I m Ur Cute Magic (ShI m Ish) (By H) 1 (KRPKAB) (Ishqbaaz)

Hii frndzz..Hw r U???Tiz is H of “PinkishThoorigai”” Where is DevShi?””To my Caramel”…I wish to Present PinkishThoorigai in Tamil..in regular intervals..with ur support..Bt it got so less reviews n supports too..Late due to nonEnglish n writing after feeling it goes to frndzz..Actually I had a starting line for the next epi..too”In Anika’s home,a little girl write”Tiz is going to be LongLuv..”Shivaay enters”…

Pre:A Spaniard bearded Artisto makes The girl escape..
They r in the top of the building..Spaniard is Om n The Girl is Ishaana..Ishaana’s flower falls below on the hands of A Romeo(!)…

The Rose is coming below by making circles..”Saasa nima gaba””Tu hi mera””JiyaJile” on BG like a fusion..
With droplets of Rain,The Rose falls on A Romeo’s hand..1 pink bangle seen out in his hand..

“Dev”.. The Voice of JulietForever(Sons/Kshi)..
Romeo Turns..Long Haired,The Mythic Smile..Sharp Eyes with Rose..
” Saasa nima gaba”(Feel ofThe pronounce of Tune as most Luv)…
A mixture of pair of ColoredEarRings n whiteTSh,PinkishFrock,A Black Curve on between Angel’s eyebrows..
The Revolver on Kshi’s hands gift bullet to Dev’s chest..

The Rose flies n falls below on The Surface..Ishaana sees below bcoz the Flower falls..
She shocked while she sees a small cute child ..in Rain with a lady..
She stands n starts walking fastly towards downstairs..
Om confused n followed her step..

Ishaana:”Excuse Me”..
The Lady Turns…
Ishaana:”Is this Ur child?”
The Lady:”My Child..My..Son n Daughter’s child”
The child sees Ishaana from the Lady’s Veil..
Ishaana removes her jerkin n made the child wear..
Ishaana:”Ma..She ll suffering in fever if in rain”..
Om sees Ishaana n Ma..
“Will U be with our Zia n Ma forever?” A couple’s voice..
Ishaana sees..DevShi with tears of BerryInfinity Luv..
On kneeling…mode…
Ishaana realise She only sees them..n hear their voice..
The qstn makes her statue..
Her half veil blow on air…
Her eyes accidentally met Dev n Sona/Kshi’s pink bangles too..
To be continued….

On next:Dev n Sona’s faces seems like statues n their eyes sees A Sandwich…

Dedicated to my all Frndzz. Sorry Ibtesam n Dhira n all frndzz for the Late..
Tanqq frndzz for readingg n feel free to write ur thoughts after reading…
Tanqq..Take care frndzz

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  1. Dhira

    Wow superb one waiting for next episode ??

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Dhira…

  2. Manya

    Superbbb harshan❤️❤️

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi…

  3. Awesome epi ?.ths is my first comment for u.waiting for the next epi soooooooon.?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Nikki…S!!Soon…

  4. Yazhu

    Nice epi Harshan…Sry for not commented in pinkish thoorigai page…ennoda clg project work-naala busy aayitaen time kidaikaadhadhaala comment panna mudila…but I’ve read it later…they’re so good…indha story-um romba nalla iruku…soooo nice…

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Yazhu..Hw r U??Dont Worry..Itz K..Wishes For Ur Exams..n work hard to achieve best in CLG project work..It takes most of our time while taking to ready..Prepare speedly ..I escaped at the threading end of my ProjectSubmis..

      1. Yazhu

        I’m really fine yaar…and thank u so much for your wishes…

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