Maahiya – Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi (Part 1)

Hey guys. This is the first time im writing an ff and I hope u like it. So first and foremost I’d like to say A GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOST LOVING AND WONDERFUL AFA / SUKORIAN. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY AFA. WISHING YOU MANY MANY RETURNS OF THE YEAR. HOPE U LIKE THIS FF AS A BIRTHDAY GIFT. (
Sorry, if there are too many characters but the thing is, I wanted to do the FF on 8 star couples on colors tv. They are: Suraj-Chakor, Vivaan-Imli, Swara-Sanskaar, Ragini-Lakshya, Rishi-Tanuja, Thapki-Bihaan, Meghna-Kunal and Karan-Naina.
All the girls are sisters and all the boys are brothers. KN and Teju are the mother and father of all the boys but Vivaan is Ranjana’s son and (udaan) Ragini is her daughter. Uttara (swaragini) is KN and Teju’s daughter. KN and his family live in Azadganj while the girls live with Meghna and Naina’s mum (Sharda), who is their Massi (aunt) in a small village. However, they r also packing to leave to go somewhere. Can u guess where?

Ok. So lets begin.
In a small house, 2 girls are seen doing Aarti and singing bajans. 4 other girls are seen behind them praying. After the puja is done, One of the girls puts down the taal and looks to the other.
Girl 1: Sanu. (Doll. I had to use it) when will the rest of them come?
Girl 2: I don’t know Ragu. But dhono (both) di said that they’ll come quick.
Them 2 r revealed to be Swara and Ragini. (swaragini plays)
Girl 3: Di said that she’ll be back by morning.
Girl 4: but she’s still not here. They said they needed help with arithmetic.
Girls 3 & 4 r revealed to be Meghna and Naina (the 2 toppers)
Girl 5: I really want to see Thapu Di but I have to go to my dance class
Girl 6: imlu.
Girl 5 is revealed to be imli
Girl 6: u know na. If di finds out that ur bunking dance class just to see her then what she’ll say. Especially when you’ve got a competition coming up.
Imli: but didi
Girl 6: no. first. F for Focus and G for Goal. U can meet di later.
Girl 6 is revealed to be the one and only Chakor.
A tall girl creeps up on them from behind, hugs them together and covers their eyes .
Girl 7: missed me?
all smile and turn round
all : Tanu di!

The tall girl reveals to be Tanuja
Tanuja: u didn’t answer me. U guys did miss me na?
Swara: no di.
Ragini: in fact. We really really missed u.
They all smile and laugh while another girl creeps up behind them and Tanuja sees her.
Tanuja olv: its been so many days since I have pranked her. Its better late than never. Lets have some fun now.
The girl comes closer to touch Tanuja on her back
Tanuja: Chua! (Rat)
Girl 8: jumping onto the sofa. Kahan….k..k..kahan hain Chua. Bolo na? (where………where’s the Rat? Tell me na?)
Swaragini: Thapki Di!

The girl is revealed to be Thapki
Thapki: what Thapki di. Where’s the Rat?
Chakor: what! (Also jumping onto the sofa) where’s the Rat!?
Thapki: that’s what I just said.
Chakor: (shaking about and closing her eyes) Sanu di. ?
Swara: come on Gudiya. Its just a rat!
Chakor: but di. Its gonna bite me and stare at me with its big eyes.
Meghna: but have u seen ur big eyes. The rat will be scared just by looking at it.
Naina: I was gonna say that.
Chakor: Sanu di.
Swara: Megu di plz. Don’t play jokes right now.
Ragini: and Gudiya, y r u scared of a rat? Ur not scared of other things then why a rat?!
Chakor: because…. Because..
Tanuja bursts into a cry of laughter
Thapki: iss ko kya hogaya hain? (whats got into her)
Tanuja: (gasping for breath from all that laughter) koi chua wua nehi tha. (there was no rat) I did it to scare u. And u 2, u can get down now.
Chakor tries to put her leg down but doesn’t
Chakor: sachme koi chua nehi hain na? (Is there really no rat here?)
Tanu: haan baba haan. There is no rat. I just wanted to scare u.
Chakor and thapki get off the sofa and tanu fake sneezes really loud. This makes them jump onto the sofa again. Tanu starts laughing once again. The girls get down and paint a fake smile.
Thapki olv: Tanu. Tu ne mujhe aur Gudiya ko darpok banaya na? (u made me and Chakor the scaredy cat na?) And u never show anyone what a big scaredy cat u r. let the time come. I’m not gonna spare u
Chakor olv: Tanu di. I promise, I’ll definitely pay u back for this.

What will Thapki do?
Precap: the boys intro

Plz tell me how much u liked it so far
Afa, how did u like ur gift?

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  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting start. Waiting for next

    1. Thnx. Will do

  2. Sukorian

    thank u 10000000times thank u Haan u changed the beginning I like it ????

    1. No Afa. Thank YOU. Last minute me aapka ff ne mujhe inspiration diya hain. Warna, Mein tho kuch aur hi likne wali Thi aur Wo bohot Karab hota. I’m glad u liked the bday present.

  3. Plz type in English I can’t understand

    1. Ok. I’ll write in English next time ?

  4. Plz continue.nice start

    1. Thnx di

  5. Interesting start! Liked the bond between the girls. Waiting for the boys intro.

    1. Thnx Didu. ?. I’m glad u liked it. The girls were easy but the boys are gonna be hard so the next update might take a while. ?

  6. Nice,waiting for next episode

    1. Thnx. Will do?

  7. Tahmina112

    Really good sunny and a massive happy birthday to you Affa

    1. Thnx TT. I couldn’t of had posted it without u. ?

    2. Sukorian

      thx ?

  8. Really interesting. Update the next part soon?

    1. Ok. I’ll try but it will take time. ?

  9. Awsm awsm awwwwwsm sunny n many hapy hapy hapy retuns of the day sukorian. Lv u gys.

    1. Thnx Anni Di and what do u mean by sunny, I’m ur PING PONG aren’t I? And plz di. Plz come back. We all really miss u ?

    2. Hey aanya di sanu ko agar aap ping pong bulaogi to mujhe bhi ding dong bulana mat bhool na
      It gives me the feeling of twins sisters ok nd di please come we r missing u so much please please come back di

  10. ShanayaKhan

    Amazing start. Waiting waiting fir your next update. Update soon.

    1. Thnx. Will do. ?

  11. Nice start. Keep it up. As there are many couples it look so much interesting. Post soon…☺

    1. Thnx. U got rid of my doubt. I thought no one would like it cuz of too many couples. ?

  12. Its amazing. I loved it. All the pairs are my favourite. Waiting for the boys intro.

    1. Thnx. All of them r my fav couples too. ?

  13. Wow such a nice ff I really like it I beginning was nice nd that chuha wala scene is so funny
    Eagarly waiting to read the next part of your ff all the best sanu your doll

    1. Thnx Doll. Chua wala scene was my fav too. I’ll try update the boys intro soon. ?

  14. sunny..wht a updat yr wonderfulll .keep going jus febulous…waiting for next intro

    1. Thnx di. U really think so. I’ll try update soon. ?

  15. Wow its really good

    1. Thnx Di

  16. Shreya.

    Awesome chutki…’s interesting ???? I loved all d characters…totally loved it…sisters bonding r simply superb… Poor chakor nd thapki ??? eagerly waiting to c d brothers bonding in next part…take ur own tym baby nd post it soon ? loved it….thanks tahmina…..

    1. Thnx Di. I’m glad u loved it. Love u too?

  17. Resh

    Idk what to call you! But ya, Sunny you are literally awesome! A great idea! Just loved the whole scene! Pretty interesting! So many characters,but that’s gonna be great fun!!!???

    1. U really think so. Thnx. ?

  18. Inbisat

    Hello sunny how are you yaar ff is amazing yours ff first part is good keep it up and best of luck for future , remember me in your prayer

    1. Thnx will do ?

  19. Just awesome update the next part soon please

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