well played Suraj and great kick Bhai .

Karan : Is Mr Nerd finish yet?

They turn around to look at Vivaan, who asks them a question.

Vivaan : What’s the formula for Work Done?…. Are haan. Its force ÷
distance!….Or is it Force × Distance?…….

Vivaan went on blabbering to himself again and the boys made weird faces,
turned round and start talking amongst themselves again.

Rishi : Is he finish!…. I don’t think so

Sanskaar : Guys. I’ll just come. I need to go the….(he shows his pinky
finger and leaves)

Lakshya olv: u r not the only one who wants to escape. I want to get out of
here too! What should I do?…what should I do?……

Bihaan : I’m hungry!

The boys look at Bihaan .

Karan : Bhai ! U seriously had to mention FOOD right now?

Rishi : Does he ever think of anything else!?

Bihaan : Well then! I guess u guys want to stay here with Mr Nerd and
listen to all his nonsense.

Suraj goes behind the boys

Suraj : Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.Whoa. WHOA!…. Hang on a minute there. …..I’m
sure we r ALL hungry. …….And we ALL want to go and eat mummy’s handmade
food…..So guys………….

There was a pause

Kunal : So guys what?

Lakshya : Come on Suraj! Speak up!

Bihaan : There is something black in the Dal. (Dal mein kuch kala hain)

Karan: Bhai! Ur still talking about FOOD?

Bihaan slaps his hand on his forehead

Bihaan : No! I mean something’s fishy!

Karan : What is it with u and FOOD! First Dal and now Fish! I don’t smell
anything fishy!

Bihaan slaps his forehead again but this time harder and looks behind

Bihaan : Areeeee! I mean something’s WRONG! That Monkey has tricked us!
He’s gone to eat!

Rishi : What!? When!? How!?

Lakshya : We have to get him back for this!

Kunal : We will! But right now, Let’s just go and eat. All this talking has
made me hungry. Call the girls.

The boys and their 2 sisters go and eat leaving Vivaan behind. He is still
blabbering to himself and he doesn’t know that they left him.

Vivaan : Suraj has done 650 J of work because 100 × 65 = 650. So..I hope
now that u all have understood that Height doesn’t matter, its the WORK
DONE that counts and Suraj has clearly done some Amazing Work!

Vivaan Turns around

Vivaan : Well done Su………. Where did everybody go?….Maybe..they r
doing something important……I’m hungry. I’ll just go and eat. I’ll meet
them at the dinner table

Precap: Sharda’s (Meghna Naina’s mum but the rest of the girls’s Aunt
[Massi] ) entry and Imli Chakor’s dance club.
This was the boys intro and i hope u liked it. Plz dont forget to comment
and Plz. Dont hesitate to give me any ideas to improve and make this ff
even more interesting. Thnx Love u all.

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  1. Sukorian

    finally upload ? nice keep going

    1. I know. ? Thnx Afa.

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    It was a nice one.Quite confusing with these many super duper hit characters.But I am liking it.Appreciation to your work and hats off to you.The day I will not be confused I will surely say I loved it.Please don’t feel bad that was just my opinion.Post ASAP.Remember it’s really a nice one and looking forward to know more interesting things in this ff.I frankly doesn’t know much about other characters in real life except nairan meghnal tanuja and Rishi.Sukor also I know a few things.Hope I will understand them soon as I think you are mixing reel and real life not fully but some if I am not wrong.Ok I will not talk or blabber much and waste your time.Loads of love.Waiting for next one.

    1. What r u confused about? Plz tell me. And thanx for d comment.

  3. #nairanlover:-)

    Forgot to say about raglak and swasan I love them alot.I have seen almost all their episodes.And I am following them too.

    1. I love them too.

      1. #nairanlover:-)

        Actually so many characters who is elder who is smaller I am a little confused in that.But I am able to understand it after seeing the intro again and again.So sweet of you and thanku for listening to me.

      2. Eldest-smallest:

  4. Enjoyed it alot

    1. Thnx Di

  5. Dear i love ur ff bout sukor but the rest i dont know much about wow cant believe u included alot of joris

    1. Thnx Di. I did it on 8 jodis cuz I love groups of brothers and sisters. ?

  6. Awesome! like vivaan as a geek, so Suraj tricked them and went to eat ?. Looking forward to the next update

    1. Thnx Didu. I’m glad u found it funny. I did too. Try and update soon. ?

  7. Sukorlover

    Interesting update. I am sukor fan. Loved how suraj tricked all of them to eat. Vivan is nerd. Loved the characterisation of rest

    1. Thnx. I looove Sukor too. ? will update soon. ?

  8. Hey ping pong sisy of mis ding dong mai to aap jo likhne wali ho uske liye bhut exited hu oooo vivan n bihan both r lvly bechare.n suraj asusul rocking dhhhhhhhhhmaka intro ples ples ples suny post next soon pleeeeeees my pingi pongi.

    1. Thnx Anni di. Ping pong bohot Kush hain kyunki apko pasand aaya. Aur di Mein puri koshish karungi jaldi se update karne kilye. Love u ?

    2. Anni di. I’m soooo happy ur back. Apko pata hain, mene aapki comments ko bohot bohot miss kiya aur obviously aapko bhi. Love u di. ?

  9. Shreya.

    Wowww it’s amazing dr….loved it…I loved all these boys….I don’t know much abt others except sanlak nd suvaan brother’s bt no problem I loved all d characters here… Eagerly waiting for d next part chutki ???

    1. Thnx Di. Glad you like it. I’ll try and update soon. ?

  10. hey…nice one….even i m a thahaan fan…nd i dnt knw abt the other copls….bul liked it

    1. Hey. We share the same name. Thnx. I like thahan too. Will update soon.?

  11. Wow amazing the boys intro was amazing football players? nice…Love ur FF. When will u post the next one. soon

    1. i’ll try this weekend. thnx. I’m glad u liked it.

  12. Its nice yaar…but I get a little bit confused sometimes because it includes many characters..
    But no problem baby I can enjoyed it..
    Good work…waiting for their meetings

    1. I’m planning to get to the meeting ASAP. As its a love story, I don’t want to hold anyone up. ?

  13. ShanayaKhan

    It is amazing. Well even I think it is a bit confusing cause of sk many characters but still amazing I could say. Update soon.

    1. Thnx. In order to make it less confusing I’m planning to do the meeting one couple at a time. But till then the brother and sister relationship will be like this. Sorry. If it confuses u too much. Just say which bit does and ill try and explain. ?

      Plz. Update ur ffs Meri Jungli Billi and Falling in love with a billionare girl. ?

  14. loved it

    1. Thnx. U must be a Kasam fan. I like both tanuja and tanu so I’m including both. There will be no reincarnation. Just love. Kasam Teri pyaar Ki on Kasam.

  15. Nice ff sanu that scene is so funny when everyone says that its a cheating saying suraj is tall
    Vivaan’s dialogs r also so funny .I really enjoy reading it .

    1. Thnx Doll. Mujhe Bata Tha k Tu zuroor bolegi k accha Tha. Confusions k Bara Mein Tu nehi bolegi. Kyunki Tu apni Sanu ko Kush karne kilye kuch bhi karsakta hain. Hain na? Don’t worry Doll. Agr tuje confusions Hua tho bolde . I’ll try make it better next time. ?

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