I m Ur Cute Magic(ShI m Ish(Where is DevShi 2))(By H) 8(KRPKAB)(Ishqbaaz)

Pre:Dev cures the Boy..Dev asks Zia the secret code like chipmunk..Om laughs while hearing…
Dev:”See!Our Zia correctly said!!(in chipmunk n claps)
Dev waves the fingers towards the door..
The door slowly opens automatically…
Zia runs towards Dev..in her pinkish frock..

N climbs on table n stands on it..
Om:”So..U didn’t sleep?”..
Zia nods her head “No..”..
Ishie n Kshi smiles..
Dev:”K..Today..They r all with us in Our Story(seeing Sona(Kshi)+Ishaara)”…

Zia puts her fingers on her cheek..
Dev:” So Me n My Sona r Ghosts..We seek help from Om,Ishie..”..

Dev sees Zia with “Castle or Cutie’s Born?!!” N smiles..
Sona,Om n Ishaana r sitting in circle form with Dev n Zia..
Zia is sitting on Dev’s laps..
Dev waves his fingers towards the table..
The candle magically appears..actually stands on the surface of the table..
Dev blows the air..
The candle starts to give its light..
Sona smiles..Om n Ishaana surprised..
N shocked..

Dev:”Now Cutie(me) see Om’s coming with spinning the flower..I opened the door.by waving..The door automatically opens…”

“1 min..”” R U all ready to enjoy the story?”…
Sona (sees Dev with a smile):”U decide to take Us to the Story”..

Dev:”All Stand”…
Dev sees Sona..Zia sees them..Sona holds Zia’s hand…n Dev’s..
Dev touches Om’s chest by his right palm..While touching,The pink bangle of Dev seems out..

Om n Ishaana flies on air a little back..They enter via glasses of the windows but no glass breakages …
“Hota Hai”-” Ishq Mei”plays on BG..Disappear…
Zia:”Wowww”(Her fingers on her lips as a Surprise)..
Dev holds Sona n Zia’s hand tightly..n runs towards The glass…
They enters like Ishaara..
Sona(thinks/joy):”We r going to See all”..
Full of Butterflies surrounding them..
Dev sees Om n Ishaana..
Ishaana holds Om’s hand tightly…

Zia sees with surprise..Fill with excitement by Infinitive speed of Carrier Butterflies..
They landed…to a new place..belongs to The Old Time…
Om,Ishaana n Zia sees by revolving their heads 90°…
A big door of an old house…
Dev knocks the door..
BT the door is not opening..
Dev sees Sona..with a think..
Sona(think):”What happen?Why he tensed?”..
Dev got what was happening…
Dev breaks the door n enter..
A lady is in unconscious….
While seeing,Dev n Sona runs towards her..”Ma…”..
Zia hides behind Ishaana..Om holds Zia’s hand..
Dev waves his fingers towards her face..
Her eyes slowly opens…

While seeing Dev,..
Ma:”Dev..I know U came..Where is my KShi?”…
Kshi:”Ma..”holds her hand….
Dev stands n walking towards the entrance…
Dev:”Om..Come with me”(royalloud)..

Sona:”What happen,Ma?Where is Papa?”
Ma:”Tat King’s soldiers make Papa captive”…
Dev(without turn):”Don’t Worry..Ma..We ll come with Pa..Sona..Ishaana..Be still with Ma n Zia n keep safe”….
Dev n Om exit the entrance..The door closes automatically…
Inside..Sona n Ishaana helps Ma..to sit on chair..
Zia sees like “What is happening”..

Dev touch Om’s shoulder….
Dev(see Om):” Don’t worry I m with U all..I missed in fraction of seconds..”..
Om(see Dev):”Sir..We believe U 100%like ur solutions..I feel some power is coming in me”..
Dev(see Om):”Its a Magic”…
Dev’s mind strikes something…
Dev:”Got It”(Light in Eyes)..
Dev(smile)(Flute Sound on bg):”S!!”..
(Think(I wish to bring Pa from the castle to here)..

Pa’s fingers hold the rods tightly in jail..His eyes r red…
While Dev thinks his wish,Pa starts disappearing from Jail..
Pa(shock&Smile):”Dev comes”..
Pa reappears while landing near their house..

Dev sees Pa is coming…
Pa sees too..His eyes r in tear..
Pa(think):”I m Sure Sona is coming too”..
Dev runs towards Pa..Om too..
Dev hugs Pa..
Pa make Dev Calm..
Dev:”Pa..R U Alright?”..
Om smiles while seeing their Luv..

Pa:”I m Alright,Dev..Where is Kshi?Is she come?”..(surprising n xcite to know)
Dev:”S Papa..She is coming with..”(see Pa with smile)..
He runs towards the House like a child..
Dev:”Papa..Be careful..”..
Dev n Om starts walking towards the house..

Pa opens the door…
Pa:”Zia..”(Full of Joy)..
While hearing,Ma n Sona stands n run towards him..
They hugs him..
Zia hides behind Ishaana..

Pa starts walking with Ma n Sona..Pa sees the half face of Zia from Ishaana’s behind…
Pa:” Zia..Come to Grandpa..Dear”..
BT Zia still behind on Ishaana..
Dev n Om enters the house..
While Zia sees Dev,she run towards him..
Dev smiles..Pa sees them with his precious Luv..
Dev comes near Pa n kneel in one leg….
Dev(showing Pa):”Cutie..He is Ur Grandpa..Shiv,Ur Mamma’s Dad..Mine too..bcoz of ur Mom”(his hand holds her shoulder)..
(Showing Ma’s smile tear eyes):”She is ..”..
Zia:”My Meera Grandma..Mamma said while U r going”..(smile)..
Zia runs towards Ma n touches her saree..
BT she still didn’t come near Pa..
Om:”I find It”(smile)…
All see Om..
Dev:”What do U find?”..
Om said in his ears..
Dev laughs n said”ZiaBaby..Come..U doesn’t need to fear..Its Papa’s Beard..”..
Pa:”Oh My Dear!!Is Papa’s beard make U fear..”(seeing his long beard)..
Zia comes near Pa with seeing his longgg beard..
N she feels safe..Papa sees her by kneeling before her
N she touches his beard..Pa lifts her above..n circles..
Zia starts smiling..
N lifts below..
Pa sees Om n Ishaana..
Pa:”Who r they,Dev?”..
Dev:”Papa..He is Om..like(swallow fastly) my Brother..n She is Ishaana..her wife”..Om n Ishaana touches Pa n Ma’s legs..
Pa n Ma bless them..
Pa:”Come..To Eat”(holds Dev n Om’s hands)..
Dev n Om starts walking with him..
Dev(think):”We have to do something on the next day n Today too”..(see Om)..
Om(think):”S..I Know”(see Dev)..

Entry of Castle n Blaster of Duos …
Hope U like tiz frndzz….
Tanqq frndzz for readingg…I wish all story Luvs read tiz..Tanqq..Due to Error connection,I m unable to present n also my story did not paste again..Sorry Frndzz..I hope U all forgive my mistake..

Write ur thoughts Frndzz after readingg..Tanqq..Take care frndzz…


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