I m Ur Cute Magic(ShI m Ish(Where is DevShi 2))(By H) 7(KRPKAB)(Ishqbaaz)

Play of Dr.DevShi,Ishaara..
Prev:Dev told an anime story to his child Zia..n dancing..The whole hospital sees Dr.Dev’s dancing..He goes to see the Patients..with Ishaara..Dev unmasks the boy’s O2mask n see him..
The Boy’s dad shouts n catch Dev’s collar..”Who is He?”..(sees White Coats of Ishaara)..Dev masks the boy’s nose by O2..
Om(sees Dev’s doing):”He is Dr.Dev..One of the best diagnosticians in the world”..
While Om said,Dev again Unmasks O2 mask..
In Dev’s eyes,The Boy’s heartbeat rate is seen as decreasing from its normal..

Om,Ishaara n the boy’s parents shocked..
While they see Dev..
Like hearing Songs in headphones,Dev made moves in his heads…
At nano secs,..
Dev:”ChecKMate”(Opens his Eyes)..
N put The O2 mask in boy’s nose..
N see skin lesions on him..n his shortness of breath..
The Boy’s Dad(in Shock):”I didn’t allow him to treat my child”…
Dev turns n see them..with saying “Treat him for out of Anthrax”..
N he steps towards The Room’s door by putting earphones…
“TrikTrikTrong…BreakUp(ADHM)” plays..

His LightPinkHeadPhones,LightRedTSh,BlueJean..from his Behind on..
Om,Ishaara,Boy’s Dad,Mom with their shock…
Dev turns n asked “Thiefs..R U Coming or Not to Rob BlackSheep?”..
Om(think):” BlackSheep??”..

Ishaana lightly collide his back n said in murmur”Sir Calls Us”..
Om(to Boy’s Dad):”Sir..Don’t Worry..He ll be alright Soon”..
The Couple Ishaara Leaves..
They Enters the Room..
In The Surface,Dev is Lying n seeing Up…
Making Flight moves in His Hands..
Taking a Marker,Dev writes on Small Board..

Dev:”Leprosy weakened his immune Sys..It made Vulnerable to Anthrax..The Antibiotics for curing L makes its action..If we give meds to Anthrax now, it ll put the Lepr in overdrive..”..
Om n Ishaana(sharp eyes)..

Dev:” Now our BlackSheep comes”..
Draws a Sheep…
Om:”Is it Sheep?”..
Dev:”No…itz BlackSheep”..
Om:”Ur thinking is so childish than Zia’s..”..
Dev turns n see small eyes..

” Antibiotics hit the nerve strands.They Kill Lep Bacteria,But the dead ones r still present..So antibodies r formed to beat dead ones..They r so powerful..”…
Dev kicks the ball towards Om..Ishie Smiles..

Dev:”I’m not..BlackSheep..”..by knocking the Sheep pic on board..
Om see Dev with fake angry..n turns normal at a sec..
Dev:”ABodies attack neural n fatal cells causing inflammation to immune system..So..”..
“The Cure is Killing Him”..Sona’s voice on half open door..
She opens fully n comes inside..
Ishie:” So,U say Thalidomide”..

Om:”I hear the voice of BlackSheep very closer to Me”..
Ishie Revolves her face on all sides..
Finding where is tat voice..
DevShi:”Ishie..U r really impossible”..
Ishie got abt the Om’s talk..
“Sshh” (Finger on lips)..
DevShi:”What happen?”..
Ishie:”Ssh..Someone is in door of our room now”..Hide..”
Om(in air):”Who???(fear)..
Someone knocks the door..BT the sound comes from little below of the doorlock..
“Cutiiee..”..(Zia’s voice)
Dev:”Cutie is not in here”(ChipMunkVoice)..(from their hide)..
Sona:”Shh..Be Silent”..
Om n Ishie laugh silently..
Dev:” Ur secret code is Wrong..Tell again..(ChipMunkV)”
Sona(fakeangry eyes)..
Ishaara laughs while hearing ChipMunk Voice….
Zia:”Code..Code..”(big thinking eyes)

Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanqq frndzz for readingg..Write ur thoughts after readingg..
Take care Frndzz..
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  1. sorry i didnt understand the story sorry nt interesting

    1. HarSHaN

      Its K Sadia..BT I m Sure U ll get the interesting one in the next itself..

    2. HarSHaN

      Kindly read the prev epi Sadia..U may like tat;!

  2. Manya


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      Tanq Ayushi…

  3. I thnk you as my best frnd,i hope’s u will understand???………
    Story was full of confusion, I really can’t understand, so, plz thoda aachaa sa likooooo.i thk u accept this.plz!plz!plz!????………………

    1. HarSHaN

      U r..!!!I think The descript works for Dev..Don’t Worry..The new Simple n Cute Magic On the way..!!The Castle epi is going to start…Surely it ll be on Tom!!!S!!!U r my best Frnd,Nikki..!!!!

  4. THANK u Soooooooooo much, fr accepting me as ur best frnd.???❤????…………………………
    I just wanna to tell u something that I’m gonna to bgn a new ff, may be after 2weeks …….
    I hope’s u too wll enjoy .., nw , I can’t becoz, I m busy with my new collage.
    Hope’s everything wll be nze.?????❤???????????………………………………

    1. HarSHaN

      Sure..!!I ll enjoy too like our Frndzz..!!Study well n We r waiting!!Write Soon..

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