Ma ka punar vivah (SwaSan ff) Episode 1

**********EPISODE 1**********

Myra’s POV

God knows what magic has Mr. Maheshwari done on ma that she loves him so much ughhhhhhhhhh how can she love him so much. He tortured her so much and still…’s true Love is blind but this blind!!!!!! Can’t believe it!!!

Swara : Come for lunch Myu

Myra : Coming ma!!

I screamed and came

Myra : Ma can I ask something!!!

Swara : What?? To know how I still love ur father

I was stunned by hearing that how does she know????????

Swara : Beta I’m ur mother

Myra : Ya ya now tell na

Swara : Ok……I and ur father met in our college we both were in the same class, and since that day I started getting letters and chocolates and flowers and all sorts of gifts

Myra : U mean u had a secret admirer!!

Swara : Yups and one fine day I found it was none other than ur father

Myra : U mean Mr. Maheshwari was ur secret admirer!!!!!!!

Swara : Ya, then I came to know he saw me long back not in college and then proposed me, it took me some time but I accepted it….soon we got married

Myra : Ya and from that time he showed his true colors and tortured u right?

Swara : No!! Of course no!!! We were very happy with the marriage… fact the best thing that could happen to us, and then one day I got the news I was carrying u, what could anyone else want!! From that day Sanskar has been treating me like a princess! Soon u were born we were very happy!!! But one day Kavita joined his company….she was very sweet but 1 week after her arrival he became rude to me hardly payed attention to me! It was like he forgot we even existed and u became slowly big and his tortures increased and I don’t know what happened to him that he behaved like that! I tried hating him but I couldn’t! I don’t know y but this is the truth….now eat ur food

Ma said and went from there…I guess something happened to him that he behaved like a monster! But whatever it is I can’t forgive him, he tortured my mom a lot!!!


Next day I was on my to go home from school, I was just lost in thoughts when all of a sudden I was pulled by someone…..woah!!!! What was that

Myra : Excuse me!! Does anyone pull a person like this???

Person : Sorry but u were lost in thoughts and if I wouldn’t pull u, u would have landed in the hospital because a truck was going to hit u

Myra : Oh! Thanks

I said sheepishly and was cursing my self to scold an innocent guy

Myra : Hi, by the way the name’s Myra Maheshwari…oops Myra Bose, and I don’t care what ur name is cause I’ll call u buddy, as u saved my life!

I said and smiled at him

Person : Oh ur Myu!!!

Myu!!!! How does he know that only ma and Mr. Maheshwari call me that…

Myra : How do u know??

Person : friends name is Myra and I call her Myu…so it just came out of my mouth but since u call me buddy that’s what I’ll be calling u too

He said and gave me a warm smile

Myra : Ur name??

Person : SANSKAR

Seriously a perfect name for a perfect man…..otherwise my so called dad spoiled that name for at a time huh!

Sanskar : By the way, y u changed ur surname???

Myra : Huh!

Sanskar : I mean first u said Maheshwari and then Bose Im asking about that change…

Myra : Oh! No actually first I told my dad’s surname but I changed it

Sanskar : Y any problems with him…’s fine if u don’t want to share…

Myra : No…I call u buddy right…(he nodded) ya so I share everything with my buddies so y not u?

And I told him everything about Mr. Maheshwari and his deeds

Sanskar : Ohhhhhhhh that’s sad…but maybe Mr. Maheshwari did that for a reason!!

Myra : Reason huh! Reason my foot!!! Just showed his true colors…anyway I don’t want to spoil my mood by talking about Mr. Maheshwari anyway I’m getting late I have to leave or my mom will get worried…bye!! Hope to see u soon!!!

I said and left from there…well it was good talking to my newly made buddy!! I soon reached home with thoughts of buddy…I only had one wish seeing him, I’d only wish my dad was like him!!

Myra’s POV ends


That’s it please give ur views

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  1. Sus

    Different concept i liked it

  2. Phoniex

    Nice two two sanskar

  3. wow .wt any irony …both r sanskar.
    I dont know y im felling that both sanskar r 1.
    may be in past kavita had threaten sanskar that she will kill swara and his myra if he not accept her love……may be kavita became obsessed with him .that may the reason why sanskar manhandle swara .
    kavita might be responsible for sanskar death.instead of swara it was sanskar who met with an accident.
    after accident may be he was in coma. now when he woke up.he might have come back home but when he got to know that his daughter hate him.he might have left the home.
    now he might be trying to win his daughter love so that he can be with his swara and myra.
    that allis my pov
    I like ur concept .but I want u to post regularly.

  4. His because he saved her
    Could she say her bio data
    Such an innocent stupid girl

  5. Praju

    Awesome. ….

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  7. Deeksha

    Awesome dear…. Continue soon

  8. Maryum

    Awesome ek sanskar par hi San Mara ja raha tha is main to do do han every body gone mad now

  9. interesting concept

  10. interesting

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  12. AnuAnn

    Nice dear

  13. Awesome dear

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