Maahi Ve ~Episode 3

Hi guys, im really sorry that i couldnt update earlier its because my school started and everyones telling me to put a 110% efort into this year as its really important. But hey ill try my absolute best to write this story. And thanks for all the support in the previous updates, you guys are so amazing and nice people that its a pleasure that u actually read these. Anyways i hope this is long enough as well as gud enough for wat you had been expecting. And pretty plz do comment.

Episode 3:
Swara had gotten ready in a Punjabi salwar suit (because she is really into traditional clothes) and came down to eat breakfast. She sat down next to Laksh who was still angry due to the morning incident. She tried her best to make him happy and eventually succeeded in doing so.

Shekhar: “Swara did you know the great Sanskar Maheshwari has officially become the most wanted bachelor in India” said teasingly while reading the newspaper.
Swara: “aghhh I know I will never get him, I mean he’ll probably end up marrying a much more pretty and successful girl than me so who cares dad!” saying with a sigh because that was the truth and all her odds were against her. She knew there was absolutely no way that the captain of the Indian cricket team whom she started thinking he was cute from over 2 years could marry her. “But you know I can dream about him still” giving a wink to Dp while he happily gave one back.
Sharmishta came and gave her breakfast and she finished it within 5 minutes.
Sharmishta: “Arre wat happened, why are you eating so fast?” acting all concerned. “didn’t you eat last night”

Swara: “oh actually Ragini is coming to her home and she said she has a surprise for me” said with a pout hoping her mum would let her go.
Ap: “Let her go Sharmishta, this is the time to enjoy the most and I mean the holidays are over for the kids” said in a convincing tone towards Sharmishta.
Sharmishta: “okay but please be careful, drive safely na”
Swara: “don’t worry mumma ill come back quickly I promise” she gave a kiss to Sharmishta and while going messed up Laksh’s hair.
While at the train station
The cricket team had gotten there first so Sanskar guided them to the place where they were going to stay. Sanskar explained to them that from tomorrow they will start practice and will go on for a month before they verse Australia in a 3 match series. After that they all got settled into their rooms and that was the time for Sanskar to sneak out to meet Ragini.
He ran to the train station which was near to where they were staying. He spotted a young girl in her mid-twenties under the tree and wondered whether that was Ragini. As Sanskar hadn’t met Ragini for 4 years due to the amount of games he had to play and Ragini starting college therefore he didn’t know if that was her. Sanskar walked closer to her and thought how to ask her. He cleared his throat to get her attention and was about to sat something, but she looked his way and made a confused face before leaving to catch a taxi.

Sanskar to himself: “ummm I don’t think that was Ragini” embarrassly thought.
He was going to take out his phone to call her but before he could do that a girl came and hugged him yelling bhai and that’s when he realised that was his Ragu.
Sanskar: “omg how have you been yaar and look at you, ur so tall or should I say nearly as tall as me” breaking the hug while giving her a friendly punch and pulling her cheeks.

Ragini: “ouch, and I know I know, we will talk later but first I want to meet mum and dad, I have been missing them so much” saying this she chucked her bag to him which nearly hit him on the face before going to hopping into an auto.
Sanskar: “oiiii is this how you treat your brother huh” fake angrily saying while Ragini just turned around and stuck out her tongue.

Swara entered the Maheshwari house, she knew every corner of the house because in the holidays Ragini and her used to do group studying over face time with Ankita. She went to the kitchen and saw Sujatha dreaming about something while sitting on a chair. She seemed very sad for some reason and Swara being a person who couldn’t deal with someone being sad thought to do something. She put her arms around her neck from the back and asked what was wrong?
Sujatha: “idk I feel very lonely for some reason. I just want to see my kids its been a long time.” Letting out a tear.
Swara: “arre I know they will come don’t worry” said while realising that Ragini had prepared a surprise for them.

Ram: “oh Swara when did you come?”
Swara: “just now” while taking his blessings by touching his feet.
Just then they heard an auto stop in front of the door. And Ragini came running inside and crashed into her mothers arms.
Swara: “see I told you she will come” talking to Sujatha while Ragini was hugging her. “you have your family time and I will get water for you guys.” And off she went to the kitchen.

Just then Sanskar came out of the auto and stood at the front door.
Sanskar: “I think someone forgot about me” saying while making his way across the house.
Ram: “good to see you son” while giving him blessings while Sujatha looked on teary eyed.
Sanskar: “oh mum don’t cry” saying while he came up to her. He wiped her tears while she put a hand on his face.
Sujatha: “Every year I used to tell myself that you would come back someday”
Sanskar: “of course, I will never leave you guys” and pulled her into a hug.
Ragini: “arre where did Swara go” asked questionably while looking around.
Swara came out of the kitchen carrying a tray :“im here only yaar!” as Sanskar’s back was towards her she didn’t notice that there was someone there.

Sujatha: “you guys enjoy while I will prepare lunch”
Ram: “I also have some work to do so I’ll be back in a moment”
Swara: “now quickly give me my surprise quickly I really want to see it” looking at Ragini with glistening eyes.
Ragini turned and said: “bhai come here please!”

Sanskar swiftly turned around and that was the point where Swara lost her consciousness because she could process that Sanskar was in front of her.
Ragini: “Swara, meet my bhai Sanskar Maheshwari The Captain of the Indian cricket team” said cheerfully with a wink. And the words ‘my bhai’ kept on echoing in her head butt her eyes were stuck on him.
While on the other hand Sanskar heard her name and felt his heart jump a little due to unknown joy but he approached her and extended his hand for her shake. He looked up to her face and thought to himself that how can anyone be this pretty in such traditional clothes.

Swara looked into his brown eyes and was absolutely lost in him. But right then her headaches started with always end up with her fainting, and that was the last thing on her mind when Sanskar was in front of her. She lost her footing and within a second she fell backwards. Sanskar swiftly in one motion moved and held Swara safely. One hand automatically travelled towards her waist while the other strongly gripping onto her hand.

Ragini: “oh god I should have known that this was going happen” looking on worriedly while patting Swara’s cheeks.
Sanskar confused with what was going on questioned Ragini: “umm who is she anyways?”
Ragini: “Your biggest fan let’s just say” looking on worriedly at Swara who was lifelessly laying in Sanskar’s arms. While Sanskar was stunned to hear what Ragini had said.

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