Ma ka punar vivah (SwaSan ff) Episode 4

**********PART 4**********

Swara : …………….

Sanskar : ……………..

Swara : …………………..

Sanskar : ………………….

Swara : ……………………

Sanskar: …………………

Swara : ………………

Sanskar : ……………

Swara : …………..

Sanskar :Waise  How do u know (nervous)

Swara : So what u thought I’m an idiot u’ll hide it and it will be hidden Haan?????? Wise I heard u talking with Avi

Sanskar : (murmuring) I told him to close the door par ghadha sunta kahan hair meri

Swara : Don’t blame that bechara

Sanskar : Bechara my foot!!

Swara : Shut up! And go to hell

Sanskar : Still angry??

Swara : (pouts) Yes 

She a file on his chest and goes angrily, Avinash was coming in when Swara went out

Avinash : Hi Shona!

Swara : Go to hell!

Avinash : Weird

He entered Sanskar’s cabin

Avinash : Hey bro what happened to her 

Sanskar hit him on his shoulder

Sanskar : Abhe ghade I told u close the door but u…..she got to know 

Avinash : Haan toh I’m a human and mistakes happen by human only isme ghade kehne ki kya baat hai huh! But what about her(guys they aren’t talking about Swara)

Sanskar : I have to do something before it’s late 

Avinash : U better do it, waise now go to Shona, she’s angry on u 

Sanskar : Hmm….

Sanskar goes to her cabin, thye have a muted conversation (it will be reveled later)

Swara : Ok fine maaf kar diya 

Sanskar : Thanks, waise I wanted to tell something

Swara : Baako 

Sanskar : Attitude haan!

Swara : Ya now u want to tell or no!

Sanskar : I LOVE U!!

Swara : Haw!!! U know Na I’m married phir bi ur proposing me

Sanskar holds her from her waist

Sanskar :hmm but u see Myra wants a new father and that’s me so u have to agree

Swara : Acha y u it can be Avi also na

Sanskar : (mind) sab log mere against ho Gaye hain. Yeh ma Beti kam thi Kya ki tune mere Bhai ko Dushman bana Diya huh!!!

Sanskar : Ok I’ll call him phir u both talk about future ok BHABI!!!!

Swara : (widens her eyes) shut up!!! I only like u and u bas!!!

Sanskar : ya but shrimathi Swara ji u only said u love ur husband more then me…..

Swara : Ok if u have problem then I’ll leave u and the job

Sanskar : Y kis ghade ne aisa kaha Haan

She laughs

Swara : Arey shant bache…..and ya I LOVE U TOO

Sanskar : Means in one week u also got attracted to me

Swara : Hmm u can say that

She said and hugged him

Swara : But now u have to come to my house and ask Myu my hand

Sanskar : Y she won’t say no to me after all I’m very special na

Swara : I know that but still it I won’t marry u then u go to hell

She says and turns her face

Sanskar : Ok baba I’ll go happy

She kissed his cheek

Swara : Very

And they hug each other again


Hi guys
I’m back after a long time
Sorry for short epi
Exams just got over and I’m tired so I gave short but next epi will be long promise
For now give ur comments please

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    nice dear I am still waiting what it is about Swara and Sanskar and how mayu is ready to accept Sanskar

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    Avi n sanky hve same face rite??
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