I m Ur Cute Magic (ShI m Ish (Where is DevShi 2)) (By H) (PROMO-4) (KRPKAB) (Ishqbaaz)

Hii Frndzz..From the next..the epi comes earlier..For Frndzz,DevShi n Ishqi Luvers..presenting how luv of DevShi via Ishaara or vversa..
Pre:While Om asks “But..” Dev too”But”..
Police n Om searched where it comes..
Now:Angelic play…

Om n police jerked…From the top of the Sofa,Dev sees Om n Police sharply..
Om turns back n sees the corner of the Sofa from his place..
Om’s mind:”The Voice is from there..The Voice .. I know it already..The Voice..(To be continued..)
Dev waves his hands towards the 5.1 Surrounding setup near him..

“Bagiyaa Bagiyaa Bhaalak Bhaage,Titali Phir Bhi haath na laage”(The child runs from one garden to another still couldn’t catch the butterfly)…plays….
Dev thinks Zia…Kshi in big Eyes see Dev with a qstn ” Where is Butterfly?”…

Om’s mind(continue):”ShiRo”(shock)
Thinks of Zia drew butterfly..n the thinking moment while he touched The painting..
In Om’s Eyes…
The first step of his Shoes..in Front of The house of DevShi..
The thunder sparkles…
Om opens the gate…
“I ll Find About What He Say”…
Frndzz..A Small Favour..Please be Wait..Till EarlyTom..Plzzz…
I’ll make tiz long n it ll be mixture of The thief’s story to Om about DevShi’s house…
Tanqq frndzz for Reading ..Write ur thoughts after readingg..Take Care Frndzzzz.. Plzzzz forgive me…

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  1. Manya


    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi…

  2. Yazhu

    Loved it…so nice…

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Yazhu..

  3. Now?.but, I hat wanna devakshi moments .i m Nikki. ?

  4. Now?.but, I just wanna devakshi moments .i m Nikki. ? but write mostly about devakshi.

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Nikki..Ya..Suree..As a nomadian fan of DevShi I must..Don’t miss the previous one n K..I ll tell..The Thief’s Smash by DevShi n maybe Om’s too..bcoz Om as a thief instead of original thief..So..A moment of MostCuteDevShi n Om’s sacred chain..

  5. […] Ma n Zia runs towards DevShi..PinkishFrock Little Zia in her little foot prints run… Zia:”Mamma..””Pa..”.. DevShi sees Zia..n carrying people … They stop..DevShi touched their Zia’s face n see Ma their eyes closed…. Ma falls unconscious… The Doctors checked n their heads fall down…by seeing DevShi.. …. Now…. Dev (on sofa)(Think):”Death is Coming Next”….(ReddishEyes)… Sona (her fingers closed her SorrowLips)… Again past…The time of Om coming to DevShi’s home.. Days passed..Dev makes Sona calm by Saying”We ‘ll meet Zia Soon..”.. Om opens the Gate n in his little fingers he spins a Lily . .. Loc:Unknown… In moonlight..Long Haired….Man… “Where is Zia?”The Voice of Dev’s… His long hair waves on air… …… Next DevShi smash A Thief …. Hope U like tiz frndzz…..Hi Frndzzz.. Hw R U?My Net pack played a game with me..It finished..Now We win…So,The nxt Epis r coming VvvSoon..Dont miss the next.. . Tanqq for readingg n write ur thoughts after readingg. . Tanqq frndzz..Take care… 3_4: http://www.tellyupdates.com/m-ur-cute-magic-shi-m-ish-devshi-2-h-promo-4-krpkab-ishqbaaz/ […]

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