Ma ka punar vivah (SwaSan ff) Prologue

Hi guys Rithika here
Missing me na but sorry not anymore, the epilogue is on its way just typing it and misunderstanding will take just a little time cause I’m thinking about swara manao so just having a block so that will come soon, and now enjoy this


Girl’s POV

Hi I’m Myra, I’m 14 yrs old, my mom is an angel, the best….her name is Swara, she’s the world’s best mother and my father huh I don’t ever want to talk about that beast, thank god he died in an accident if he wouldn’t die surely I would stab him and kill him, but God listened to me and killed him, I guess this was the punishment for his deeds…wonder how ma bared him for so many years, I would divorce him in the 1st year itself huh!!!

And ma always cries at his demise huh she loved him but that man….huh don’t even want to get into that topic or I’ll blast…….just then I heard ma’s crying voice……oh god she’s still crying holding his picture ugh!!!!

I went to her and it pierced my heart seeing her cry she still loves him, I went to her

Myra : Ma y ur still crying looking at this man’s pic

Swara : Myra hold ur tongue he’s ur father and my husband

Myra : Father my foot he tried to kill me and I’ll bear him huh stop crying now

Swara : Talk with respect however he is he is ur father

Myra : Whatever, I would never like him as my father he has to be worth to be called a father

I said and left while ma again got tears

Swara : I miss u SANSKAR

There we go that name but its true he’s my father MR. SANSKAR huh!!


Jhatka laga hehe this is the beginning age age dekho hota hai kya ???????

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  1. Sus

    Wooo what is this but nyc

  2. Praju

    It’s so shocking

  3. Kakali

    Wawwww.! Nice Ritika.! Beast Sanskar, huh! Myra wants to kill her father! quite shocking.! Well continue soon.! Thnk u.. ;-*

  4. interesting

  5. nyc but shocking

  6. Mahavir

    omggggg !!!! sanskar what type of father u r !! chiii see ur daughter hates u huh what ever !!! hehe ritu it was awesome loved it do continue…!!

  7. Maryum

    Shocking interesting as well

  8. Interesting

  9. shocking

  10. Simi

    Shocking ???

  11. Deeksha


    1. Deeksha


  12. Awesome. I like ur concept of story.
    Plz post the next part soon.

  13. Phoniex

    Bohot bada jhatka dear

  14. Scooby

    Superb ??

  15. Interesting but shocking

  16. Interesting

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  18. Arshaanya

    If hez dead dan whuz d hero ???
    I want swasan ??

    1. Rj12

      Sure u will get bas age age dekho hota hai Kya ?

  19. SRSL

    Ok..I ignored everything else but MY FATHER IS DEAD AKA SANSKAAR IS DEAD…what???????

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  21. Pramudi

    That was indeed shocking.
    Continue soon

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